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Best Computers For Video Editing of December 2020: Comparisons, AI Consumer Report, and Reviews

After evaluating and analyzing in detail more than 110 customer satisfaction about Best Computers For Video Editing, we have come up with the top 7 products you may be interested in Best Computers For Video Editing. We have ranked the best brands from Artificial Intelligent and Big Data, as you see below: Apple, Microsoft, The Server Store, Dell, CPU Solutions. Read more How we Score


New Apple iMac with Retina 5K Display (27-inch, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD Storage)
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Microsoft Surface Studio 2 (Intel Core i7, 32GB RAM, 1TB) - Newest Version (Renewed)
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Apple Mac Pro Desktop Computer, 3.5GHz 8-Core Intel Xeon W, 32GB Memory, 256GB SSD, Radeon Pro 580X 8GB, Magic Mouse 2, Stainless Steel with Feet
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Dell Precision T3600 Workstation, 1x Xeon E5-2650 2GHz Eight Core Processor, 32GB DDR3 Memory, 1x 2TB Hard Drive, NVIDIA Quadro 2000, DVD-RW, Windows 10 Professional 64-bit Installed, (Renewed)
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Dell XPS 8930 Tower Desktop - 8th Gen. Intel Core i7-8700 6-Core up to 4.60 GHz, 16GB DDR4 Memory, 256GB SSD + 2TB SATA Hard Drive, 4GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti, DVD Burner, Windows 10, Black
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CPU Solutions CEV-6783 Video Editing PC i9 9900K to 5.0Ghz 8 Core, 64GB RAM, 500GB NVMe SSD, 2TB HDD, Win 10 Pro, Quadro P2200 w/5GB
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Video Editing PC i9, HD 4K 3D Modeling Computer, 10850K to 5.2Ghz 10 Core, 128GB RAM, 512GB and 1000GB NVMe SSD, Win 10 Pro, Quadro RTX 4000, CPU Solutions CEV-7371
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Over the past few years, content creation has become increasingly popular thanks to the spread of the internet. This has also given rise to the explosive boom in video editors. More and more people are taking video editing either as a promising career opportunity or as a hobby than ever. If you are also interested in this unique field, then you need the best computer for video editing.

Buying Guides

The best computers for video editing can make your workflow more fluid and more efficient. The right machine can save you from a frustration and time-consuming work session, you can even save lots of money in the long run. Nowadays you can edit videos on just about everything, even a smartphone. But for high performance videos, you need serious computing power. Here’s the guide on what to look for when choosing the best computers for video editing:

1. Types of computer

Desktop computers offer a far wider range of selection in terms of price and performance. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. You need to know all the form factors to be able to choose the best computers for your video editing needs. Here are the most common types you can find:

  • Tower desktop computer

This most popular form factor is your best route if absolute power is your top priority. With a desktop computer for video editing, you simply have more room to fit in more parts down the line easily. This means that you get better performance at a reasonable price. Even the more powerful models like Dell Precision T5820 or HP Z820 may be expensive but won’t cost you as much as an All-in-one unit or a laptop.

  • All-in-one (AIO) computers

An AIO pc has everything you need to get to work, you don’t have to pay extra for peripherals. The whole system is built into the back of the monitor as a single unit. Hence, it is easier to carry around than the traditional PCs. An AIO workstation such as Dell Inspiron 3000 or Microsoft Surface Studio 2 can pack serious power too. 

Unlike the desktop computer, AIO computers are hard to upgrade, your best bet is buying a whole new system. So there’s that to consider if you want to buy an AIO system.

2. Operating system

The two most popular and optimal OS for video editing on the market are Windows and Mac. Some people prefer the former while others prefer the latter. Both are good for any computer work with their own pros and cons. As for video editing, let’s take a look at how each of them perform:

  • Mac OS

Apple’s Mac computers have always been the creative professionals’ favorite. Mac embodies the design and features that cater to creative users. Mac OS ensures the highest user-friendliness and ease of use as much as possible.  Everything, from Mac-only software to fonts standard, graphics, etc. is aim toward digital professionals.

