The 21 Best Cat Beds of October 2020

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Getting your kitty the best cat bed will ensure they are well rested and comfortable all day. If you are looking for a cat bed that is durable and suitable to your cat’s individual needs, look no further as in this guide, we are going through all the important notes to buy the best cat bed.


Cats spend on average 12-15 hours on resting, sleeping. And as lovely as it is to have your cat as a napping companion, getting their own safe space will make your cat happy and less hair on your bed or sofa. It’s a win-win for everyone!

When it comes to resting, cats like a place hidden enough that they can see what’s going on, without too much exposure. Depending on your cat’s personality, there are 4 types of cat bed: Donut shape cat bed; Cat Hammock; Cat Tent and Multipurpose Cat bed. And you are going to learn all about it, right now!

1. Donut Shape Cat Bed:

This type of cat bed is popular for its simple yet comfortable design and great mobility. Just place it at your kitty’s favorite spot, the inner pillow will provide maximum comfort and the outer edges will make your cat feel safe and protected. A donut shape cat bed suits most cats in general.

A prominent product in this category is NOYAL Donut Cat Bed. With a faux fur cover and self-warming mechanism, this cat bed will remind your kitty of their mother’s fur coat. The bottom is designed with anti-skid sticky beads which are non-slip, waterproof. This cushion will give your pet a restful sleep which results in an energetic and happy kitty.

If your cat prefers a bit more privacy, then have a look at MEOWFIA Premium Cat Bed Cave. It is made from 100% wool providing extra warmth, comfort. Moreover, wool will repel odor, dirt and stain naturally. And that’s not all, this product is completely free from harsh chemicals and it will make a nice fit in your interior with its elegant and unique design.

2. Cat Hammock:

If your kitty enjoys lounging around in the sunlight or loves a good stretch during sleep, then a cat hammock will make a perfect fit. It is in their instinct to survey their “territory” which includes your house and its surrounding from a high spot. There is so much fun to watch while relaxing on their hammock, especially when a bird or a squirrel is passing by.

If this is something your cat will love, then let me introduce you to Cat Window Perch. Made from stainless steel and a 3” suction cup, this cat hammock can hold up more than 40lb, applicable for large cats. With a removable mat, it is washing machine friendly and it dries quickly allowing your cat to enjoy the sunshine to the fullest.

Let’s have a look at Vea pets Luxury Cat Hammock. With easy installation and sturdy material, this cat hammock will not wobble or topple. To ensure that, it has been included with anti-sway design for your cat’s maximum comfort while they sleep.

3. Cat Tent:

Combining the comfy feeling of a cushion and the secured feeling from the tent shape, your kitty will feel right at home in no time. This type of cat bed will bring the perfect balance of being hidden and being able to observe its surrounding for your kitty.

You would fall in love with Best Friends by Sheri Novetly Pet Huts and their adorable designs. Your cat can enjoy its little “me time” in this bed which provides a 360-degree coverage. Feeling warmed and protected, it will keep their mind at ease, boosting health and happiness. Though messes are inevitable, thankfully the cushion is removable and safe for machine wash and dry.

But what if you have more than one kitty in your house? Then the YAHEETECH 54.5in Cat Tree Tower is the best cat bed for you! This cat tree is easy to install and can be a nice piece of pet furniture. And it can host up to 5 cats at once. Now having said that, sturdiness is a must, and the bottom base is reinforced and anti-toppling fitting are included for double security.

4. Multipurpose Cat Bed:

What if I tell you a cat bed can be more than what it is fundamentally? Yes, it’s true. With creative and elegant design, your cat bed can fit nicely in your house and have more than one use than just sleeping.

The HuiDao Cat Condo Ottoman will not disappoint you. This ottoman shape cat bed is lightweight, easy to move around and even comfortable for sitting. Why? Because it is made of 3 natural solid wood legs and soft fabric. Not only does this make an ideal cat house, it also can be a storage space which makes this a great product for your living room or bed room.

A great product worth mentioning here is PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge. With a curvy design and eco-friendly, non-toxic material, your cat can lounge and relieve stress by scratching which means better overall wellness. Besides, you can place this cat bed anywhere you or your kitty want, whether it is next to the window or at his/her favorite corner.

Another great candidate is K&H PET PRODUCTS Kitty Sill. It has super-soft orthopedic foam with washable cover, this product gives your cat a sunny seat with a great view of nature. Furthermore, with easy installation, no tools are required other than a 2” window sill. If your feline friend has moved on and found a new favourite spot to nap, worry not because you can use this to keep your plants happy!

Buying Guide

Now that we have learned about all the cat bed types, Let’s see what you need to consider in order to get the best cat bed. 

1. Size

Depending on your cat sleeping habit, its bed should be either long enough for him/her to stretch out or small enough to comfortably curl up and feel secured. A cat bed should have about 15 inches for a round shape and 18 inches long if your cat enjoys lounging.

And of course, when in doubt, size up! I’m sure your cat won’t mind if there is extra space in his safety nest.

2. Make Sure It’s Easy To Clean

Cats have sensitive noses so keep in mind to wash your cat bed once or twice per week. Using a mild, unscented detergent would be the best option. And follow the instruction carefully as even the slightest change could have a big effect on your cat bed.

3. Material

There are all kinds of fabrics, mesh and other soft materials used to craft comfortable and durable cat beds. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you need a bed made out of a natural fabric such as Cotton, linen, wool. However if your cat doesn’t mind, feel free to try synthetic materials, such as plush polyesters.

Another criteria is waterproof, older cats or cats with health issues can have accidents. A cat bed with a waterproof base can prevent damage to your floors, while a bed made from a naturally water-resistant fiber like wool will stay dry until you can clean up.

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1. Why Do I Need A Cat Bed?

Cats are very particular about their sleeping place, a cat bed sounds perfect especially in a household that has many pets. In other cases of older cats, and those who have joint problems, can also benefit from a cat bed that provides extra cushioning and support that reduces pain.

2. How Do I Get My Cat To Use His Bed?

We all know how stubborn cats can be, sometimes they will just claim the empty cardboard box and pay no attention to the comfy and soft bed we’ve got. 

The solution here is to put the cat bed in the spot where your cat sleeps, adding a T-shirt you’ve worn recently or even a bit of catnip will help ease the transaction. And finally, be patient, keep praising your kitty anytime he/she is near the bed. With positive reinforcement, your cat will come to love and appreciate its own bed.

3. Where Do I Place My Cat Bed?

Now this is entirely dependent on your cat. If he loves sunbathing and bird watching, a cat hammock or a cat tree are a great pick. If he prefers his own space, placing his cat tent under your desk or at a corner would make him feel safe.  

4.  Are Heated Cat Beds Safe?

Cats are naturally drawn to warmer spots inside the house, which is why the market has started featuring self-warming beds and mats. 

Other cat beds need electricity to power heating elements installed inside the cushion itself. And they make a wonderful choice for older cats or kitties that experience health problems like arthritis. The only note here is make sure that all safety standards are adhered to in order to ensure safety.

Final Thought

With the best cat bed, you can enjoy a house with less shedding all over the furniture and maximum comfort for your feline friend. 

The MEOWFIA Premium Cat Bed Cave would make you and your cat happy with its elegant design and great material. 

Next we have PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge which offers both sleeping and scratching, with modern curvy design, you can place this multipurpose cat bed anywhere you want!

Lastly, YAHEETECH 54.5in Cat Tree Tower would be the perfect choice if you have more than one cat. Their sturdy design and double-secured mechanism will keep your cats entertained and relaxed all day.

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