The 12 Best Doorbell Cameras of September 2020

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Since we are living in the modern era, doorbell cameras are one of the most common necessities in every household, especially for apartments. If you are looking for the best doorbell cameras for your family, you are on the right website! Hold tight because we are introducing you to the best doorbell cameras.


As it is known, there are two types of doorbell cameras which are wireless doorbell cameras and hardwired doorbell cameras. 

1. Wireless doorbell cameras

Like its name, wireless doorbell cameras work by a battery and there is no need for wiring. This type of camera is portable so it is not a hard task to move the device from one to another location. 

Wireless doorbell cameras come with various additional functions, including night vision, video recording, two-way talk, a siren, etc. A good illustration of this type of camera is eufy Security, Wireless Video Doorbell

2. Hardwired doorbell cameras

Hardwired doorbell cameras are powered by connecting wires into an electrical outlet. Unlike the wireless doorbell cameras, this type of camera should be in the fixed position. Furthermore, it is harder to install than the other type, which you may need to hire the professional to do so. However, one of the distinct advantages that the hardwired doorbell cameras is the consistency. 9 inch Video Door Phone Intercom System is a perfect example for this type of product.

Buying Guide

Before making a purchase, we highly recommend you to take a look at the following factors to buy the most ideal product. Our buying guide below will provide you with various options and choices that you can choose from. 

1. Resolution

It is important for you to choose the doorbell cameras with a decent resolution for you to see from the inside. The highest resolution that doorbell cameras can provide is 1080p and the lowest is 480p. The 1080p resolution can provide you the sharpest images of the outside. 

Check out the TMEZON 7 Inch Wireless/Wifi Smart IP Video Door Phone Intercom System! With the connection of the product to your phone with high resolution and perfect view angle, this product will definitely not let you down. 

2. Night vision

This is one of the most crucial factors to choose your doorbell camera. Many things happen in the dark. A doorbell camera with night vision can help you to see what is going on outside 24/7. 

This function will help you to strengthen the security from your surroundings. Having a doorbell camera with no night vision would be one of the most outstanding disadvantages. 

3. Audio Features

A doorbell camera with an audio feature can prevent you from potential risks from the outside since you can talk to whoever when you are still in the house. You can easily communicate through your device. A good illustration for this is to direct the delivery man to leave your packages while you are out. 

Why don’t you check out Blink XT2 Outdoor/ Indoor Smart Security Camera? With the two-way audio feature, it can guarantee your safety and communication between two parties wherever you are.

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1. Which resolution should I choose for my doorbell cameras?

For us, it would be excellent if you can choose doorbell cameras which can range from 720 - 1080p since it provides you with sharp images that allows you to see clearly. By the sharpness of the images, you will be able to identify people/objects better. 

2. Is it easy to install doorbell cameras?

Installation for doorbell cameras does not take a long time. If you are installing wireless doorbell cameras, it will only take you approximately less than an hour. However, dealing with hardwired doorbell cameras may take you more than an hour and you may need the professional to do this job.

3. Is purchasing a doorbell camera worth-it?

Absolutely! You can definitely reap numerous advantages from this device. Although some of them may come with such a price, its performance and the ability to protect you from the potential risks from the outside is definitely worth-buying. 

4. Which type of product is more worth-buying?

We do not suggest any specific type of product. Each type of doorbell camera comes with a distinct feature. If you are on a budget, wireless doorbell cameras would be a great choice for you. On the other hand, if you are in favor of consistency, try out the hardwired doorbell cameras.

Final Thought

Through this best doorbell cameras guide, we hope that we have eased the pressure of choosing the most suitable doorbell camera for your lovely home. 

If you are in favor of the high resolution camera, check out the Arlo Video Doorbell. If you love the consistency of images from your camera, Ring Video Doorbell Pro (Refurbished) would be the most ideal solution for you. 

Still wondering which doorbell camera to purchase? Scroll up to choose more buying options. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to message us. We are extremely happy to help you!

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