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A Hidden Camera's Battery Life

When it comes to hidden cameras, battery life can vary. If you need to have your camera on the go, or in a place that doesn't have an outlet, battery life can be a priority. As such, be sure to look out for this detail when browsing for a new hidden camera.

A Hidden Camera's Functionality

If you need a multi-functional camera, consider a pen-cam, which is great for both writing and recording. We have a couple on our list!

A Hidden Camera's Image Quality

Fortunately, most modern cameras deliver good image quality, so this isn't necessarily a concern. However, if you have specifics in mind, you can definitely look for them in the description or even email the manufacturer.

Tech Support

Because hidden cameras are electronic devices, you ideally want someone to call if something goes wrong–especially if you're not one familiar with the ins and outs of technology.

Before you invest in a hidden camera, it is also important to be ethical and use it in a legal manner. After all, how would you feel if someone recorded you without your consent? While discrete recording is necessary at certain times, you do want to consider ethics as well as the laws that govern video and audio recording in your state. This is especially true if you suspect that you may need to use your created recording for legal matters.


Q: Can I use my current cameras with newer DVRs?
A: Yes all of our HD Security DVRs are backwards compatible with older analog cameras. So you can mix and match old cameras with newer HD cameras and use your existing cables.

Q: What is the maximum distance I can run a camera cable?
A: That depends on the type of cable and cameras that are used. With newer HD analog cameras you can transmit video up to 1500 ft. using RG59 or 2000 ft. using RG6. However using standard RG59 or RG6 Siamese cable you can only send power up to 250 ft. before voltage drop will be an issue. So if your camera is further away than 250 ft. you will need to power the camera separately from a nearby power source. IP network cameras using Cat5e or Cat6 cables the maximum video and power distance is 300 feet. Further distances are possible with PoE extenders.

Q: Do I need to have power at every single camera?
A: Each camera will require power but there doesn't need to be power at the camera location. When using analog or HD analog cameras you can use Siamese cables which have both video and power connections to send power out to the camera from an individual power supply or power box at the DVRs location. When using IP cameras most have PoE (Power over Ethernet) built-in so they will get their power through the network cable from the NVR which most also have PoE built-in.

Q: What is an Infrared Security Camera and how does it work?
A: An infrared camera uses infrared light instead of the regular lighting spectrum in order to produce better images in complete darkness or low light conditions. The infrared LED illuminators on a camera work much like a flashlight but the light produced is invisible to the human eye. However with most infrared cameras you will see a slight red glow if you look directly at the LED array. How far you can see in darkness is dependent on the number, size and nanometer (nm) rating of the LED's. Most infrared security cameras use LED's in the 840nm range since they are the most effective. Some use the 940nm LED's which are completely invisible but produce far less light than the 840nm type so they require a lot more LED's to light up the same distance. When choosing a camera keep in mind that the light given off by the LED's is similar to a flashlight in that the closer the object the brighter they will appear on you monitor. So if you want to be able to see someone or something clearly at 30 feet it's best to go with a camera that has an IR illumination of 40 feet or more

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