The downside is that Mac OS is exclusive to Apple’s products. Therefore, you are limited to using only Mac lineups. There’s simply no other choices, you are stuck with iMac or Macbook Pro and their variants. In addition, their upfront cost is pretty sizable and they are only compatible with Apple devices and accessories.

  • Windows

Windows computers for video editing are fairly cheaper compared to Mac. You have to pay at least $1,000 for a Mac while you can get a pc with the same features for less. For instance, you can get a beast such as Solutions CEV-6659  for less than $2,500. What’s more, you can easily upgrade your components down the line without spending too much. Budget-wise, PCs offer excellent choices for video editors.

3. CPU

The CPU is the most crucial part of any video computer. The more powerful your processor is, the smoother your workflow will be. When it comes to video editing, it’s the processor that does most of the heavy lifting.

The two main factors you want to keep an eye on is the clock speed and core counts. If your edits are intensive, you’d want a CPU with the max number of Core and Clock. While gaming doesn’t need a high amount of cores and clock, video editors benefit greatly from this.

The baseline for video editing would be a 4-cores CPU with 3.0GHz, which is sufficient for 1080 editing. For 4K editing, we recommend choosing a computer with a 6-8 cores and 4.0GHz processor such as Acer Aspire TC-895-UA92

Here’s another helpful advice: avoid Intel Core i3 or Ryzen 3 and other low-powered CPUs such as Pentium, Celeron, etc. you should get at least an Intel Core i5 or Ryzen 5. Ideally, an Intel Core i7 or Ryzen 7 is even better.

4. RAM

RAM is a short-term memory for your computer. RAM enables you to instant access multiple apps and windows without the need to wait for them to load again. Simply put, the more RAM you have the better multitasking experience you will get.

For 1080 and small projects, 8GB is the bare minimum. For more realistic usage, I advise you to get at least 16GB RAM. For instance, try to get a machine like 

There’s a saying: you can never have too much RAM. This especially holds true in video editing. If you have the budget, go for 32GB, 64GB or even more RAM, you’ll need it in the near future.

Another thing which you should be concerned about is the type of RAM. At the moment, the latest RAM type is DDR4. You can still use DDR3 RAM but they would be harder to find, slower and more expensive. Generally, you should aim for machines with DDR4-2666MHz such as HP Pavilion Desktop or Dell XPS 8930.

5. GPU

The GPU is not as important as the CPU in video editing, but it still helps with certain aspects of it. For instance, 3D animations, rendering at higher resolutions, rendering graphics and particles effects, etc. The CPU does the heavy lifting but it has just a few cores. The graphic cards, with thousands of cores, can help reduce the workload of the CPU significantly.

Another thing you need to keep an eye on is the VRAM of a graphic card. If the workload is too much, some of the tasks are sent back to the CPU when the VRAM is overloaded. You should get at least a 4GB VRAM GPU.

Unless you’re doing intensive editing, a consumer-grade GPU is adequate for an average video editor. You don’t have to spend much on this component if you don’t need to. A GTX 1660 or RX 570 will do the job just fine. A machine with a RTX 2080/RX 5700XT such as Empowered PC Sentinel or CUK Continuum is ideal for 4K editing.

For the true professionals, the Quadro card is preferable. These pro-grade graphics cards have certain special features and are designed for high-end productivity applications. If you are willing to spend a pretty penny, get them as they make the best computers for video editing. Check out this Solutions CEV-6548 which features a Quadro RTX4000 with 8GB DDR6.

6. Storage

In addition to powerful specifications to run your editing software, a hard drive to store your data and projects is also important. For optimal speed, you should get at least a 256GB SSD for your system’s boot drive. The SSD provides a blazing fast speed for processing video, booting up and opening programs. However, they often lack the capacity to store large files.

That’s when you need an additional one or two HDDs. You can purchase a 1TB HDD for a cheap price then store all your projects and assets on it. Ideally, a machine with 500GB SSD and 1TB HDD such as Alienware Aurora R9 is enough for your storing needs.


