The 14 Best Car Waxes of September 2020

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Waxing is a popular way to take care of cars in modern society because it can not only improve car’s appearances but also protect your car from some environmental damage. If you still have no idea which types of car wax you should choose, our article about the best car waxes will help you.


You may think that there are a lot of different car waxes on the market. In fact, there are only two typical types and they are differentiated by ingredients: natural car waxes and synthetic car waxes.

1. Natural car waxes

As you can predict from their name, they are made of common ingredients from natural plants such as carnaubas in Brazil. They are removed, treated, and then combined with additional waxes such as beeswax or turpentine. In carnauba car waxes, they divide into white car waxes and yellow car waxes; the latter is purer and of course, more expensive.

The potential drawback of this type of car waxes is quickly worn off. However, they will provide comprehensive protection and admirable shine for your car. That is the reason why natural car wax is still appreciated by many car owners. 

If you are looking for the best car waxes, some products we want to recommend are Migliore Presidenziale Carnauba Wax or Zymol Concours Glaze Wax Z120. Both of them are made from a pure blend of the finest Brazilian yellow carnauba wax and developed with a special formula to enhance the shine and protection for your car. 

2. Synthetic car waxes

Instead of being made of natural ingredients like the natural ones, synthetic car waxes are made of chemicals, which means they are artificial. The outstanding feature of synthetic waxes is amazingly long-lasting, even for many years, depending on outside conditions. They are also less time-consuming and offer immediate effects compared to natural car waxes.

If you are interested in synthetic car waxes, why don’t you consider Adam’s H2O Guard & Gloss? This product offers you the most advanced drying technology to seal your paint. And more importantly, it can protect all exterior surfaces, including glass.

Buying guide

Buying suitable car wax for your ride is not a simple job. If you are not used to this job, please consider some of our suggestions below to find your best car wax:

1. Choosing the wax forms

Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose between these wax forms: sprays, liquids, or pastes. Many people prefer liquid and spray ones because of their convenience and time-saving. On the other hand, paste waxes need more time to apply but can provide better protection for your favorite car.

2. Considering your vehicles

Normal car waxes are suitable for most of the car brands, car types, etc. However, some car waxes are manufactured for specific parts and the car sizes also determine how much car waxes you need to apply. Therefore, you should consider this factor before buying car waxes.

3. Environmental Factor

The environment is a significant factor that affects your paintwork, making the wax layer wear off easily. In these circumstances, you should think about some products that offer more features with durability depending on your living conditions.

4. Prices

To be honest, car waxes are not too much exorbitant items like many other products, however, price is still something that you need to consider. Of course, a more expensive product can bring you more benefits such as longer durability, more brilliant shine, etc. But you do not have to pay the earth for any car waxes because even an affordable one can meet your basic demands.


1. Can I use car wax to remove the scratch?

We personally do not think so. Instead, you should consider car waxes as a preventive or hidden scratch, rather than a removal. If you are looking for something to get rid of your car scratch, a scratch remover is more proper.

2. Should I wax my car?

Absolutely. Waxing your car is an effective way to prevent discoloring, protect your car from any environmental effects and oxidation, and provide bright cover to your car.

3. Is it good to wax my car frequently?

It is not a good habit to wax your car too much. Although waxing cars has a lot of benefits, waxing too much will cause clouding and some types of car wax may even damage factory clearcoat.

4. When should I re-apply car wax?

As we mentioned above, you should not wax your car too frequently. A good regulation for you to re-apply is about once a month.

Final thoughts

Having a car waxed is undeniably an optimal way to protect your car and make it look incredibly new. We realize that this process is getting more popular today, but several people are still confused. 

If you are in this situation, do not ignore our recommendations. Adam’s H2O Guard & Gloss in liquid form may be a quick and convenient option for car owners, while Migliore Presidenziale Carnauba Wax in paste form would be perfect for patient and meticulous users. With our best car waxes, your car is expected to restore the showroom shine.

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