The 25 Best Bidet Toilet Seats of September 2020

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Bidet toilet seats are becoming more and more widely used in each family nowadays. They are popular because of their convenience and especially hygiene. If you are confused among many products on the market, our suggestions about the best bidet toilet seats will provide you with more useful information.


Basically, there are two common types of bidet toilet seats, which are electric bidet toilet seats and non-electric ones.

1. Electric Bidet Toilet Seats

Along with its name, an electric bidet toilet seat is operated by electricity. The most characteristic feature of this type is controlling temperature. That is the reason why you can have the most comfortable experience even when the weather is extremely cold thanks to the warm water. 

Other special functions might include air dryer, air deodorizer, and self-cleansing wands, which are all controlled by remote controls or remote panels. Mentioning electric bidet toilet seats, this is our recommendation for you: TOTO SW3054#12 S550E Electronic or Qin Plastic Electric. Both of these models are excellent with multiple modes as well as gentle and effective cleaning for all your family members.

2. Non-electric Bidet Toilet Seats

Compared to the electric ones, non-electric bidet toilet seats, which are so-called manual bidet toilet seats, are much more affordable and eco-friendly. They are connected directly to plumping and use pressured water to spray jet streams. Besides, they also have principal but necessary features like self-cleaning and refreshing or dual nozzles.

If you are searching for the best bidet toilet seat that meets your basic demands with more suitable prices, you should not ignore WYKDL Bidet Fresh Water Spray Non-Electric. The product with intelligent functions such as hip & female washing, warm air dry, and toilet water & heating is promised to provide a luxurious experience for you and your family. Or else, you can opt for Brondell Swash at a more acceptable price.

Buying Guide

Choosing a suitable bidet toilet seat is a quite difficult task for several people. Below are some of our suggestions about what you should consider before making your decision.

1. Considering your budget

This is one of the most essential things you really need to think about. Since the best electric bidet toilet seats have multi-functions and bring you the most comfortable moment, you sometimes have to pay the earth for that. On the other hand, non-electric bidet toilet seats only cost you more affordable prices.

2. Checking the shapes

As you may know, there are two typical bidet toilet seat shapes: either elongated or round. Every brand will provide necessary information about each of their products, so do not forget to check it out.

3. Getting an electric outlet installed

If you go for an electric bidet toilet seat, it is important to install a power outlet beforehand. It aims to avoid any unfortunate incidents of water splashes or naughty kids.


1. Can I return my installed Bidet Toilet Seat?

In fact, bidet toilet seats are personal sanitary devices, therefore, bidets that have been used or installed cannot be returned. If you are not satisfied with the installation, please call The Customer Care Service immediately.

2. Do bidet toilet seats use electricity?

Some products need electricity to use extra functions like adjustable temperature, air dryer, etc. But there are still some products running without electricity.

3. Are our bidet toilet seats troublesome to install?

No, it is quite simple to install and most people can do it themselves. However, if you find it hard to install, you can have a plumber do it for you.

4. Are our bidet toilet seats clean?

Absolutely. Water is an eco-friendly way to get clean and more importantly, you do not need to leave a residue like papers behind. 

5. Can I control the water temperature and the speed of the air dryer?

Some innovative models allow you to control that. You can manage not only the water temperature and the air speed but also the water pressure and seat temperature as well.

Final Thoughts

Bidet toilet seats with extra functions are gradually replacing normal toilet cover in modern society. We understand several people may get confused, so we hope our article about the best bidet toilet seats can help you make the most suitable decision.

At the moment, if you still wonder which bidet toilet seat is perfect for your home, why don’t you think about Qin Plastic Electric Bidet Seat, TOTO SW3054#12 S550E Electronic or WYKDL Bidet Fresh Water Spray Non-Electric?

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