The 10 Best Induction Cookers of September 2020

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Induction cookers are an efficient, and safe choice for not only homecooks but it is also endorsed by gourmet chefs as well. With this article, we will point out why induction cookers are more superior to traditional gas cooker. And with it, tips and tricks on how to buy the best induction cookers are also provided.


Most induction cookers operate on the same principle. It produces an electro-magnetic field that heats up the base of the compatible cookware which cooks its contents. The energy is created directly at the bottom of the cookware which is much more energy saving compared to traditional gas burners.

Induction cookers are much more convenient and much safer than gas burners. As we all know, natural gas is highly flammable, sometimes even explosive. Storing or using it incorrectly can be deadly. Whereas with induction cookers, electricity is used to operate the machine. It does not create open flame yet can heat up extremely fast and can drop the heat almost immediately after you lower the setting.

1. Divided by its portability.

Portable induction cookers

The portable option is versatile, allows the owner to cook at any place they like. It is suitable for traveling, camping, outdoor eating, or simply a hot-pot night in. Most portable induction cookers feature one burner with a few exceptions of two burners.

The NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop 1300 Watts is a great induction cooktop for travel lovers.

Built-in induction cookers

Built-in cookers come in a much larger amount of burners, suitable for in-house cooking as well as small restaurants. It is more stable, more long-lasting, more powerful, and can support several dishes being cooked at the same time.

While most portable induction cookers only have one to two burner max, built-in cooktops can have a much wider range of options.

2. Divided by the number of burners featured

Two burners

This option is suitable for small families with little cooking needs. It is more compact, perfect for studio apartments or small houses. The Kenyon B81331 SilKEN2 would be a good choice.

Three to five burners

Most induction cookers feature three to five burners with sizes ranging from small sauce pans to big stock pots. This is enough to support the normal cooking needs of a family.

The Empava 30 Inch Electric Stove Induction Cooktop  is perfect for family use.

Limitless placement options

Most induction cookers have a fixed burner placement plan with each burner size suitable for a certain kind of pots and pans. Some high-end cookers turn the entire surface of its cooktop into a giant burner.

These smart devices can detect the exact place you put down your cookware and heat up that exact spot to cook the food. This means you no longer have to worry about matching the size of your pots and pans to the burners ever again. A limitless placement induction cooker can support all sizes of cookware easily at once.

The CIT36XKB Masterpiece Series would be a great investment if you love cooking for the whole extended family or just simply want the best cooking experience.

Buying Guide

1. Portable or built-in?

Always go for built-in cookers for regular cooking needs and equipe an additional portable induction burner for traveling or at table cookings like hot-pot or Korean barbeque. 

2. Match the number of burners to your cooking needs

A family of two can easily work with a two-burner cooktop while bigger families need much more cooking space to ensure a quick cooking session.

3. Only use magnetic cookwares

Induction cookers use magnetic fields to generate heat using the cookware itself. Therefore, only magnetic cookware like cast iron or steel can be used directly on its surface.


1. What kind of cookware can be used on induction cookers?

Not all cookwares are compatible with induction cookers. Because of its operation principle only magnetic cookware. This means cast iron, steel, stainless steel with iron core are suitable while glass, aluminium, and copper are not.

2. Will a four-burner induction cooker fit in my small kitchen?

A four-burner cooker takes about 70 - 75cm in space. A 60cm cooktop can fit three burners. And a 90cm cooktop can fit five burners. You should measure the size of your existing cooktop to find the best induction replacement.

3. Can I use smaller pots in larger sized burners?

You can. But this ultimately creates an outer ring of unused burner surface which can be quite wasteful. If possible, always opt for matching the size of the cookware to the burners.

4. How do I clean an induction cooker?

Cleaning an induction cooker is such a breeze as most cooktops have a flat glass surface. Any spilled contents can be wiped right off using regular table cloth.

Final Thoughts

We can all see that induction cookers are much more efficient than its’ gas operated counterparts. It is also not too hard to pick out that the Empava 30 Inch Electric Stove Induction Cooktop is the best induction cooker to date for a family kitchen. And the NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop is the best option for those who love to travel. If you’re looking for the best induction cookers, the tutorials above will be extremely helpful to you!

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