The 20 Best Dog Crates of October 2020

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A dog crate is quite essential before taking on the responsibility of owning a dog. Another reason why you should buy a dog cage is because it mimics the feel of a den and dogs love having a space to retreat to. Therefore, only the best dog crates will bring your puppy a sense of security and a place of their own.


Given that there are myriad models on the market, choosing the best dog crate will be as easy as a breeze with this guide. It is a great idea to categorize dog crates into 3 types according to its usage: Indoor Dog crate, Outdoor Dog crate and Travel Dog crate.

1. Indoor Dog Crate

This type of dog crate is usually made from metal or wood. Each material is suitable for different dogs, and you are about to learn all about it!

Firstly, metal crates are versatile. They are great for puppies as you can use divider panels to allow their crate to grow with them. Another good point here is that this is a wonderful choice if your dog has a long coat or if you are living in a hot climate since this type allows a lot of airflow. Besides, they are easy to assemble and easy to clean. 

A product worth mentioning here is iCrate Double Door Kit comes with a completed kit: 1 Double door dog crate; 1 crate size dog bed; 1 cover and 2 pet bowls! The perfect kit for your puppy is right here, the transition to their new forever home will be as smooth as it could be. Both the pet bed and the cover are machine washable and dryer safe. 

Secondly we have wood material. This type offers a strong, durable, permanent solution for your beloved four-legged friend. Moreover, they can double as a side or end table which will blend in with your home decor effortlessly.

If this is what you are looking for, then look no further than Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate. With 3 sizes available, this wooden crate will bring a cozy, private spot for your pet to sleep and relax. The elegance and sleek End table style design will complement your home decor while keeping your pet safe and sound.

2. Outdoor Dog Crate

This kind of dog crate is usually made from metal and includes a cover to shelter your dog from unpredictable weather. You wouldn’t want to miss Dog Playpen House Heavy Duty Outdoor with simple set up as it has been pre-assembled that connect quickly and easily. Their big size will provide your dog plenty of space to relax and the steel bars and wires are meshed before coating to ensure maximized safety for your fur baby. 

3. Travel Dog Crate

Finally yet importantly, travel dog crates offer both comfortability and mobility. Due to their size, they are best for smaller breeds or puppies. They are lightweight and easy to fold and store, making them a good option for an occasional trip with your furry friend rather than a permanent crate.

Let me introduce you to Petsfit Soft Portable Dog Crate. Installation and washing are no longer a problem with this model, this crate comes with a machine washable mat and 3 mesh size for easy ventilation. All of this makes it an excellent choice for small to medium dogs up to 40 pounds.

Buying Guide

Now, let's take a look at the important factors that will bring you to the best dog crate.

1. What’s The Best Size For My Dog?

The most important thing to look for is unarguably your pup’s size.  Your dog should be able to walk into the crate without crouching down, and be able to comfortably turn around with the door shut. They should have plenty of room to stand. 

A good way to determine the correct size is to measure your dog’s height when standing (top of the dog’s head to the floor) and length (tip of the dog’s nose to the base of its tail). The more space the better so don’t be afraid to size up for some extra comfort.

In case your dog is only an adorable little puppy, you will need to plan ahead as he will grow up, this is why choosing a crate with divider panels will solve the future problem.

2. What Is Your Dog Like?

Some dogs prefer their own privacy, which makes a wooden crate a great fit. While others enjoy looking around therefore a metal crate or a travel crate will do just fine. 

Another character to consider is will your dog try to escape or not. The last thing you’d want is your dog injuring himself trying to escape. This is especially important when you first introduce your pet to his crate. Make sure that the material of choice is suitable to your pups.

3. Size And Layout Of Your Home

After selecting the right size for your dog, time to decide where the crate will be placed in your house. Crates with multiple doors give you more flexibility when it comes to positioning the crate in your home. And if you plan to use your soft-sided crate outside, look for water-resistant material.

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1. Is It True That A Dog Crate Can Be Used To Train My Dog?

This is true to say. In their natural habitat, canine species are used to having a den for housing, protection, and refuge. A dog crate taps in this instinct by providing a den for your dog in your home. Furthermore, this will help you show them house rules, like not chewing on or scratching furniture.

2. Is There Anything Else I Need Besides The Dog Crate Itself?

Yes, and these includes: a cushion to remind your dog this is a safe place, not a place to release themselves. In case an incident happens, immediately remove the old cushion and replace with a clean one. 

Next we have: food and water dispenser that fits, this is extremely important if you travel often and it is a bonus point if it's anti spilling.

Last but not least, a cover will truly mimic the feeling of being in a den, it gives your dog privacy, it's also great when you have guests over. One note here is make sure your dog has enough ventilation while the cover is on.

3. How Long Can I Leave My Dog In His/Her Dog Crate? 

First and foremost, a dog crate is not an all day solution. A list of maximum lengths of time for staying in a dog crate based on age are: 

  • 8-10 weeks 30-60 minutes

  • 11-14 weeks 1-3 hours

  •  15-16 weeks 3-4 hours

  •  17+ weeks 4-5 hours.

Ultimately, each dog is different, so the best amount of time should be based on individual needs and experience.

4. How Much Does A Dog Crate Cost?

Given the product’s variety, a dog crate could cost from a few dozen dollars to a few hundred dollars depending on the material, special feature, etc

Final Thoughts

It should go without saying that your fur baby deserves nothing but the best dog crate. We hope that after this guide, your pet will have a spacious, comfortable crate to call it home.

Without a doubt, iCrate Double Door Kit is an overall awesome candidate. It is not just the crate, it comes with everything your pups need at a really nice price.

If you travel often, consider Petsfit Soft Portable Dog Crate because of comfortable ventilation and easy transportation. 

Lastly, Dog Playpen House Heavy Duty Outdoor will certainly keep your pet ultra-happy and comfy with its big size, sturdy material and design.

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