The 10 Best Outdoor Speakers of September 2020

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Outdoor speakers are must-have items to create a lively atmosphere in most summer barbecues, special occasions, or any other impressive parties. If you still have no idea which one you should buy, our article about the best outdoor speakers will help you do that.


In fact, there are only three typical types of outdoor speakers. They are in-ground speakers, portable speakers, and monitor speakers.

1. In-ground Speakers

An in-ground speaker is considered as the most basic type of outdoor speaker to be installed in your home. Speakers in this type are designed to be weather-resistant and blend well with the surroundings like gardens, paves, etc. 

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the sound quality even under the rains. Bose Free Space 51 Outdoor In-Ground Speakers can be one of the best choices for you with an innovative radial design that can disperse sound in a 360-degree pattern 

2. Portable Speakers

Portable speakers are well-known for their conveniences. Besides placing them on the corner of your house, you can take them along with you anytime and anywhere. 

So, why don’t you think about Marshall Woburn II Wireless Bluetooth Speaker? More than a normal Portable Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker, Woburn II hits high trebles cleanly, handles low bass with ease, and has a clear mid-range.

3. Monitor Speakers

This kind of outdoor speaker is guaranteed to be resistant to water, corrosion, and Ultraviolet. Moreover, a monitor speaker allows the sound to be transmitted over large scales.

 And this is our recommendation: JBL Professional Control 30 Three-Way High Output Outdoor Monitor Speaker. As you know, JBJ Professional has extended the bandwidth of this outdoor speaker so that frequent responses will be very smooth.

Buying Guide

To be honest, choosing a suitable outdoor speaker is not a simple job for some people, especially those who have never used ones. Below are several things you should consider before buying one.

1. Choosing the most suitable kind of outdoor speaker

Each type of outdoor speaker we mentioned above has its characteristic function. So you need to think about what you really need and which type suits you the most before choosing the specific one.

3. Your budget

Budget is definitely an important factor to consider when you decide to buy something, especially when outdoor speakers are quite expensive. Of course, many famous brands’ products with exorbitant prices have high quality and durable capabilities. But if you do not have abundant finance, the one with basic functions and affordable price is more suitable.

3. Your space

Your surrounding space is also a factor you must consider. If you have a spacious environment, you can choose an in-ground speaker or monitor speaker. On the other hand, a portable speaker is an excellent choice.


1. Will outdoor speakers work inside?

Definitely. In fact, outdoor speakers are indoor speakers that have extended bandwidth and are weather-resistant to produce qualified sound even in large area scales.

2. Can my outdoor speakers match with landscape surroundings?

Yes. You can choose an in-ground outdoor speaker featured as rocks or other landscape styles. There is a wide range of in-ground outdoor speakers available on Amazon or other shopping websites. 

3. How can I protect outdoor speakers from getting wet?

Though there are many types of outdoor speakers designed water-resistant, you should apply some layers of polymer protectant in order to alleviate the damage from outside conditions.

4. How do I know if my outdoor speaker is getting old?

We think it is because of corrosion that causes your speaker’s degradation, not its age. Depending on the quality of your speaker, that process can take several months or several years.

5. Should I buy an expensive outdoor speaker?

Normally, the more expensive a speaker is, the higher quality it has. But we think expensive outdoor speakers are only worth it if you are doing jobs relating to high-quality sounds such as producers, singers, musicians, etc. But if you want to have the best experience, it is alright to choose one.

Final Thoughts

Outdoor speakers are indispensable items in all amazing parties. With our best outdoor speakers, you absolutely choose one and have fun with it. 

Hopefully, our article has brought you some insights regarding outdoor speakers. If you are still hesitating, these are our suggestions that you should not ignore: Polk Audio Atrium 6 Outdoor or Marshall Woburn II Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. Or else, you can check all our mentioned products to make the most sensible choice.

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