The 15 Best Bread Machines of September 2020

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Owning the best bread machines can ease the challenging process of making tasty bread. If you’re interested in getting one, consult our post today for more information.


Nowadays, bread machines are categorized in different types according to their distinguished purposes. Below, we will present everything you need to know about the most conventional bread machines available.

1. Vertical

The most common type of bread maker is vertical due to its straight-up-positioned bread tin. The most distinctive feature of these products is that they only possess one kneading paddle. 

If you’ve been researching vertical bread makers, you’ll surely know how great KBS Pro Stainless Steel Bread Machine is. This product offers up to 17 baking programs allowing you to bake any bread you desire.

2. Horizontal

As you might guess from their names, these units have their bread tin placed horizontally and two interior kneading paddles. Thanks to this, they can bake horizontal bread similar to those in the bakeries and shops. 

One great horizontal breaker you can go for is the Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus Breadmaker. The rapid presets of this machine allow bakers to finish their bread in just more than 2 hours.  

3. Small

If space is what you’re dealing with, consider opting for a small bread maker. Indeed. They save a lot of space. However, these machines can only bake an adequate amount of bread for two people. 

The Cuisinart Bread Maker is an excellent example of this. It is a compact and automatic unit that guarantees bread with a golden crust and the desired texture.  

4. Large

In case that the food amount is critical, think about a large bread machine. This type of machine is usually 2.2lb above and can feed the whole family. A tremendous large machine you could purchase is the Secura Bread Maker Machine.

Buying Guide

There might be quite a few things to keep in mind when finalizing down to a bread maker. Here are three critical things to think of when buying one:

1. Capacity

You should know how many members to cook before picking a bread machine. Although many manufacturers offer various baking sizes, the maximum capacity is still different from one another. 

Typically, a small family only requires an under-2lb unit. However, with bigger families, we recommend using 2.2lb to 3lb ones.

2. Additional features

Nowadays, most bread machines come hand in hand with various features. This could be an amazing news, especially if you’re an experimentalist and want to try new types of bread or new baking methods. 

However, if you’re not a professional, one with too many features could be problematic. Make sure to go for ones with necessary features according to your intention. Reading the information from the manufacturers will help you a lot.

3. Gluten-free presets

Some can not consume gluten. That’s why if you also avoid having gluten products, make sure to find machines with the gluten-free feature. Also, remember to clean any gluten residue before switching to this setting for optimal results.

4. Noise

Your machine could be pretty loud when it comes to mixing and kneading. So in fact, you cannot find one without this issue. However, the sturdiness of the piece can actually lower the volume down. 

A flimsy unit can produce a much noisier sound than a robust one. Not to mention that these kinds of products tend to vibrate harder and fall onto the ground. Therefore, it’s a must to find a bread maker that is long-lasting and makes less noise. 

5. Paddles

There are various types of paddles you can expect when purchasing a bread machine. Most companies provide at least one paddle, but some offer dual ones. 

And those with two paddles would make the best bread. It creates the same effect of hand kneading, which produces better dough. 

Also, check carefully because some machines come with one main paddle and a spare one. Don’t be mistaken of these two as one could be used for dough only (which means you’ll have to remove it after the kneading process) while the other is responsible for pasta (in case you want to make pasta dough).


1. What is a bread machine?

It’s a machine to make any bread. Whether it’s the classic white, or whole wheat, or gluten-free bread, this one can nail the job. More than that, it also has settings to create jam, jelly, and even mix the dough for you.

2. How does a bread maker work?

A bread maker will take care of the whole process from the mixing to the kneading, rising, and even baking. As it can manage the temperatures pretty well, you can customize how the bread’s texture and the crust turn out.

3. Is a bread maker worthy?

Of course. If your family has bread regularly, investing in a bread maker is a hot deal. It saves you time, effort, and even money. 

You can also make the bread at home, which means excellent quality and guaranteed fresh ingredients in the bread. You can also try new types of bread, especially when your nearby bakery doesn’t offer.

4. Is making your own bread more affordable?

Typically, when you go for a store-bought bread, you’ll have to pay the extra cost of labor, utilities, shipping, etc. When owning a bread machine, you can cut down all these add-ins. So, you can save quite an amount of money baking your bread. 

5. Do you have to melt the butter before putting it in the machine? 

Unless your machines’ manual requires doing so, you don’t need to melt the butter beforehand. Most bread machines only ask you to cut the butter into four cubes and throw them onto the flour added in the pan.

6. Can the bread machine preserve my bread overnight?

Of course. Most manufacturers offer a delayed setting, which will help you preserve your bread overnight. 

In detail, all you have to do is to put every ingredient in the machine, and at midnight, the machine will automatically bake your bread. This will guarantee you have newly-baked bread in the next morning!

Final Thoughts

The best bread machine can genuinely cut down all the complicated steps you have to go through when baking bread. No more the time when you have to do everything by your hands. Just buy a bread machine, and things are solved.

If you are all about unique vertical loaves, try the KBS Pro Stainless Steel Bread Machine. Otherwise, if traditional horizontal bread is your preference, you can check the Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus Breadmaker

When it comes to compact machines, you should never miss the Cuisinart Bread Maker, And for the best large bread maker, consider putting the Secura Bread Maker Machine to your cart.

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