The 18 Best Gaming Keyboards of October 2020

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The best gaming keyboards in addition to its exterior looks, also make your gaming experience even better with firm, very tactile keystrokes. Especially in fighting games or FPS games, each key press is a powerful action in the game, so the feeling from the hand typing the key transmitted to the brain that receives the image in the game has a reciprocal relationship. It feels like sometimes you type harder, the characters in the game will also be stronger. And to get that feeling, requires you to equip your PC with the best gaming keyboard.

So what are you waiting for, right here we will bring you the best gaming keyboards for true gamers of 2020.

Buying Guide

Choosing a quality, durable gaming keyboard that fits your budget between so many products today is not easy, especially for first-time buyers. Here are simple experiences to help everyone choose the best gaming keyboard.

One of the first factors that you need to pay attention to when buying a gaming keyboard is to explore the product's features. To serve well for gaming, the keyboard must fully satisfy the features such as sensitivity, soft press, and good bounce. In addition to that are other support functions such as Anti Ghosting (N-key rollover) or windows key lock function, ...

So you can comfortably play the game without having to worry about sometimes getting stuck function keys.

On the market today appear two basic types of gaming keyboards are mechanical keyboards and keyboards. Mechanical keyboard is a product that offers high performance along with many convenient features that should be liked by the gaming world. However, its price is quite expensive. If you do not have too much budget for buying a keyboard to play games, you can choose the keyboards that often fully meet the basic features for gaming at a cheaper price.

However, if you are a professional gamer who needs to use the best equipment for the best gaming results, then you should prioritize the choice of mechanical keyboard models for gamers. Although these products have high prices, in return they have many outstanding advantages that will help the game play to achieve the desired results.

If you are in need of the best gaming keyboard with the right price, please refer to our list below:

1. SteelSeries Apex Pro - Switch from super smooth, many cool features:

The first model featured on our list of the best gaming keyboards is the SteelSeries Apex Pro. This is the keyboard that many gamers prefer and choose to use.

Steelseries Apex PRO comes in minimalist Nordic style, elegant colors that are extremely suitable for those who prefer a light, delicate space. This is the first keyboard in the world that can change the trigger point of each key through magnetic touch technology. Also, since the Omnipoint switch eliminates the friction between the copper leaf and the stem, the key stroke is also noticeably smoother compared to Cherry's red switch.

In addition, the metal frame is made of aluminum alloy, so the durability is very high. Integrated with many different features gives users the convenience in the process of using. Equipped with a smart OLED display that offers an enjoyable experience.

Steelseries Apex PRO is seamlessly designed for easier use. Besides, it is quite smooth and feels comfortable even when playing for hours. Moreover, this keyboard model is quite responsive, providing fast speed for the game to achieve the desired results.

2. Razer Huntsman Elite - Nice design, optical switch, excellent typing feeling

If you are a gamer with high speed requirements during the game, this is the best product for you. With the Razer Huntsman Elite, everyone will experience the best in gaming thanks to the following characteristics:

  • An optical mechanical keyboard is quite nicely designed with only 1.5mm of key travel.

  • Function keys become much faster with many functions and extremely easy operation. Both of these keys can be edited through the Razer Synapse 3 software, so you can create your own customizations you want.

  • 4 bright corners from four sides bring shimmering, dazzling beauty around the keyboard with LEDs equipped outside the border. In addition, the keyboard also comes with a palm rest that contributes to bringing out the best for gamers.

It's been almost 2 years since its launch, and this keyboard is still extremely worth buying. Because of the Opto-Mechanical optical switch, this keyboard feels very different from Cherry's blue switch. The Razer Huntsman Elite is very light and smooth because it lacks copper foil, and the feeling of pressing back is sure because each switch is equipped with a stabilizer. In addition to the great feeling of pressing, this keyboard also has an eye-catching design and bold Razer appeal.

3. Roccat Vulcan 121 Aimo - Brown Switches with RGB light

The Roccat Vulcan 121 is favored for possessing many distinct advantages that you can hardly find in other keyboards. Only those who have used it will experience all the great things that this keyboard model brings.

This product is a mechanical keyboard with modern Brown Switches ensuring fast speed and high accuracy. This is a feature that many gamers love. The 1.8mm focal point with the key travel is 3.6mm, the switch's housing has an anti-instability structure while pressing the keys.

The aluminum-plated keyboard frame gives the Vulcan a firm structure and is scratch-resistant. The detachable armrest and keyboard design improve ergonomics, allowing gamers to play comfortably for long periods of time.


The Roccat Vulcan mechanical keyboard provides the best foundation for the AIMO backlight mechanism. Each switch integrates 1 high-durability LED with 16 million colors with a variety of lighting effects.

4. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT - expensive, but good quality

While major brands such as Steelseries and Razer are starting to look to new types of switches, Corsair still represents traditional values ​​and strives to improve it every day. The Corsair K95 keyboard line is their quintessence, it has a powerful yet sexy design, the finish is fine, the RGB LED is incredibly beautiful. Good typing, smooth touch. That's what you can get by investing in a gaming keyboard like this.

  • Full size keyboard with full function keys brings many conveniences to users such as a media button, windows lock button. In addition to that are a lot of keyboard shortcuts to save time manipulation.

  • With 10 different LED effects, users will feel more excited and excited during game play. Moreover, in Advanced mode, users can easily set the black color for the keyboard according to their preference.

  • The K95 RGB's internal memory can store up to 3 different profiles with each profile containing an LED effect and color. So, even when unplugging to another device, you can still press the profile switch to toggle 3 LED effects at will.

As you see, The Corsair K95 RGB Platinum deserves one of the best gaming keyboards every gamers should have.

5. Cooler Master MasterSet MS120 - popular gaming keyboard with mouse

Cooler Master MasterSet MS120 is a keyboard combination that is popular with many people today. With this set of products, you will enjoy playing games and feel the great value that Cooler Master brings.


  • Delivers precise action: The keyboard is equipped with durable Omron switches that deliver high precision with every keystroke. In addition, the Avago optical sensor is specially optimized to perform every action and action in the game.

  • The keyboard is equipped with a modern exclusive switch that brings many conveniences during use. Along with that are specially designed mem-chanical switches such as mechanical keyboard devices that provide the best user experience while playing different games.

  • Also provides full RGB per key for per-key dazzling lighting effects.

Although the downside is that it emits a fairly loud sound when typing, overall, the Cooler Master MasterSet MS120 is still a popular gaming keyboard that you should consider.

6. Corsair K63 Wireless - wireless gaming keyboard, simple connectivity:

The Corsair K63 wireless keyboard is a great accessory for those who prefer neatness and simple connectivity. This keyboard model is favored by users in many places because it offers many great benefits.

This gaming keyboard features a compact wireless design for ultimate convenience. This keyboard style is suitable for many different types of users. The Corsair K63 has up to 15 hours of battery life for every gamer to enjoy playing all the games even while away without charging.

And certainly the Corsair K63's longevity will be quite high thanks to the keyboard cover made of high-grade plastic that does not warp and does not easily stain. So, this $109.99 gaming keyboard is favored by a lot of gamers.

7. Razer Cynosa Chroma - affordable price, great for newbies

If you are new to desktop gaming and want to find a keyboard with an affordable price but still fully meet the requirements for the most comfortable gaming, the Razer Cynosa Chroma is the perfect choice for you.

With advantages such as:

  • The keyboard is designed with mesh switches for fast and accurate speed.

  • Integrated RGB lighting mode to bring fun to the player.

  • Compact design does not take up too much space so it is suitable for most users.

Except for the lack of armrests and short key travel, the Razer Cynosa Chroma is a worthy choice for amateurs looking for entertainment only.

8. HyperX Alloy Elite RGB - Full metal case, solid build, sexy design

The first thing that you can feel is that this keyboard has an extremely hard case, harder than the case of the Leopold key. This makes your bottom hits feel extremely solid.

The floating switch design is both elegant and elegant while making the light from the LED lights more beautiful and soft. In a nutshell, HyperX Alloy Elite RGB is a gaming keyboard that any gamer will feel happy to see, happy typing.

9. Durgod Taurus K320 - Good finish, well-designed, sturdy and reliable

In addition to the super-hard frame and the quality double shot PBT keycap, the small details of the Durgod Taurus K320 are also well completed. The first is the wire plugs into the keyboard with a slider to prevent the plug from breaking, the keyboard stand is very solid and reliable, the indicator light cluster is also moved down above the arrow cluster to collapse the keyboard.

An interesting point is that the stabilizer on this keyboard, in our opinion, is even better than the Leopold key. The sound of the stab is very quiet and will be almost absent if you apply the oil regularly. Priced at $99 USD, the Durgod Taurus K320 is a bargain if you're looking for the best gaming keyboards.


1. Should I choose a mechanical keyboard for gaming?

Mechanical keyboards are now considered quite high-end in all types of gaming keyboards. Because the price is quite high, but the performance that they bring is undeniable. N-key rollover can work on all keys (while regular gaming keyboards only support 4-6 keys), good key bounce thanks to special switch mechanism, light pressure, and zero pressure. increase over time as conventional, high-strength keys. In addition, the mechanical keyboard also gives a different feeling of pressing keys depending on the type of switch.

The downside of the high-cost external mechanical keyboard is the noise it causes, each keyboard type has a different noise level depending on the switch type. In addition, the mechanical keyboards have a fairly simple design, not flashy (no LEDs, except for Razer's Black Widow), so it has not satisfied those who prefer a cool looking gear.

In general, the mechanical keyboard is a classy product for gamers with economic conditions, many outstanding advantages with simple appearance to create individuality.

