The 37 Best Car Bike Racks of October 2020

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If biking is your favorite sport and you frequently participate in biking races, you may need a bike rack to deliver your bikes. With bike racks, you now have more space in the car for people and luggage and more importantly, you will never worry about messing your car interior with mud or dirt from your bikes. But do you know what are the best car bike racks for your vehicles? Then this information and detailed advice from ProductUpdates experts will help you find out.


In general, bike racks for cars are divided into three distinct categories. They are strap-on trunk-mounted carriers, roof-mounted carriers, and hitch-mounted carriers.

1. Strap-on trunk-mounted carriers

As the name suggests, strap-on trunk-mounted carriers are mounted to your car trunk, either sedan or hatchback, and carry bikes with a system of straps. They don’t require any hitch or rack system, and they are economical as they can carry from one to three bikes at the same time. However, your vehicles might be prone to damage from backing into another object or being hit by another vehicle.

Anyway, strap-on trunk-mounted carriers are still an easy and affordable option to carry your bikes. And Saris Super Bones Trunk Bike Rack Carrier is indeed a perfect option for you. With this one, you are absolutely secure with the double locking system which locks the rack to the car and the bikes to the rack.

2. Roof-mounted carriers

Roof-mounted carriers can either be attached to a car's existing roof rack and crossbars or need additional mounting feet and clips mounting to its upper door frame or rain gutters. Some roof-mounted models may ask you to remove the front bike wheels, and some may not. But no matter what model you choose, this is still a versatile and secure option to haul your bikes, though it takes a little time and effort lifting your bikes onto the roof.

If you are hunting for a roof-mounted rack for bike transportation, why don’t you consider EAG Black Steel Roof Rack Cargo Basket Fit for 84-01 Cherokee XJ? It is easy to install; you can install an EAG roof rack at the factory cross bar or install it directly on the roof of the car without any drilling or vehicle modifications. Besides, it is strong, high-quality, and made from heavy-duty steel with a durable black powder coating that helps protect this best car bike rack against the elements and resists rust and scratches.

3. Hitch-mounted carriers

Hitch-mounted bike racks are mounted on the trailer hitch at the rear and extend the length of your car so that you can transport bikes in a mounting tray or by straps. Unlike previous bike racks, hitch-mounted ones come in different sizes and designs to match with different types of vehicle’s hitch. These carriers can carry multiple bikes, some allow you to have four or five bikes, but be careful as they can easily scratch each other while moving.

In case you are still confused, we recommend you with Saris Superclamp Bike Hitch Car Rack. It is lightweight and is rugged enough to carry 2-4 bikes. In particular, it has integrated locks and reflectors for extra security and visibility for better bike protection.

Buying Guide

Many people might feel overwhelmed by a variety of bike racks available on the market. To help you choose the right type of bike racks that suit your car, your personal needs, and your taste, we have listed some important factors that you must consider in advance.

1. Your vehicle

As we mentioned above, there are three main types of bike racks for cars but unfortunately, not every bike rack fits every car. Types such as trunk-mounted carriers may be versatile with a wide range of cars, while the others are specifically designed for each kind of car. Therefore, you need to consider what vehicle you are using (including brand, model, specifications, dimensions) to see whether the bike rack can fit or not.

2. Your bikes

How many bikes you want to carry is another thing you should keep in mind before purchasing a bike rack. Some racks can haul multiple bikes, up to four or five at a time, while some are designed to carry one bike only. In addition, not all bike racks can load heavy bikes such as electric bikes, so carefully ask the sellers and manufacturers if you own one.

3. Security and safety

No one wants their bikes to be stolen while parking; thus, pay close attention to the locking system or other security features for better protection. For example, Saris Super Bones Trunk Bike Rack Carrier is equipped with a double locking system. The first lock prevents the upper strap from being taken off the car, while the second lock prevents the lower strap from being taken off the car. There is also a third cable lock that is used to lock the front bike to the rack.


1. How can I store these bike racks when they are not in use?

You can store them anywhere, either indoors or outdoors. From our experience, we recommend you keep in your garage to maintain the high-quality of your best car bike racks. Some products may be big in shape but they are super lightweight.

2. Can I use a bike rack for a kid’s bike?

Definitely. Most bike racks are adjustable and compatible with different types of bikes, so you don’t need anything extra to carry your kid’s bike. However, two bikes fit side by side really close on the rack, so pay attention to handlebar interference. 

3. Does a bike rack cause paint damage to your vehicle after using it for a long time?

So far, there is no report of paint damage to us from previous users. However, to minimize the unexpected damage, we recommend you wipe the surface prior to installation.

4. Do I need to purchase the most expensive bike rack for the best protection?

Though more expensive products usually come along with special features to better protect your bikes, we advise you to buy the most suitable product that meets all your demands instead of the most expensive one. Some affordable models also offer you great bike care and protection, easy installation and use, and of course, they are worth your money.

Final Thoughts

Bringing your bikes along for your outdoor excursion is easier than ever with the help of bike racks. Now you can spend more time having fun and enjoying the trip without worrying about your vehicles. 

Don’t you still know what are the best car bike racks to buy? Then, check all our suggestions above. Both Saris Super Bones Trunk Bike Rack Carrier and EAG Black Steel Roof Rack Cargo Basket Fit for 84-01 Cherokee XJ are among the most secure options for your bikes. The former can be easily installed on distinct types of cars while the latter is perfect for jeeps and similar ones.

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