The 20 Best Mini Fridges of September 2020

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The best mini fridges won't replace your traditional refrigerators, but they'd be the ideal choice if space is what you're struggling with. They excel at keeping your beverages and food fresh and cool. Read along for the perfect products of 2020.


1. Mobile mini fridges

They are technically 12V refrigerators and super mobile. Due to its tiny size and minimum power requirement, this machine type is perfect for trips, dorms, and offices. 

You can look at the Cooluli Concord Blue if you're hunting for an excellent mobile mini-fridge. Not only is it portable and compact, but it also lets you adjust the temperature.    

2. Cube mini fridges

When it comes to sizes, the cube mini-fridge is compact yet bigger than the former type. Well, it is not as mobile as the 12V mini-fridge, but users can carry it around without others' assistance. 

It is usually in 17 inches width, 18 inches depth, and 19 inches height. Due to the equal width and height, it has a unique name of cube. 

Also, as they have a larger capacity, they take up more power, allowing users to store food and beverage easily. But be reminded that frozen food isn't compatible with the machine.

This model doesn't have freezing features. However, recent manufacturers do integrate a built-in freezer into this type of machine. You can indeed check the Midea MRC070S0AWW Chest Freezer. This unit is a fantastic choice for storing your favorite food for an extended period.  

3. Medium mini fridges

A medium mini-fridge is much more compact than the last fridge type of under-the-counter mini-fridges. Yet they are larger than the cube and mobile refrigerators. 

The way they work is similar to the cube-sized products, except for the bigger dimensions and the greater power required. Most units are about three cubic feet, and their height is two times larger than their width.

If you're hunting for one, the COSTWAY Compact Refrigerator might not be a wrong choice. This fridge offers quick cooling performance, which gives the perfect storage for all your stuff with a sturdy and reliable lifespan.

4. Under-the-counter mini fridges

Under-the-counter products possess high storage and are the "go-for" selection for those who have a home mini-bar. Besides that, it could be a great assistant for pubs when maintaining the quality of drinks and alcohol.

Nowadays, you can easily find several types of under-the-counter mini-refrigerators. But the most popular one is the mini-beverage cooler for wine and other beverages. 

In case you're a drink lover, have a look at the hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler. They might help you a lot with the drinks.

Buying guide

Selecting the best mini fridges is a challenging task. There are some critical factors that you must consider before purchasing one. And here are the most basic requirements you can examine.

1. Dimensions

If you want to buy a mini-fridge, its size would be your primary concern. While mini fridges' dimensions don't vary much, it's best to measure both the area and the product carefully not to go for the wrong one.

2. Capacity and compartments

Not only do you have to think about the external dimensions, but the capacity of the fridge also plays a crucial role. You should know how many and what kinds of food or drink to store in the refrigerator.

Another question you might ask yourself is whether or not you should purchase one with a frozen section. We suggest thinking about your intention. If you want to preserve ice trays or fresh food, opt for it. Otherwise, don't! 

3. Door

Last but not least is the reversibility of the fridge's door. This feature allows users to open the product in different ways. If you're not too concerned about space, this characteristic might be a no problem. But in some areas, having the ability to change the swing direction can help.

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1. How many cooling mechanisms are there?

Three cooling mechanisms are used nowadays, in which the thermoelectric and compressor ones are popular. The latest one is the absorption mechanism.

The thermoelectric one provides both cooling and heating features. You've heard it right: Not only is it a freezer, but it also works as a heater.

On the other hand, a compressor mini fridge provides continuous cooling airflow. However, if the condenser's pressure isn't right, it will result in a lack of condensation's evenness and lower efficiency.

Last but not least is the absorption one. It reduces the noises produced by the machine and saves up more energy. Yet, its cooling power is not as strong as a compressor one.

2. Is a mini-fridge expensive?

Well, it all depends on your budget. Typically, mini-refrigerators are more affordable than the traditional refrigerator. However, if you opt for an advanced, top-of-the-line one, the price will surely be pricier.

3. What are some advantages of a mini-fridge?

The main reason to go for a mini-fridge is its convenience. Due to its compact size, you can quickly move it from one place to another with no challenges. 

Unlike our traditional, bulky refrigerators, mini-fridges save a lot of space, which means it's perfect for any nook and corner of your house or room, or even your office. How useful and handy is that!


Have you found the best mini fridges of your heart? If not, we have a few ideas for you.

Having a portable mini fridge like the Cooluli Concord Blue and Midea MRC070S0AWW Chest Freezer is a must for those whose house or office lacks space. However, if space doesn't matter to you, check the COSTWAY Compact Refrigerator

How about a beverage lover? Of course, the hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler would be his favorite option.

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