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An infrared sauna is such a great way to improve your health as well as physical appearance. Your investment in an infrared sauna is a decision you want to make correctly the first time. However, taking a glance at the currently available market can be more confusing than when you started searching. 

And you’re about to learn all about it with this guide packed with straightforward accurate information regarding the features, components, safety, and materials for the best infrared sauna!


As an innovative technology, Far-infrared saunas will save you from undesirable side effects and an oppressive user environment compared to the traditional saunas. There are 3 types of infrared sauna that can bring you a calm, relaxed sensation right at home: Portable Sauna Dome, Infrared Sauna Blanket, and Traditional Infrared Sauna room.

1. Portable Sauna Dome

The best heater material in an infrared sauna known so far is Carbon fiber. It brings gentle, therapeutic heat distributed evenly due to its flat surface and thinness. Moreover, a sauna dome is easy to set up and can be carried anywhere and anytime, with its 360-degree heat that can work on the front and back of your body.

In this category, it is hard to miss Crystal Ray KOREA Sauna Dome with its advanced technology to help you save energy and multiple settings of temperature and time. Another great candidate is SMAUTOP Sauna Dome Portable Far Infrared Sauna using the best of both material combined between micro-thin fibers and patented ceramic allowing it to produce long heat waves unmatched by any pure carbon sauna heaters.

2. Infrared Sauna Blanket

If you are looking for an all-body round wholesome relaxing time, look no further than a Sauna Blanket, we can all agree that nothing beats laying down in a Sauna Blanket after a long day. On top of that, it will only take as little as 15 minutes to lose weight, detoxify. Let’s have a look at the best products!

First of all, the Far Infrared Sauna Blanket from ZXWCYJ will surely not disappoint you. The carbon fiber heater can provide heat and light waves that can penetrate deeper into the body, and can heal deep tissue, along with waterproof PVC cover that is designed to withstand any stretches or bends. 

Next, we have LI&muzi Digital Remote Control Far-Infrared Sauna Blanket with its two zoned-temperature covering both sides of your body helping you burn calories and tone your body.

3. Traditional Sauna room

This would make a perfect choice if you are looking for an authentic sauna experience. At the same time, it is the most expensive compared to a sauna dome and sauna blanket. Therefore, with all the special features, keep in mind that you would want a sauna room that has a safety certification and is made of the right type of wood, it should be completely non-toxic and non out-gassing.

It is time to mention Dynamic "Barcelona" FAR infrared Sauna using Reforested Canadian Hemlock wood with double paneled constructed with the thickest interior and exterior wood planks. This will result in quality sauna sessions where you waste less energy and increase heat efficiency. 

Moreover, installation takes less than 1 hour, and you can play your favorite music through the sauna built in MP3 connection with speakers.

Buying Guide

After seeing its many amazing health benefits and the product’s variety, the only remaining question is: What criteria do I need to look out for the Best Infrared Sauna?

1. Heater material

The heater style that you purchase is the single most important part of your infrared sauna buying decision. There are three styles: Carbon, Ceramic, last but not least is Carbon and Ceramic. 

Carbon heaters are very budget-friendly, but they could produce very high Electromagnetic Frequency or EMF; Ceramic heaters on the other hand have much lower EMF but it can get up to 400°F which is way too hot to sit 2-3 inches next to. 

Last but not least, the combination of carbon and ceramic heaters give off the right kind and the right amount of infrared energy at a more tolerable temperature that allows users to stay in their saunas longer.

2. Warranty and Customer service

it is of prime importance to know more about the Company’s History, Customer Service Policies, Return of Defective Parts, Replacement Parts policy, Shipping Costs of defective and replacement parts. 

Upon closer inspection, you will find that most manufacturers have limited term warranties on their workmanship and materials. Thus, make sure that the Terms of the Condition of Warranty are discussed carefully and readily available for your perusal.

3. Your budget

As it is a big investment, needless to say the budget is an extremely important factor. If you are looking for relaxing and burning calories in a short manner of time, a Sauna Blanket makes a great choice. In case you have a bigger budget, a Sauna Room would make the perfect candidate.


1. What are the benefits from Infrared saunas?

There are many applications from the infrared sauna, ranging from clear and tighter skin, pain relief and relaxation which brings better sleep, detoxification and blood circulation improvement which leads to weight loss.

2. What is Electromagnetic Frequency and is it harmful?

Electromagnetic Frequency or EMF is like invisible energy emission that comes from any object that uses electricity. Common household electrical objects give off such low levels that doesn’t pose any risk at all. So, what about infrared saunas? Though infrared saunas are large and powered by electricity, the technology used keeps EMF in an extremely low range of 0.2 to 0.3 mG. The Environmental Protection Agency has previously proposed a safety standard of 3 mG, with anything below 3 mG being deemed as safe

3. How often should I use Infrared sauna?

Averagely they can be used 3 to 4 times a week with 30 to 45 minutes sessions each. Given that it is safe for your body, you are welcome to use it as often as possible. Another great tip is to stay hydrated as it will help you have a better time in the sauna.

4. Can infrared saunas be used by everyone?

Infrared Sauna use is not recommended for people who are pregnant, children under 12, those who cannot handle temperature extremes, those with hemophilia, fever, insensitivity to heat, and those under the influence of alcohol.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully after reading this guide, you can pick The Best Infrared Sauna for a healthier body and lifestyles. There are many products that could be suitable for each and every one, a nicely toned body and clear skin has never been easier to achieve. 

The best three choices are Crystal Ray KOREA Sauna Dome, Far Infrared Sauna Blanket from ZXWCYJ and Dynamic "Barcelona" FAR infrared Sauna.

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