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Humidity is the enemy of good, and lasting furniture. An excessive amount of water in the air can destroy iron furniture, encourage wood rot, spread mold, and even deadly viruses. So it is crucial to equip yourself with the right dehumidifier to prevent all that from happening, especially those who live in a highly humid environment.

In all types of dehumidifiers, a dehumidifier with an attached pumping feature is proven to be the most efficient way of getting rid of excess humidity. This article is here to help you pick out the best dehumidifiers with pump for your family.


A dehumidifier can be useful in all sorts of ways: control households’ indoor humidity level, stabilize air quality for art display areas, reduce rot in storage spaces, stop corrosion in underground facilities...

Different locations with different environments and different levels of humidity call for a completely different dehumidifier to support that need like stationary machines for large places which require constant work or portable machines for smaller areas with a less constant need for dehumidifying.

Basically, dehumidifiers can be divided into two categories: by the effect of the dehumidifier and by the amount of moisture.

1. The effect of the dehumidifier

Most dehumidifiers can be separated into two groups: portable and stationary.


Portable dehumidifiers normally come with a set of wheels for easier moving. The machine is smaller, lighter, and less noisy than a stationary one. However, it is not as powerful and can not be used in a long period. Portable dehumidifiers are great for smaller spaces, seasonal humidity, temporary dehumidification needs.


Spaces that need all year round protection from humidity need a more powerful, stable, and reliable machine that can run constantly. Stationary dehumidifier with a pump can be much bulkier than its portable counterparts but will have a much better performance in larger spaces or areas that need constant humidity control.

It is also a lot easier to install a fixed pumping system with this type of machine. This ensures that the air is constantly filtered and the excess water is constantly removed.

2. The amount of moisture

Dehumidifiers can also be divided by the amount of moisture in pints they can remove in a day.

30-pint model

This model removes 30 to 40 pints of moisture at 80°F in an area around 400 to 600 square feet. The Whynter D Energy Star 30 Pint Portable Dehumidifiers could be a great choice for you.

50-pint model

A 50-pint model removes 50 to 60 pints of moisture at 80°F in an area around 800 to 1000 square feet. This particular machine can be a great companion: BLACK+DECKER BDT50PWTB Dehumidifier

70-pint model

A model such as this can remove 70  to 60 pints of moisture at 80°F in an area around 1,200 to 1,500 square feet. This machine can be great for large space: Kesnos 70 pint dehumidifiers.

Buying Guide

1. The size of the room

In most places, dehumidifiers are only needed seasonally, where there is excess humidity in the air for a few months before things turn back to normal. In these cases, a portable dehumidifier with a smaller and less powerful machine (30-pints model). While in large spaces that need to maintain a stable level of humidity, a more powerful stationary dehumidifier is needed(70- pints model).

2. The level of excess humidity

When the humidity level of your house goes above 30% to 50% in the summer and 30% to 40% in the winter, it is time to install a dehumidifier. Based on how large the difference of your indoor moisture level and the advised level, you can choose the size of the model accordingly.

3. The level of frequency

For households that are only exposed to overly humided seasonally, you only need to install a regular sized dehumidifier, and best portable to be moved from room to room.

And for places such as art galleries, woodwork workshops, storage areas… that need a fixed moisture level, a stationary one would perform much better.

4. Addition features

  • The filter indicator setting allows you to clean the air filter right as it gets dirty.

  • Auto-humidistat can automatically measure the moisture level in the surrounding area. It allows the unit to shut off for energy saving when the area has reached the desired moisture level.

  • Low-temperature setting allows the unit to operate in low temperatures.

  • Auto-defrost fervent freezing when the machine has to work in colder environments.

  • Auto-reset restarts the machine after a power loss while able to maintain the same setting as before.


1. What are the recommended levels of humidity?

It is recommended that you keep relative humidity between 30% to 50% in the summer and 30% to 40% in the winter for health reasons as well as furniture maintenance.

2. Why should I buy a dehumidifier with a pump?

The pumping system is a brilliant option for those who think convenience is the way to go.

Most dehumidifiers come with a built-in water tank that allows excess water to drip into. This means you will have to empty this container from time to time or else, excess water can spill all over your floor.

A built-in pump will ensure a continuous dehumidifying job and no time wasted for dumping out excess water. 

3. Where should I install a dehumidifier with a pump?

It would be best placed next to a drain, a bathroom, a walkway that connects to the outdoor or a flower bed.

You also need to make sure that the vents of the dehumidifier are not covered. For example, you should not place any items on the machine with top air vents or lean the machines with side air vents to the walls.

4. What are the must have additional features?

Filter indicator, auto-humidistat, and auto-reset are great for almost every room size and environment.

Low-temperature and auto-defrost are only needed in colder times or environments.

Final Thoughts

It is not easy to choose the right dehumidifier, but we can all agree that a machine with a built-in pump is much more convenient than one that does not.

After reviewing the overall performance of each machine, we came up with the conclusion that the BLACK+DECKER BDT50PWTB Dehumidifier with Built-in Pump, 50 Pints w, White and the Frigidaire High Efficiency 50-Pint Dehumidifier with Built-in Pump, White are the best dehumidifiers with pump on the market.

We hope that with this article, you are well equipped to find yourself the best dehumidifiers with pumps that suit your specific needs.

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