The 12 Best Mandoline Slicers of October 2020

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Slicing isn't always as simple as many think. It requires an excellent knife's skill and also meticulousness to produce nice and even slices. However, homemakers can reach the best mandoline slicers for help.


You can discover several distinctive models out there; however, mandoline slicers are usually under three primary styles. 

Yet, all include a metal knife, an effective and flat area for sliding vegetables over the knife, a handle or switch to alter the blade and adjust the cut's thickness, and a hand protector keeping the food fixed and guarding your hands. 

1. French mandolines

French ones are the oldest and most cumbersome type of slicers. They are metal-made and frequently come in moving pieces, which costs us more time to set up. 

Despite being used in a few kitchens, they've become less favorite because of their cumbersomeness and finicky assembly. They can accomplish particularly exact and concentrated cuts on harder ingredients.

One product you could take into consideration is the Bron Coucke Stainless Steel Classic Chef's Mandoline. It's the ideal apparatus for slicing vegetables, cheddar, and even hard ingredients like apples and pears. With a vast number of slicing choices, it's simple to pick the most suitable cutting strategy for a specific dish with this piece. 

2. Japanese mandolines

Known for their user-friendliness, effortlessness, and moderately compactness, Japanese mandolines have become the favored models for culinary experts in the previous twenty years. Any chef has one of these in their kitchen! 

The one mandoline you could go for is the Benriner BR1 Vegetable Slicer. Its sharpness is top-of-the-line, and its size is ideal for the entirety of the little slices any homemaker and chef hope to make each day.

3. V-blade mandolines

V-shaped slicers have been sold like hot cake in these recent years due to their ubiquity. The dual entry points help to reduce the pressure one must use when sliding food through. Therefore, these are incredible at slicing big and round ingredients. 

Notwithstanding, the interesting shape of these slicers also implies its lack of food compatibility. It may not oblige a wide range of food, and its fixed knives are typically not replaceable.

If you're searching for one good V-blade slicer, we recommend trying the Mueller Austria Premium Quality V-Pro. This product is a great machine with incredible durability and is all that you need in a slicer. 

It accompanies 5-replaceable knives for cutting, julienning, and grinding. It possesses endless thickness options by hand.

Buying Guide

Buying a mandoline isn't as easy as you think. Despite being a side product, there are quite a few things to keep in mind when purchasing one.

1. Fixed or adjustable thickness

If you go for the simple one, expect to have only one thickness option, which is incredible if it's the thickness you need. 

However, some mandolines permit you to alter the thickness to your ideal cut. One small problem for this is that you'll have to check and adjust this index each time you utilize the machine.

2. Blade and additional blades

Some mandolines come with straight knives, some possess angled ones, and some offer V-shaped ones. No matter what shape they are in, the two most important factors are their sharpness and material. The most favored material is stainless steel, as it provides better durability. 

Moreover, ask yourself, "Would you say you are simply searching for something to cut potatoes for snacks, or would you preferably have a gadget that accomplishes more over that?" 

Some manufacturers sell slicers with various blade options for julienning or wavy cuts. If you decide to go for these, make sure to have a decent place to store them if you don't want to lose their additional pieces.

3. Design

A decent mandoline must be sufficiently large to deal with an extensive range of veggies. Still, it must be compact enough to store in a cabinet. Also, its construction ought to be simple to clean. 

Besides, the body of a great mandoline must be able to bear the pressure of constant use without getting broken or distorted. Thus, using a mandoline slicer ought to be full of comfort and simplicity.

4. Handguard

Outstanding mandolines could be amazingly sharp—and injuries are sometimes unavoidable if your unit doesn't come with a handguard. To abstain from transforming your kitchen into a horror story, get a mandoline that accompanies a simple-to-utilize, ergonomic, and viable guard.


1. Can I clean my slicer using my dishwasher?

Yes, if the product is labeled dishwasher-safe. 

However, it is always better to hand wash your slicer. The knives on your products could get dulled due to ingredients in the dishwashers' solution. On the other hand, hand washing will remain the knives' quality and shape.

2. Should I wear a pair of cut-resistant gloves when using mandoline slicers?

Regardless of the hand guard's quality, it is never a terrible notion to wear a cut-safe pair of gloves. One little absent-minded moment and the injuries can occur. Although gloves don't guarantee total protection against damages, it is a useful extra apparatus.

3. Should I go for slicers with lots of features? 

Mandolines that accompany various types of knives are typically loaded with fancy odds and ends that don't function admirably, which most homemakers needn't bother with. 

4. Are bigger slicers better than compact ones?

Bigger doesn't always mean better. The larger or more complicated a mandoline, the less frequent you are to utilize it. Compact mandolines are simpler to operate and store.


The best mandoline slicers could be a homemaker's best friend if you got it right. They can slice hard ingredients perfectly and cut down a lot of your time and effort to prepare a meal. 

If you like to go for a traditional and robust mandoline, feel free to invest in a French one like the Bron Coucke Stainless Steel Classic Chef's Mandoline. Yet, in cases that convenience is what you are searching for, the Benriner BR1 Vegetable Slicer won't let you down. 

However, if your interest is the ubiquity, trying the Mueller Austria Premium Quality V-Pro is a great thought.

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