The 22 Best Clothes Steamers of September 2020

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Have you ever burnt your clothes when you iron? If yes, clothes steamers are exactly what you want. These devices can remove any wrinkle or crease on your clothes easily, even if you are new to steaming.

Using a clothes steamer can answer all your difficult questions: cheaper price and convenient to use. This article will provide you with some useful information about this machine so that you can opt for the best clothes steamer yourself.


In general, clothes steamers are available in various shapes and sizes that you can easily find in the market. However, basically, there are three main types of clothes steamers, which are standing clothes steamers, travel clothes steamers, and handheld clothes steamers.

1. Standing clothes steamers

This type of clothes steamers is a professional option for experienced steamers. A standing clothes steamer is designed with a water well and a base machine on the floor, a nozzle connected to the machine through a long tube, and of course a standing rod. All you need to do is to fill water into the base well and the powerful machine will automatically convert water into steam.

Standing clothes steamers also offer you different setting modes, which are suitable for different kinds of clothes and fabrics. If you are thinking of one, PurSteam - 2020 Official Partner of Fashion-Full Size Steamer for Clothes, Garments, Fabric-Professional Heavy Duty is an excellent choice. Its 4 steam levels with continuous steam make it perfect for sterilizing and disinfecting.

2. Travel clothes steamers

Are you a travelholic and you don’t want to waste tons of money on ironing service at the hotel? Then, travel clothes steamers are definitely your solutions. With travel size, this type of clothes steamers can easily fit in your luggage without taking a lot of space.

Travel clothes steamers may be convenient for travel, but they are designed with a small water tank, which means you need to refill it frequently. And here is our recommendation for you: Steamers for Clothes, Mini Garment Steamer of Winjoy. This product with an upgraded-foldable design and fast-heating technology is indeed the best clothes steamer for travel lovers.

3. Handheld clothes steamers

Handheld clothes steamers are also known as the combination of these previous types as they are smaller than standing models but bigger than travel products. Therefore, they are great options for those who live in a small apartment. However, they are provided with a large water tank, making it powerful and efficient enough to give you the finest steaming experience.

Still confused? Then, you should take a look at Handheld Garment Steamer for Clothes and Fabric. This product comes along with various special features, such as 30mins of powerful steaming, 400ml capacity of a water tank, extra-long 8ft power cord, and 2 power settings.

Buying Guide

Even though you have some basic information about clothes steamers, choosing the right model for you and your family is not an easy job. In order to know which is the best clothes steamer for you, you need to consider these factors below.

1. Your space

A standing clothes steamer may take up some space in your house, while travel and handheld models are more portable and convenient. If you are living with a roommate in a limited space, a standing clothes steamer is not appropriate, though it can take care of your clothes professionally.

2. Water tank

The water level is directly proportional to the amount of steam it produces. When you use a clothes steamer with a small water tank, you are required to refill water multiple times while the steaming is not over. Therefore, opting for a product with a larger water capacity allows you to steam your clothes continuously over an adequate period of time. 

In particular, some products are even designed with such a detachable water tank that you can freely refill water anytime and anywhere. This is definitely more convenient than models with permanent water tanks, which means that you have to drag the machine to a water source every time you need to refill it.


1. Can I use a steamer for delicate fabrics?

Yes. However, delicate fabrics such as chiffon, silk, and velvet need more special care while steaming. You should keep a small distance between your fabrics and your steamer to reduce any unexpected risk.

2. Can I clean other materials with clothes steamers?

Definitely. Maybe you don’t know, but clothes steamers also work as carpet cleaners by removing dirt and debris from your carpet or rug. Besides, it is convenient to clean your curtains without detaching them with a clothes steamer. 

3. Which one is better? Clothes steamers or clothes irons?

Well, we believe that using a clothes steamer would be more efficient and convenient for you than a clothes iron. Using an iron without any practice and technique may cause some dangerous disasters. In addition, people who iron their clothes frequently may tend to have arm or back pain.

4. Should I purchase a product with an automatic switch-off function?

Yes. The automatic switch-off feature will automatically turn off your clothes steamer when the water level is running low. This will have you save your energy as well as prevent your machine from burning out.

Final Thoughts

It is undeniable that clothes steamers are widely-used gadgets in every household, instead of clothes irons. If you use it properly, the best clothes steamer would be a real life-savior for you and your whole family.

Don’t you still know what to buy? Well, Handheld Garment Steamer for Clothes and Fabric and Steamers for Clothes, Mini Garment Steamer of Winjoy are extremely suitable for basic travel and home use. Whereas, PurSteam - 2020 Official Partner of Fashion-Full Size Steamer for Clothes, Garments, Fabric-Professional Heavy Duty, with a bigger size, will offer professional care to your clothes!

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