If you need to buy a mechanical keyboard, our advice is that you should carefully study the parameters, especially the type of switch used in the keyboard. Should choose Black, Brown switch due to compatibility with gaming, smooth keys, good bounce and small noise. Avoid Blue switches due to loud noise and Red switches due to being too sensitive to easily lead to wrong keys.

2. What is the setting button system on a gaming keyboard?

If you intend to buy a keyboard for playing strategy or fighting games, you should pay attention to this factor. The system buttons set on the keyboard will help you manipulate faster. For example, when fighting, you have to continuously press the key combinations, it is quite time consuming. At this point, you just need to press the set button and you can use the technique and repeat a combination of buttons continuously. Too great isn't it?


Btw, for FPS gamers, it is not as important as the mouse and headphones, but the keyboard also needs to meet the minimum requirements. Like the ability to receive multiple keys (N-key rollover) of the A-S-D-Ctrl keys, the window key design avoids mistaken presses and is best added the feature to disable the window key. As for RTS gamers, the keyboard is a very important part, because it determines the speed of the gamer operation (apm). Therefore, the investment in a good keyboard is essential, with good bounce, smooth keys and moderate sensitivity to avoid mistaken operations.

3. Are the lights of a gaming keyboard important?

If you have to play games or compete in a dark room, your keyboard must be lit. In particular, these lights also show your own style and personality. However, you should not choose brightly colored lights, as they can dazzle and affect your gaming experience and performance.

4. What is the keyboard's internal memory?

This is extremely important to save you a lot of time. Before each match, gamers often prepare and set up many key combinations on the keyboard. However, if you have a keyboard with built-in memory, you can save straightforward actions. So, no matter if you bring your keyboard to the internet room or another game venue, there's no need to repeat it from scratch. This is essential when buying a keyboard, remember to take note!

5. Keyboard buttons often fade due to overuse, what should I do? And when my hands sweat?

This problem, we recommend that when choosing a keyboard, you should also pay attention to the printing technology, because there are technologies that make characters extremely durable and others disappear quickly after a short time. use. Inexpensive printing technologies often give characters a surface that is not sharp and feels a bit rough when the fingers touch. More advanced technologies such as laser engraving or dye sublimation give sharp characters, but still fade after long use. The most advanced technology today is Double-Shot Injection, which is not a printing technology but actually is the form of combining the outer and inner parts of the key to create outstanding characters. The simple way to tell is that when you press a key on you will see 2 different plastic colors.

And to limit the wear and blur on the keyboard, the manufacturers have created a number of rubber buttons instead. These buttons are usually the arrow keys or the AWSD cluster ... At the same time, the rubber buttons also help prevent the game from getting slippery or making mistakes if your hands are sweaty. Therefore, when choosing to buy, you should ask the store staff about this matter.

6. What is most important when choosing a best gaming keyboard?

Pay attention to how you feel when you type: Buying a keyboard is like buying clothes. You choose your favorite clothes and feel comfortable, you will want to wear them every day. Therefore, the first factor when choosing a gaming keyboard is based on the feeling of the fingers when typing on the keys. If it feels sticky, forced or you have to use too much force, then decide to buy. Although the keyboard is good, you will use it uncomfortably, the game will also fail. Therefore, to be sure you should test on multiple keyboards, including mechanical film tables, for the most accurate choice.

And when you have "aimed" a keyboard, you should refer to the parameters and features from the publisher. It is also necessary to consult the reviews, reviews, and comments on the forums, maybe while walking through the forums you will find a device that is right for you.

Avoid following the crowd and forget how you feel. There are many types of gaming keyboard products that may be suitable for others but not for you, so how you feel is the most important thing.

Choose a reputable brand with a good warranty. When buying, you should try the keyboard for 5-10 minutes, all day searching for information is not as important as 5-10 minutes of experience. Seeing is believing, right?

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the list of the best gaming keyboards we bring to you will be helpful, thereby helping you to choose the best gear for your gaming PC.

1. SteelSeries Apex Pro - Switch from super smooth, many cool features

2. Razer Huntsman Elite - Nice design, optical switch, excellent typing feeling

3. Roccat Vulcan 121 Aimo - Brown Switches with RGB light

4. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT - Rather expensive but good quality

5. Cooler Master MasterSet MS120 - Popular gaming keyboard with mouse

6. Corsair K63 Wireless - Wireless gaming keyboard, simple connectivity

7. Razer Cynosa Chroma - Affordable price, great for newbies

8. HyperX Alloy Elite RGB - Full metal case, solid build, sexy design

9. Durgod Taurus K320 - Good finish, well-designed, sturdy and reliable

Ultimately, choosing a suitable gaming keyboard is the right thing to do. Your game experience more or less depends on the keystrokes, sometimes the success or failure of a game match is also due to a good or bad keyboard.

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