The 15 Best Bike Pumps of October 2020

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Are you a fan of cycling or do you usually spend time riding a bike? Then, you may face up with a flat tire problem on the go. In this case, good preparation with the best bike pumps might be your lifesaver.


Maybe you don’t know, even though there are various bike pumps on the market, they are divided into only three types. They are floor pumps, mini pumps, and CO2 inflators.

1. Floor pumps

Being the fastest and most effective way to pump up bike tires, you may run into this type of bike pump at least one time in your life. Floor pumps come with a stable base and handles so that you can easily pull and push to activate the airflow into the tire. Some products are even equipped with an accurate pressure gauge, allowing you to check tire pressure conveniently.

Among most floor bike pumps available, we suggest you with LEZYNE Pressure Over Drive Bicycle Floor Pump. This product comes along with many features, including a conjoined secondary chamber, an integrated foot-lever as well as a highly accurate analog gauge.

2. Mini pumps

Unlike floor pumps with big shape, mini pumps are your real saver in case your tires flat on the ride. With a small size as a huge advantage, this type of bike pump is perfect for traveling. However, most mini pumps do not create a strong flow of air as standard floor bumps, and they often place pressure on the valve, making it more prone to air leakage.

If you are looking for a mini pump, Topeak mini bike pump RaceRocket HPC black is a great option. This pump is beautiful and effective, and it is perfectly sized to fit in a jersey pocket. It is equipped with SmartHead ThreadLock and compatible with most valves, including both car valves and french valves.

3. CO2 inflators

While other bike pumps create air, CO2 inflators provide a flow of carbon dioxide in such a short time. That’s why they are suitable for cyclists or racers who need to save time for the race. Nevertheless, as carbon dioxide leaks faster than air, the effect only lasts temporarily and you may need to pump up your tire soon after.

How about purchasing a LEZYNE Alloy Drive Bicycle Tire CO2 Inflator for your bike? All LEZYNE products are well made with aluminum, and this one is not an exception. Along with the nice feature that you can store the cartridge in the inflator, making it one of the best bike pumps on the current market.

Buying Guide

Understandably, choosing a perfect bike pump may not be easy for everyone. Therefore, below we have listed some factors that you should really keep in mind to opt for the right one.

1. Considering your valve type

In general, there are two types of valves that bicycles fit with. They are the Presta (found on road bikes) and the Schrader (found on mountain bikes). Therefore, you are advised to carefully check the head of bike pumps to see whether it fits your tire valve or not. Fortunately, many bike pumps are manufactured to fit with both types of valves.

2. Checking air pressure

Obviously, air pressure is one of the most important factors to consider to buy the best bike pump. A standard pressure ranging from 85-130 psi for road bikes and 30-50 psi for mountain bikes. Hence, you don’t have to purchase a pump with extremely high psi; instead, get one that can provide your tires with suitable air pressure.

3. Choosing pump size and weight 

As we mentioned before, floor pumps are perfect for home use due to their big shape and strong air they produce. Whereas, small and light mini pumps or CO2 inflators are definitely your great companion during a trip. However, small pumps usually offer you lower pressure than the standard ones.


1. What are bike pumps made from?

Bike pumps are made from different materials. Metal bike pumps are more durable and last longer, but they may cost you more than plastic pumps. Depending on your needs and budget, you can get a suitable pump for your bikes.

2. What are pressure gauges?

Pressure gauges in bike pumps help you read and measure the pressure in your tires. Some are even able to measure the range of pressure used by your bike. Nevertheless, not all bike pumps include a pressure gauge; they are commonly found in larger pumps such as floor pumps.

3. How often should I pump up my tires?

It depends on the tire size and the amount of pressure it consumes. Generally, you should fill your tires once a week for high-pressure road bikes, and about every two to three weeks for mountain bikes.

4. Is it necessary to purchase a small bike pump if I already have the floor one?

We have to say that it is not compulsory to purchase two bike pumps for your bikes. But, if you like cycling for a long trip, getting a mini bike pump or a CO2 inflator might be necessary. They are lightweight and small, which can fit into your bag or backpack. With these bike pumps, you never worry about flat tires anymore.

Final Thoughts

Bike pumps might be familiar with experienced cyclists, but it may still be a new term with amateur racers. However, no one wants to cancel the ride just because of flat tires, and the best bike pumps are definitely your solution.

And here are our recommendations for you. For normal home usage, consider a high-quality product like LEZYNE Pressure Over Drive Bicycle Floor Pump. Besides a typical floor pump, you are also advised to get a travel-size pump such as Topeak mini bike pump RaceRocket HPC black to bring along during the trip.

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