The 22 Best Hiking Shoes of October 2020

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Hiking shoes have always been considered as one of the most needed and perfect items while hiking. If you are looking for hiking shoes, you are on the right website! We are going to introduce you with the best hiking shoes.


As it is known, there is no specific type of product for hiking shoes. Instead of mentioning different categories of this product, in this section, we would like to mention additional features of hiking shoes that you should consider before purchasing.

1. Waterproof

While hiking, it is important for hikers to prepare for any types of weather, including raining. Waterproof hiking shoes keep your feet dry and comfortable if it is sprinkling. This feature of hiking shoes is extremely crucial since it may prevent you from health concerns such as blisters or molding. A good illustration of excellent waterproof hiking shoes is Low Rise Tactical Boots from the brand LHY.

2. Lightweight

Having lightweight hiking shoes would definitely be the best thing while going for a hike. This feature of hiking shoes prevents your feet from soring. By providing a great support for hikers, lightweight hiking shoes are obviously a better choice than heavy shoes. Hiking with lightweight shoes is extremely comfortable according to many hikers. Check out adidas Originals PW Human Race NMD Trail Shoes. Obviously, with the design from adidas, this product will definitely not let you down!

3. Shoes cut

About hiking shoes, there are two types of ankle cut which are mid-cut and low-cut. It is totally up to you while deciding which one to choose from. However, it is highly recommended you choose mid-cut hiking shoes since it provides extra support for your ankle. This feature helps a lot in hiking especially when you have to walk with a heavy backpack on your back. For mid-cut features, check out DSQUARED 2 Multi Fabric Hiking Shoes. On the other hand, if you are more in favor of low-cut features, New Runner Hiking Black Sneaker from DSQUARED2 would definitely be a great choice for you!

Buying Guide

Before purchasing your product, it is highly suggested you have a look through our buying guide. The following advice below will provide you with various options as well as opportunities to choose the most ideal product for you!

1. Fit

No one likes ill-fit shoes. Before purchasing, make sure that the shoes fit you perfectly or a bit loose. It is not good to buy tight shoes which may be painful and cause foot problems such as soreness, bunions or calluses. Furthermore, you need to give some space for your toes to wiggle around. It is extremely important for you to take a close look at the size of hiking shoes if you make a purchase online.

2. Weight

Imagine you going on a hike with heavy shoes, definitely it is extremely uncomfortable and stuffy for your feet. Since we are living in the modern era, it is evident that there are numerous inventions for ultra lightweight hiking shoes which bring additional comfort for your feet. Not only are they extremely light to walk on but they also have a soft sole. Most hikers prefer lightweight hiking shoes due to the aforementioned conveniences that they have. Why don’t you check out Salomon Men’s Outbound GTX Hiking Shoes?

3. Material

It is highly recommended you consider the material of the hiking shoes before buying. Generally speaking, there are three main materials that play a major role in the construction of hiking shoes, including full-grain, nubuck leather, and split grain. Full-grain and nubuck leather would offer you water resistance, abrasion resistance, and durability features. On the other hand, split grain is a bit lighter in terms of durability and water resistance.


1. What is the main difference between hiking shoes and hiking boots?

As it can be experienced, hiking shoes are much softer and more flexible than hiking boots. Hiking boots are usually much heavier than hiking shoes. However, hiking boots would be a better choice for rough terrain such as mountains. Hiking shoes are more suitable for gentler terrain.

2. Should hiking shoes be waterproof?

Absolutely yes! While hiking, you should prepare for any type of weather. Waterproof hiking shoes can keep your feet breathable and dry. Although it is an optional and additional feature of hiking shoes, it is definitely worth-buying waterproof hiking shoes.

3. How can I avoid blisters?

For those who do not know what blisters are, blisters are a natural response that is caused by sock bunching and slipping. This may get worse if there is an additional effect of moisture. Therefore, don’t leave the store when you have not finished choosing the most comfortable size of your hiking shoes. Furthermore, you should choose synthetic socks which can help you to reduce the friction between your feet and your shoes.

4. Can I repair hiking shoes?

Totally! It is a good way for hikers and backpackers to reduce the amount of waste in the environment by the way. You can repair your shoes by either replacing the insole or repairing a worn heel.


Hopefully, by surfing through this site, we have somehow eased the pressure of choosing the best hiking shoes for you. If you are in favor of fashionable and lightweight hiking shoes, adidas Originals PW Human Race NMD Trail Shoes would be the best option for you. DSQUARED 2 Multi Fabric Hiking would be the great option for those who want to receive maximum support for the ankle while hiking. If you are looking for hiking shoes with waterproof features, check out Low Rise Tactical Boots.

 Still wondering which options to choose from? Scroll up and read our best hiking shoes guide one more time. If you have any enquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are extremely happy to resolve your struggle!

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