The 27 Best Hair Dryers of September 2020

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How many times do you admire beautiful girls with perfect hair? Well, it is now easier to turn your dream into reality than ever before with the best hair dryers. Don’t be amazed, you can get professional haircare with salon-quality right at your lovely home.


People, especially girls, use hair dryers almost every day. But do you know that there are four different types of hair dryers? They are ionic hair dryers, ceramic hair dryers, tourmaline hair dryers, and titanium hair dryers.

1. Lonic hair dryers

With an ionic hair dryer, you can literally save your time as it can dry your hair in such a short amount of time; but don’t expect it to give you any hair volume. Therefore, if you are looking for a hair dryer for styling purposes, an ionic hair dryer is definitely not your option. Such ionic hair dryers as Segean Ionic Fast Hair Dryer will offer the most professional care to your hair, especially suitable for thick and long hair types.

2. Ceramic hair dryers

Different from ionic hair dryers, ceramic hair dryers are great options for both styling and drying purposes. In case you frequently use a hair dryer, go for ceramic models as it can protect and make your hair shiny at the same. If you are still wondering whether an ionic hair dryer or a ceramic hair dryer is better, our suggestion for you is LUBANF Hair Dryer - a perfect combination of the both ionic and ceramic hair dryer.

3. Tourmaline hair dryers

For hair professionals, a tourmaline hair dryer is a more effective device than two previous types. It produces gentle and even heat so that your hair will be safer and less damaged. That’s the reason why a tourmaline model, like LKNJLL Damage Protection Hair is good for those who have thick and frizzy hair, but not very suitable for thin and short hair. 

4. Titanium hair dryers

Many people opt for titanium hair dryers due to their lightweight features. However, for thin and short hair, this type of hair dryer is definitely not the one for you as the high temperature of the heating coil may harm your hair badly. Among titanium products, we totally recommend you with BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino Full-size Dryer for the best experience.

Buying Guide

Even though a hair dryer is a necessary item that we use frequently, not many people know how to choose the right hair dryer for themselves. That’s mainly because they do not consider these important factors below.

1. Your hair type

It is obvious that each hair type needs completely different care. You are advised to use separate hair items, including shampoo, conditional, and also a hair dryer which is suitable for your hair type. For example, if you have short and thin hair, avoid ionic and tourmaline hair dryers.

2. Your budget

Money is always a top concern whenever you decide you buy anything. Everyone wants professional hair care, but it doesn’t mean that you must buy high-end items. Some other items with more affordable prices also offer you with the same functions and features.


1. What kind of hair dryer is best for dyed hair?

Hair dryers dry your hair by generating heat directly into your hair, so we believe they don’t affect your hair color. Instead of that, you should choose a hair dryer based on your hair’s thickness. For more equal and gentle heat, a tourmaline hair dryer may be a safe option for you.

2. Can I protect my hair with cooling mode?

Absolutely. Many modern hair dryers have both cool air and hot air drying modes. And cool mode will be better for hair protection, though it takes more time to dry your hair.

3. Is a lightweight model good?

Yes. Lightweight hair dryers are mostly suitable for those who love traveling. These models can be easily packed in your luggage and still work well as a hair dryer.

4. What kind of hair dryer that hair salons use?

From my personal experience, hair salons basically use professional and stand-up models to help dry their customers’ hair more quickly. However, no matter what product they use, they still use ionic, ceramic, tourmaline, or titanium technology.

Final Thoughts

Instead of spending much money at a hair salon, you now can provide professional care to your hair with the best hair dryers. Still don’t know what to buy? Well, both Segean Ionic Fast Hair Dryer and Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer are indeed perfect options.

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