The 29 Best Down Jackets of October 2020

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One of the most favorable features of down jackets that many buyers adore is that feathers from geese and ducks play a major role in insulating our body under those jackets. Looking for a down jacket to combat the weather while going outdoors? Don’t leave this site because we are about to guide you how to purchase the best down jackets!


As it is known, there are two main categories of down jackets, which are Sewn Through and Box Baffle. 

1. Sewn Through

It is known that Sewn Through is the most common type of down jackets. This is because Sewn Through comes with an affordable price that is suitable for everyone. Furthermore, compared to Box Baffle, there is less material that is used for designing this type of down jackets. If you are looking for a Sewn Through down jacket, check out RAB Positron Pro Jacket.

2. Box Baffle

Although Box Baffle comes with a bit of a price, it is definitely worth-purchasing, especially when you need to combat freezing cold weather. This type of down jacket is made with much more sophisticated material that ensures you with the insulation of warmth. Moreover, Box Baffle minimizes the cold spots that may come into your body. A good illustration of a Box Baffle is Versace Men’s Multi-Color Hooded Jacket. This product belongs to a well-known fashion brand, therefore, its design will not let you down.

Buying Guide

Make sure that you have gone through our buying guide for the best down jackets. The following section will provide you with various buying options as well as handy advice that you may need to get you the most ideal product.

1. Outer Material

It is crucially important to consider the outer material before buying. You should check whether the outer material of your down jackets can help you to endure with the severe weather, especially the coldness. Buying a waterproof, breathable and durable jacket is definitely the best choice for you. Stratus Waterproof Mens Down Jacket is a perfect example of a waterproof down jacket that comes with excellent performance as well as attractive design. 

2. Weight

Wearing a heavy-weighted down jacket can be a burden to you. It is fundamental for you to choose a down jacket that you find not too heavy. Besides, it is worth-mentioning that a lightweight down jacket is also capable of keeping you warm. Check out Moncler Men's Fur Goose Down Full Zip Hooded Jacket if you are looking for a lightweight yet warm down jacket. 

3. Fit

To make sure that you have the best results from your down jacket, choosing a down jacket should not be too fitted or too loose is extremely important. You should make some rooms for your body to move around, especially when you are wearing this jacket while going out.

Section 4: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does washing a down jacket ruin it?

Generally, the temperature of water that will be used to wash your down jacket should be warm (not hot or cold). However, it is suggested you find and read the instruction of washing your product from the tag that ensures there will be no damage to your down jacket. 

2. Should a down jacket be tight fitting?

A down jacket should not be tight fitting as you are going to put layers beneath your down jacket. Having a tight fitting down jacket with many layers of clothing below may limit your locomotion. 

3. Can lightweight down jackets keep you warm?

A lightweight down jacket is capable of keeping you warm. This can be explained through the fill-power number which is the ability to trap air. You can still be warmed although the jacket is light. Thanks to modern technology these days, you can own a warm down jacket that you can barely feel the heaviness of your down jacket. 

4. How often should you wash your down jacket?

Basically, you should wash your down jacket whether it is dirty. However, it is highly suggested you wash your down jacket once a season if you wear it rarely. On the other hand, if you wear your down jacket frequently, you should wash it twice a season.

Final Thoughts

Through this guide, we hope that you can come up with your purchasing decision for the best down jackets that you will not regret. Check out Columbia Men's Watertight Ii Rain Jacket if you are looking for a down jacket to combat with winter and you are also a fan of luxurious fashion brands. Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer/2 (Men’s / Women’s) is a good illustration of a lightweight down jacket that has an amazing ability to keep you warm. A perfect instance for a waterproof down jacket that helps you to fight against the rain is Stratus Waterproof Mens Down Jacket

Still wondering which down jacket to choose from? Why don’t you scroll up and re-read our buying guide again? If you have any feedback or enquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are extremely appreciative and happy to answer any of your questions.

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