Best Drip Coffee Makers 2020: Top-Rated Coffee Maker Reviews

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To brew flavorful coffee, the best drip coffee makers are the best appliances. They can help you make coffee in huge quantities. For any coffee lover, they are the must-have appliances. They enable you to make professional-level coffee at home.

One of the best things is they don’t occupy much space. Most of them are compact and sleek in design. It is easy to brew batches for huge households. Furthermore, they are easy to clean and maintain.  Let’s look at the article below to choose the best drip coffee maker.


As you know, drip coffee makers are the most popular choice for coffee addicts. Here are the four main types of drip coffee makers.

  • Automatic Drip Coffee Maker: It's considered as the current favorite machine because of its automaticity and the great taste of the coffee it brings. An automatic drip coffee maker has a popular capacity of 12 cups. The process to use is also extremely simple. You simply heat the water, then use a pump to push the water above the jar. Next, the hot water is filtered through the coffee grounds and down into the container. Some of these automatic drip coffee makers also have the hot plates that helps keep the coffee hot longer.
  • Manual Drip Coffee Maker: This is the type of drip coffee maker that uses more than your energy to have great coffee. You need to take the time and effort to pour hot water continuously until you have the desired amount of coffee. You can completely control the temperature along with the volume of water. The advantage of this type is to create a pure and special flavor for coffee cups. Therefore, the manual drip coffee maker is extremely suitable for coffee enthusiasts.
  • Single-serving Drip Coffee Maker: With the outstanding advantage of being able to create a quick cup of coffee, single-serving coffee maker is extremely suitable for coffee pods as well as ground coffee. For those who are often busy but still want to enjoy the taste of coffee from drip coffee maker, this is the machine for you. One brand known for this coffee machine is the K-cup. 

Buying Guide

The below points help you easily choose the one:

1. The volume of carafe

You need to know the amount of coffee to prepare. Generally, you will find 4, 10, or up to 14 cup carafes. The commonly found capacity is 12 cups.

2. Water filters

Is there a filter in your kitchen sink? If not, don’t worry!

Here’s why:

Certain coffee makers come with water filters. They can make hot coffee taste better.

3. Brewing size

  • You may need to brew in different sizes of cups, thermos, and mugs. Hence, make sure it comes with a nozzle, sprouts, and drip tray. This prevents mess on the counter.

  • The varied brewing size is important to fulfill different coffee needs. Especially for a large family, this feature is useful.

4. Programmable features

  • Certain drip coffee making units can be programmed. This helps you to turn on and off at specific times.

  • These features keep the coffee hot for long before shut off.

  • To save time and hassles, the programmable features help a lot.

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1. How to take care of your drip coffee maker?

In my own experience, rinse the brew basket at the sink. Make sure you do it after you empty it. It’s true that to ensure longevity, you need to clean it regularly. Wash it using warm, soapy water. As a result, stains and oily residues will be eliminated.

2. What is the best serving method?

One of the best serving methods is ‘pause & serve’. It enables you to remove the pot or carafe before brewing completes. As a result, there would be no spitting the residual brew on the counter.

3. How to prepare strong or weak coffee?

With the help of brew strength control, this is possible. It helps you to know the strength of your brew. This feature helps you to adjust the strength of brewing according to taste.

4. How to improve the taste of your coffee?

The taste of coffee relies on personal preference. Also, it depends on the type and amount of ingredients used.  Include water and freshly ground coffee. It is recommended to brew at an optimal temperature.


The best drip coffee maker is helpful to make a large quantity of coffee. They make brewing easy. It is easy to customize the taste of your coffee. You can easily prepare and serve coffee.

By now, you should be wondering about which drip coffee maker is the best one. Well, the two best choices are the Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 and Technivorm 59691.

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