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Do you have trouble with your puppy going to places he shouldn’t be? Perhaps there is a staircase that has caused him trouble a few times. No matter what the case may be, a dog gate is an essential item. With this guide, you are going to find the best dog gate which will last for a long time, aesthetically fit in your interior, and most importantly keep your furry companion safe and sound.

Shall we jump right to it then?


Truth is, pet gates come in all sizes and configurations, but they are not all created equal. When shopping for a pet gate, you should be concerned about the strength and durability, the quality of the materials, and the installation process. 

In this guide, we are going to look through the top 4 most popular dog gate types: Walk-through dog gate; Expandable dog gate; Convertible dog gate, and Freestanding dog gate.

1. Walk-through Dog Gate

This is probably the first imagination you’ve had when someone mentions a dog gate. No wonder why a walk-through dog gate is ultra-popular because it allows you and your dog to walk from room to room, some are designed to even swing both ways. However, your dog’s safety is always the number one priority, so a gate that comes with a lock is great, or if it can be locked automatically, even better!

Allow me to introduce Carlson Extra-Tall Flexi Pet Gate. This dog gate can expand up to 76 inches wide and 38 inches tall. And that’s not all, the material is steel, also known as chew-proof material which makes the product sturdy. It also comes with a safety-lock and wall-mounts for additional security. 

2. Expandable Dog Gate

As the name explained, this type of dog gate can extend its width by adding more panels or extensions. With easy installation models, this makes a great option if you are traveling since they are easy to fold, stack, and store.

A prominent product in this category is Perma Indoor/Outdoor Retractable Baby Gate. This product offers a versatile home safety solution, allowing easy use without the trouble of disassembly. No more sweat about installation because everything you needed will be provided with a guide book. And that’s not all, the simple 2-step operation allows you to open and close simultaneously  

3. Convertible Dog Gate

Convertible dog gates are pressure-mounted and made with 4 or more connected panels. Moreover, it can be converted into a room divider or a playpen. What a great versatility! They often come with a lockable door to ensure that nobody will knock the door open.

The MYPET North States Petyard Passage will surely not disappoint you. The 8-panel can reach up to 26” tall and encloses up to 34 square feet; or you can remove 2 panels at a time to create a smaller, cozy ground. Its mobility is very worth to mention, with foldable panels and convenient carry strap, you and your pup can have a great time with maximized security and fun!

4. Freestanding Dog Gate

Freestanding pet gates can stand on their own, but can be pressure-mounted if you wish. The most popular material is made from foldable wood panels and sturdy rubber feet on the bottom to secure its place on your floor, so, looking from top down, the barrier will form an "H” shape.

You would not want to miss Richell Wood Freestanding Pet Gate. This is down-to-earth, easy to assemble, adjustable to fit from doorways to hallway opening! Freestanding design makes this an easy placement, anywhere in your home, anytime you want it. The rubber feet will protect your surfaces and prevent sliding.

Buying Guide

Now, let’s have a look at what to consider when buying a dog gate. Of course, there are more than just the gate’s look.

1. Where Will You Place Your Dog Gate?

This is especially important if you are considering an out-door dog gate. You would want a rustproof gate, made from steel and hardware-mounted to endure extreme weather conditions such as raining, humidity, and the summer heat. There are some dog gates made from less durable manufactured wood which will be more suitable to be placed indoors.

2. Material

Generally speaking, there are 3 main dog gate materials: plastic, wood and steel. Each has their own strength and fits in a different home. It is important to look for pet gates made with toxin-free finishings and sturdy solid wood or steel. Kindly discuss with the seller to make sure that the material is not manufactured wood as it is less likely to be durable and can contain harmful chemicals.

3. Pet Gate Height And Width

This is crucial when it comes to selecting the best dog gate. Be sure to have your door’s width measured. Next, be mindful about your pet’s height, now, or in the future if you have a puppy. Something tall enough to keep them from jumping over would be perfect.

4. Security

Afterall, security is the main reason why you need a dog gate. So you should get one with a good lock, easy and convenient for you to secure its place and hidden enough to not let your dog escape.

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1. Why Do I Need A Dog Gate?

Every year, thousands of dogs get injured because of falling down the stairs. Good news is: dogs can be trained to use the stairs safely, but accidents happen.

Not only does it keep your pet safe, a dog gate can also be a good alternative solution when you’re cleaning. Much better than a small dog carrier, your pup can relax, play and when you are done with one part of the house, move the dog gate to another and continue cleaning.

2. What Dog Size Gate Should I Get?

This will depend on your dog’s size. Mostly, for a small dog and cats, a 6.5-inches wide and 9.5-inches height is great. For medium size dogs, the height should be 8.5-inches wide and 16-inches tall. If you have a Golden Retriever or a German Shepherd, a dog gate with 11-inches wide and 19.5-inches tall should be sufficient. 

3. Where Should I Install My Dog Gate?

The answer lies within you, a dog gate can be installed anywhere that could cause danger to your fluffy friend which may include the kitchen, where you store a lot of fragile items etc. This can save so many accidents. Furthermore, some dog gates can be configured to form a playpen.

4. What Kind Of Lock Is The Best?

There are many types of lock available in the market. Sometimes, it's a latch or locks on the top and bottom of the gate; some are a one-touch quick release handle. But the best lock must be the one where it is locked automatically after each passing.

Final Thoughts

With the best dog gate, you and your pup can enjoy a safe home together. And hopefully after reading this guide, you will have an ideal product for your lovely dog.

If you have a big dog, then Carlson Extra-Tall Flexi Pet Gate is a perfect choice for its durability and convenience. Richell Wood Freestanding Pet Gate with elegance design and mobility will easily fit in your house. Last but not least, Perma Indoor/Outdoor Retractable Baby Gate with modern material and incredible safety ensurement will make you happy!

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