The 15 Best Chef Shoes of September 2020

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The kitchen is a severe place where everything seems to happen at the same time and all chefs need to be aware to be able to handle it all. Besides your personal skills, having the right pair of shoes on will make sure you go about your day with ease.

Here are the best chef shoes in the market.


Some chefs like to wear sport shoes at work while others stick with a pair of clogs. No matter what types of shoes you have on, all of the shoes should carry these following features.

Features of a good chefs shoe:

1. Form-fitting

Chefs have to work in a demanding environment. A professional kitchen is burning hot from the fire, filled with people, and buzzing with orders. It requires you to always be on your feet and move instantly from station to station.

A form-fitting pair of shoes will optimize your movement, avoid bumping into obstacles within the kitchen, and allow you to work a lot faster.

BeautiFeel Women's Jane Sneaker are designed to hug your feet when you walk, creating much more stable steps.

2. Water resistant

Working in a hectic environment such as the restaurant kitchen, we all know spilling is unavoidable. Having that liquid sticking on your shoes is uncomfortable of course. But having it slowly absorbed inside your shoes will become unbearable after a long shift. 

That is why choosing shoes that are made from water resistant material is so important. It will protect your feet so much better.

Troentorp Unisex Båstad Steel Toe Picasso Leather Clogs are made from leather. It will ensure a perfect protection from water and other liquid you may come across in the kitchen.

3. Lined with sweat absorption material

The kitchen is extremely hot. Wearing the same pair of shoes while running from place to place is event hotter. The excess sweat left in your feet will be the cause of many diseases.

You need to address this matter seriously. Investing in a pair of shoes that has been equipped with cotton or any other absorption materials will end the suffering of over heat and sweaty feet.

Alexander McQueen Women's White Leather/Suede Sneaker 508291 9061 inner lining is great for sweat absorption.

4. Non-slip sole

The kitchen floor is extremely slippery from the oil from cooking, the water from cleaning, and the soap from the dirty dishes. Chefs have to move around in that condition with precision, carrying burning hot pots and pans from one station to the next. One trip can be disastrous.

That is why all chefs need to have non-slip soles equipped in their shoes. It will protect not only the wearer but the people around them.

Birkenstock Women's London is known for their slip-resistant soles. These shoes will keep you from slipping or falling.

Buying Guide

1. Choose flatter heel for better support

Flat heels stabilize your step and help you to move around with ease. It will also prevent falling when you have to work on the slippery floor of the kitchen.

2. Form-fitting but not too tight

Wearing a fitting pair of shoes will better your performance. But standing for hours on end will draw blood to your feet, which causes it to swell and gain in size. Having a bit of extra room on your shoes will prepare you for that when it happens.

3. Softer sole and extra arch support will save you in the long run

As a chef, you are no stranger to standing around all day. This will severely affect the condition of your joints and spine. Choosing a good pair of shoes that has added padding to prevent blisters, a soft sole to reduce the impact of each step, and a good arch support to benefit your posture is a great investment for the future of your health.

4. The lighter the better

Lighter shoes do not hold you down. And that is obviously major when you work in a professional kitchen which only expects the best performance.

5. Safety first!

We all know what the hustle and bustle of a professional kitchen is like. You have to work fast-pace in a room filled with liquid splashes, oil spills, and water. Tripping is bought to happen if you do not have the right kind of shoes on. Save yourself the trouble, find a pair with non-slip soles, they will be your bestest friend in the kitchen.


1. What are the most common chef shoes?

Clogs are the most popular type of shoes among service industry workers, healthcare workers and obviously, chefs. They are smart, easy to wear, durable, water resistant, and very easy to maintain. This is the top choice for any chefs who would like to get ahead in their game.

2. Are there any other options than shoes?

Most restaurants are extremely strict with their dress code, as expected from such a job that can directly affect people’s health. So shoes are the best choice for all chefs and restaurant workers alike. They are much more form-fitting, provide flexibility, prevent accidents, and speed up the pace than any other options.

3. How to wash chef shoes?

If you wear sport sneakers then they should be washed with cold water and light soap every two weeks and lay in the sun to dry. If you use clogs, depending on the material of the upper part of the shoes, you will need a different cleaning solution. It is recommended that everything is done by hand and with a lot of attention.

4. How many pairs of shoes should a chef own?

Most chefs should have at least two pairs to change throughout the week. This allows you to wash and clean each pair properly before use.

Final Thoughts

The culinary world demands perfection, even from the smallest detail of the chef's outfit. That is why having the best chefs shoes on you is so important to get ahead.

We have selected the Troentorp Unisex Båstad Steel Toe Picasso Leather Clogs and the BeautiFeel Women's Jane Sneaker as they are the most perfect item for your professional journey.

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