The 15 Best 4 or 5 Cup Coffee Makers of September 2020

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Coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world. It is not surprising that you would want to have a coffee maker of your own.

From a small family of 4 to the lonely coffee enthusiast in the household, a 4 cup coffee maker is the best choice in producing the right amount of beverage for everyone. And yet, choosing the most suitable product to suit your taste is no easy task. But not to worry, as we are here to give you the best suggestion for the best 4 cup coffee maker based on your preference.


Coffee makers come in all shapes and sizes serving the taste difference from person to person. Depending on your personal preference in this beverage, you can select the 4 cup coffee maker that suits your needs.

Here are some of the most popular types of 4 cup coffee maker representing all kinds of coffee making techniques.

1. Automatic drip - Dripping method

This is the most commonly seen coffee maker in most Western families. It is convenient, straight forward, easy to use, and automatic. To use this machine, you need to put the right amount of coffee grounds in and with a press of a button, everything else is neatly taken care of.

Automatic drip machines can also come with all sorts of interesting features to further enhance your experience like self reheating, time setting, and self shutting.

Melitta coffee makers would be a great choice if you are interested in this type of coffee maker.

2. French press - Steeping method

As stated in its name, this method was developed by French barista. The coffee is put in at the same time as the boiling water and pressed down after 4 minutes using its mechanics to create a clean, and flavorful drink. The same can be done but with cold water to create a makeshift cold brew.

To those who are interested in a French press or cold brew, the Le Creuset Stoneware Cafetière French Press with Stainless Steel Plunger can be an interesting addition to your kitchen.

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3. Chemex (pour-over) - Filtration method

Pour-over used the chemex, a specially shaped coffee maker and a filter cone and boiling water to create coffee almost instantly. This method shares a vague similarity with Vietnamese drip coffee filters. Mr. Coffee BVMC-PO19B  is a great product for this brewing method.

4. Moka pot - Pressure method

A Moka pot comes in two pieces, the top is used for coffee grounds and the bottom is filled with water. When you place the pot on the stove top or on open fire, the water from the lower compartment boils and creates steam, which then infuses the coffee above to produce espresso.

The Mepra 4/6-Cup Coffee Maker, Turtle-Dove  can be a great coffee maker for you if you are into this type of product.

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Buying Guide

1. Choose the best brewing method for you

If convenience is your choice, go for an automatic coffee machine as it can save you lots of time and effort. However, drip coffee can over or under brew the bean which results in a mediocre drink that is suitable for an instant boost of energy in the morning but not for enjoying the best taste of the coffee.

Or if you are into a fresher and much more flavorful drink, pour-over is a great choice as it reserves the flavor of the bean the best. French press coffee with complex taste notes and textures is also a great brewing method.

However, those who like their coffee really strong should definitely pick up a moka pot.

2. Use the right beans for the right coffee maker

While the coffee makers and the methods are there to enhance the flavor of coffee, you have to remember that the vital element that defines a good cup of coffee is the beans. So you have to use the suitable size ground and the suitable kind of bean for your coffee maker for the best result.

For example, pour-over method will perform the best with medium sized grounds and lightly roasted beans. Drip coffee prefers finer, and medium roast beans. A French press uses coarse grounds with lots of chunky bits. And Moka pots normally use medium-fine beans.

3. Choose BPA-free products

With the exception of cold brew, almost every coffee brewing method uses hot water. The effect that hot water has on plastics is toxic and should be avoided at all costs. Therefore, take your time to find the coffee maker that uses BPA-free materials.

4. Durability is also important

To coffee drinkers, a coffee machine is a staple piece of kitchenware. The machine will be put to use almost everyday and more. That is why a durable piece is ultimately much more important than other criteria.

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1. How can I find the best brewing method for myself?

It all depends on how you like your coffee. We suggest spending time at specialty coffee shops to try out all the different brewing methods to find the best one. That opinion will become very useful before purchasing your new coffee maker.

2. Which method is best for coffee making?

Everyone has different opinions on the best method to brew coffee. Pour-over can be slightly superior but at the end of the day it is your choice that matters. 

3. Which is the fastest coffee maker?

French press only takes 4 minutes to steep and a few more for boiling water and serving the drink.

4. Which is best for family use?

Automatic drip coffee machines save time and energy for its user the best. Its reheating feature is also a great addition to its convenience for household use.

Final Thoughts

After much debate, we can see that all coffee makers have their perks and every product is best served to the people with the right taste in coffee. However, we can all see that the best 4 cup coffee maker for family use has to go to Melitta coffee makers. While the best coffee maker for the best tasting coffee has to be Mr. Coffee BVMC-PO19B

With the help of the information above, hopefully, you can choose the best 4 cup coffee maker that suits you.

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