1. Should I choose laptops over desktop computers for video editing?

Unlike in the past, laptops are now powerful enough to handle serious video editing. However, the only reason you would choose a laptop over desktop computers for video editing is if you’re travelling a lot. You can edit videos while commuting to work or at a coffee shop. Laptops are also great for showcasing your works to the clients at their sites.

However, they will always be slower than their desktop counterparts due to heating issues and compact form factor. Furthermore, you would have to pay more for a laptop of the same specs with a desktop. Upgrading is also more challenging.

2. Can gaming computers be used for video editing?

Yes, you can. Demanding AAA titles require high-end hardware thus gaming PCs are highly powered. These specific-designed-for-gaming computers typically house a very powerful graphic card. Therefore, you can be rest assured that most gaming computers can handle video editing without breaking a sweat.

However, you need to keep in mind that these two activities put stress on different components. Video editing doesn't often need a powerful GPU, you need to pay more attention to the CPU.

3. Can I use Chromebooks or Linux-based computers for video editing?

Yes, to some extent. Chromebooks have some video editor apps but they generally lack the powerhorse to perform any sort of intensive editing. As most Chromebooks are designed with low-end specs to cut down on cost, you can’t expect much from these devices. 

On the other hand, Linux is a more plausible option than Chromebook. This platform is free and can be installed on pretty much any computer. At the moment, Linux is still not the preferable choice over other platforms due to lack of compatible graphics drivers. Another real headache is finding the alternative software for any editing work. Here’s our suggestions for some of the video editing apps on Linux:

  • Kdenlive

  • Lightworks

  • OpenShot

  • Shotcut

  • Flowblade

  • DaVinci Resolve

  • Lightworks

4. How much do the best computers for video editing cost?

If you choose Mac, the initial cost would typically be more than $1,000 for a Macbook or iMac. As for Windows PCs, you would have more choices at every price range. Here’s a tablet to help you figure out what kind of specs you get for your money:






Entry-level ($500-1,000)

Intel Core i5 or Ryzen 5


GTX 10 series or RX 500 series 

1x 256GB SSD

1x 1TB HDD

Standard ($1,000-2,000)

Intel Core i7, i9 or Ryzen 7, Ryzen 9


RTX series or RX 5000 series

1x 500GB SSD

2x 1TB HDD

Professionals (>$2,000)

Intel Xeon, Ryzen threadripper


Nvidia Quadro

1x 1TB SSD

2x 2TB HDD

5. Are there any accessories I should get for video editing?

You need software and the best computers for video editing. Aside from that, there are some helpful things you should consider. They are great to have at your editing workstation and will change your whole working experience. Here’s some of them:

  • Drawing tablets and pens: These can make your editing experience faster and more efficient.

  • USB hubs and docking stations: These help you expand connectivity options in case you run out of them.

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (USP): When there’s a power surge or outage, a USP gives you time to save your work and shut down your computer properly.

  • Ergonomic chairs and desks: Sitting for hours can strain and hurt your back and neck. These are a must-have for health reasons.

  • Speakers and headphones: A solid headphone or speaker can help you hear your sound mix accurately.

  • Multimedia controllers: These feature programmable buttons and a jog/shuttle wheels which eliminate the need for complex keyboard shortcuts.

Dedicated microphones: A good mic lends you a helping hand in giving voice overs or narrating.

Final Thoughts

The definitive computer for video editing is none other than the iMac. The 27-inch 5K Retina display offers all the extra crisp and screen estate for you to work with. This AIO computer comes with a 3.8GHz 8-core Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM and Radeon Pro 5500 XT graphics. This means it has the powerhorse to edit videos at a breeze. This is truly one of the best computer experiences Apple has to offer.

Another great computer for video editing is Microsoft Surface Studio 2. This brilliant video editing computer features up to 32GB RAM and 2TB SSD, so you can store everything you need. Another feature you can’t find on Mac devices is the pen and touch support. This feature allows you to edit and interact with videos in a more intuitive and unique way. This is simply just the perfect little machine for video editing.

And that’s wrap up all we have to say about choosing the best computers for video editing. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced video editor, a powerful computer will make your whole editing process easier and quicker. We hope this guide has provided you with everything you need to choose the right rig for the job.

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