The 17 Best Convertible Car Seats of October 2020

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Buying a convertible car seat can be a long-term economical solution for families who are expecting a baby as it can be used since they are newborns until they grow up. However, not all parents know how to choose the best convertible car seats for their infants. If it sounds like you, this article will provide you with useful information and basic guidelines, thanks to the advice from ProductUpdates users and experts.


There are two main types of convertible car seats. They are rear-facing car seats and forward-facing car seats.

1. Rear-facing convertible car seats

Rear-facing convertible car seats are specifically designed for small babies under 2 years old. This is because at this age, children are still prone to serious injury, especially to their brain and spinal cord in case of a car accident. In order to keep your children occupied and happy during a long trip, don’t forget to bring some toys, music, snacks and drinks, or some entertaining games.

If you are thinking of rear-facing car seats for your infants, you may prefer Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Convertible Kinetic. This car seat can be adjusted to 10 different positions to bring the most comfortable experience to your children. This also lets your curious babies see better what is going on out of the windows instead of looking up at the roof all the time.

2. Forward-facing convertible car seats

Once your children reach the rear-facing weight or height limit, you are advised to turn them forward-facing with forward-facing convertible car seats. There is no exact age for this, but it normally happens between the age of three and five. And like the previous ones, forward-facing convertible car seats offer them with better side impact protection to lessen the impact force of a collision. Therefore, they had better be seated forward-facing convertible car seats until they can sit comfortably as an adult.

Among all products available on the market, Clek Foonf Convertible Car Seat and Cybex Sirona S Convertible Car Seat with SensorSafe are among the best convertible car seats for children. In addition to easy installation and use, both of them well protect your infants with their special technology. While the former uses Crumple Technology to absorb energy in a collision and reduce the forces transmitted to the child, the latter is equipped with SensorSafetechnology to alert parents if their child becomes unbuckled, the car temperature gets too warm, or unsafe conditions arise.

Buying Guide

Choosing the best convertible car seat among all available options on the market is never an easy job. To better help you accomplish this task, we listed some important factors that you should really keep in mind.

1. Dimensions

Before going to a retailer or looking for a convertible car seat online, make sure that you measure the length and width of the backseat that you are going to place the car seat in. These measurements will let you know the car seat size you need to buy to perfectly fit in that backseat.

2. Protection

Well, convertible car seats are designed to better protect your children in case of an unexpected crash or accident. Thus, you should hunt for some car seats equipped with side impact protection, which provides additional support and protection for your toddlers’ head and neck. Otherwise, ask sellers for crash test results to be assured that they are always in high-quality protection.

3. Materials

Do you know what type of padding a car seat has or what type of fabrics it uses? If your answer is no, then you had better research about it. In general, most seat pads are made out of memory, EPP, or EPS foam to bring the most comfortable feeling for users. 

While in terms of coating fabrics, it can be made from various types, including breathable fabrics, antibacterial fabrics, and non-toxic fabrics. However, as small babies have the most sensitive skin, you are advised to opt for antibacterial fabrics made from non-harmful chemicals for your babies.


1. Should I buy a used convertible car seat for my toddler?

Yes, if buying a new car seat costs you the earth, you can opt for a used one for your child. However, pay attention to the quality of the car seat to avoid a product that’s expired, broken, or different than advertised. Therefore, we recommend you get one from whom you know best and trust.

2. What is the safest place in the car for a convertible car seat?

From our personal experience, a convertible should be installed in either the center of the backseat or one of the sides. However, for some types of cars, the center backseat might be too narrow to install a car seat. Therefore, if you have two or more car seats, try to put the younger baby on the side and the older child in the center. 

3. Are the covers machine washable?

It depends on different car seats from distinct manufacturers. However, to maintain the high-quality of the covers, we recommend you wash them by hand.

4. Do convertible car seats work for airplane travel?

We have to admit that not all convertible car seats can be installed with an airplane seatbelt. However, some car seats with FAA approval may work. Thus, if you want a convertible seat to bring on an airplane, directly contact sellers and manufacturers for further instruction.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best convertible car seats is a challenging but happy task to welcome a little baby to your family. Still don’t know what to buy? Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Convertible Kinetic with adjustable positions is promised to provide your kids with the most comfortable rear-facing experience. Whereas, Clek Foonf Convertible Car Seat with Crumple Technology offers them great and secure protection in a forward-facing position.

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