The 16 Best Orthopedic Shoes of October 2020

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For people with foot problems, a good pair of shoes is not just a fashion accessory but rather a medical treatment for them to be able to walk freely. These shoes will need to be specially designed to mold the feet in certain positions for them to function normally.

In this article, we open the search for the best orthopedic shoes that best support your condition.


Orthopaedic shoes can be designed to have various special features that give support to the structure and functionality of the toe, heel, ankle, and arch of the foot. These features help them stand out from everyday footwears. Orthopaedic shoes can be differentiated based on the foot condition it supports. 

Orthopedic shoe designs based on foot conditions:

1. Added arch support for flat feet

Flat feet have little to no arch on the feet which lower the feet level of shock absorption, the bounce of the feet, and the stability of the people with this condition.

A pair of orthopaedic shoes for flat-feeters must feature an artificial arch but placing a raised insole where a normal arch would be located to bend the feet in position.

Drew Jimmy - Men's Orthopedic Walking Shoes Bone - 11 Wide comes with raised arch, perfect for morphing flat feet in shape.

2. Wide toe box for wide feet

People with wide toes tend to have a harder time finding the right shoes that accommodate the anatomy of their feet. Normal shoes would be too tight for their shoes to function normally.

Orthopaedic shoes for people with wide feet feature a toe box bigger in width than normal shoes, giving the wearer more room to feel comfortable in, and an easier time walking or running.

Drew Shoe Men's Boulder features big toe boxes that work really well for people with wide feet.

3. Soft upper for feet with bunions

Bunions are the bumps that form at the point of your big toe at the result of a condition that pulls the big toe into other toes, causing the joint to stick out. This  condition brings about a lot of pain for the bearer, making it a lot harder to walk normally.

The shoes made to accommodate bunions must include soft, padded, and stretchable upper to lessen the pressure on the area of pain. They should also feature orthotic insoles to medically straighten the big toe.

Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Women's G-Defy Mighty Walk - Shoes for Heel Pain, Foot Pain, Plantar Fasciits for comes with a soft mesh upper that is easy on the feet, especially bunions.

Buying Guide

1. This is a medical treatment

These shoes are not designed to look pretty on the feet. They are made with medical purposes to give people the privilege of being able to walk again.

However, in recent years, more and more manufacturers joined the market which results in better quality shoes with much diverse designs for you to choose from.

2. Let yourself feel tucked in

Wearing shoes that fit is not about comfortability anymore. The special features built into your shoes can not function properly without the best alignment with your feet. So keep in mind the measurements of your feet to find the best shoes for your condition and your size.

Some manufacturers nowadays also take in custom made orders so you can send your measurements over to have yourself a pair that perfectly fits.

3. It has to be lightweight

The lighter the shoes the better. Your feet are struggling to hold up to the proper position while standing and walking. They do not need to bear any more burden from a pair that is too heavy. 

4. Leveled heels bring more support

We all know the higher heels make your posture better. However, when having medical conditions that need to be addressed, it is best to stick to a design that is all about the comfort of your feet and its ability to support the body, rather than something that looks good.

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1. Can sandals support feet with special needs?

There are orthopaedic sandals in the market with features that are supportive of special foot conditions. They can be found in various online shopping sites including Amazon.

Here is a good option: Finn Comfort Women's Sansibar Soft Footbed Sandal.

2. Why do my shoes need extra padding?

Special needs feet, especially feet with bunions, need all the help it can get to lessen the pain. As walking causes lots of friction, shoes made for these feet must include padding in certain areas to support the feet.

3. How do I know if the wide toe box shoes I am choosing will fit?

For shoes specially designed to accommodate wide toes, there will be extra measurements for the toe area, making it a lot easier to shop for the right shoes online.

4. Do flat feet shoes need special care?

In washing or drying, no. But in choosing and buying, yes. These shoes feature various functionality to help your conditions, so you need to pay extra care in finding the right ones.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a perfect pair of shoes is hard, finding ones that accommodate your special needs feets is a lot harder. We hope that with this article, you will have a better understanding of orthopedic shoes, and can find yourself a pair that best supports your needs.

Here are our picks for the best orthopedic shoes: The Drew Shoe Men's Boulder are the best for wide toes, the Drew Jimmy - Men's Orthopedic Walking Shoes Bone - 11 Wide are perfect for flat feet, and the Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Women's G-Defy Mighty Walk - Shoes for Heel Pain, Foot Pain, Plantar Fasciits works wonders with bunions.

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