The 30 Best Desk Lamps of October 2020

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Society may be moving away from paper toward digital records, but desk lamps continue to have a role in the workplace or in the home even if you're rarely hunched over your desk, staring at a pile of paper these days. So, which one is the best desk lamp? Let’s take a look at our ultimate buying guides about the best desk lamps of 2020.

Buying guide

In order to find out the best desk lamps which can serve all your needs, you’d better consider some factors below before clicking to buy one. 

1. Brightness

In terms of brightness, desk lamps offer a variety of wattages and lux in their lights. Wattage measures the amount of power the light requires to operate, while lux measures the brightness level. As a general rule, a higher wattage number indicates more brightness. Having a desk lamp with the right brightness means that you can reduce the possibility of eye strain and diseases as well. 

One thing you should notice is that the brightness of light bulbs is often measured in lumens. Therefore, if you want to match the brightness of a 60-watt incandescent bulb, for example, you should find a bulb that's 800 lumens.

2. Color temperature

Whether you like warm or cool light is entirely a matter of preference. The temperature of a color is measured by Kelvin (K). Here is the information of the 4 most popular light colors:

3. Lighting type

The majority of modern desk lamps make use of LED lights. These lights offer strong energy efficiency and last significantly longer than an old incandescent or fluorescent light. Additionally, LED lights offer the ability to adjust the color temperature (also called color-rendering index or CRI), which reduces eye strain. Moreover, LED lights don't heat up as they operate and you don't have to replace them.

4. Design

Even though desk lamps are one of the simplest devices, we still find a wide variety of lamp styles available on the market. Each of them has their advantages. Overall, there are 6 basic types of desk lamps:

  • Swing Arm Lamps: Allow you to move the light source closer or further away depending on your needs and workspaces. Suitable for large desks.

  • Gooseneck Lamps: Have neck flexibility and thanks to that they allow you to rotate and maneuver in various positions.

  • Clip-on Lamps: As the name implies, These models have a clip or a C-clamp that can be attached to the edge of your desk or any other work surface. They can be even stored in a drawer.

  • Magnifying Lamps: Have an illuminated magnifying len so that you can look through and see small details much better. Perfect for professionals and hobbyists. 

Banker Lamps: are an iconic and the most classic type. They feature a horizontal green glass lamp shade, a single brass stand and a pull chain switch. They will make a great fit for every place.

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1. How can I decide what size my task lamp should be?

If you have a large desk you will need to use a desk light that has a longer arm to reach across it, so an adjustable arm lamp like ToJane Metal Desk Lamp will be the best choice. If you are working on a desktop versus a laptop computer, consider your workspace configuration and ensure that the light will cover the entire work area on your desk. 

2. What is the correct position of the fixture?

Above your head and out of your eyes is the ideal position for placing the lamp. The lamp source should never be in your direct line of sight. If you have a glass desk surface, be aware of glare from light reflected from the glass and remember to adjust the lamp head at a 30° angle to get rid of any glare or hotspots in your field of vision.

3. How much light do you really need?

The measurement of illumination, called foot-candles,  is the light distribution on a flat work area. The most acceptable range for home and work office desk lamp lighting should be between 30 and 50 foot-candles.

Another type of measurement for light output is called Lumen. A common range for task lighting is 1000 – 1400 lumens. A lot of desk lamps come with switches for adjusting the light level to help you find the right fit for your desktop.

4. What other features to look for in a desk lamp?

Besides the lighting function, you can consider the lamp as a decor item. Many lamps come with extremely aesthetic designs that can make your room look more fancy. Looking for a decorative desk lamp? Don’t ignore Tiffany Lamps because they are absolutely real artworks.

Final thoughts

Defining your needs is the first thing you need to do before buying something unless you will be at a high risk of wasting a lot of time and money. So, At that time, have you decided which is the best desk lamp to buy? If not, here are the best desk lamps of 2020, according to our editors’ choice:

  • The best desk lamp in overall: TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp is the best-selling model on Amazon. It has won the optimum point after being evaluated by more than 19.000 customers. That's why you have no reason to doubt about its quality. 
  • The best budget desk lamp: Simple Designs LD1003-BLK is a wise choice if you don’t want to spend too much on a lamp. This simple but efficient product will cost you only under $20.
  • The best designed desk lamp: Serena D'Italia Elegant Tiffany Style Blue and Red Glass Dragonfly Table Lamp will be the most gorgeous lamp that you have ever seen, though a little bit pricey. Decorated with stained glasses, this piece of art will make your room look much more stylish.

Hope that our review is useful for you and can help you find out the best desk lamps which can serve all your needs.

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