The 18 Best Outdoor Tv Antennas of September 2020

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Setting up a TV antenna is one of the best steps you can take toward breaking your reliance on pay TV and saving hundreds of dollars per year. If you live far from the broadcast towers and the installation of indoor antennas is impossible, then outdoor models will be the best option for you. Today, ProductUpdates will help you find out the best outdoor TV antennas.


Outdoor TV antennas, also known as Yagi antennas, have been around us for a long time, but they have never failed in offering better watching experiences to millions of people. If you don’t know which model or branch to go for, then our suggestions belows will be helpful to you. 

1. The best rated outdoor antenna

TV Antenna - RCA Outdoor Yagi Satellite HD Antenna is the best model in overall. This antenna has received 4.4 stars after being evaluated by more than 7600 customers on Amazon. It  is compact while still being strong enough to get tons of clear channels and can withstand extreme weather conditions

2. The best budget outdoor antenna

You may wonder: “Can I find a good yagi antenna with only $30?”

Fortunately, the answer is yes! With UHF/VHF/HDTV Reception and Long Range up to 120 miles, PBD Outdoor Digital Amplified Yagi HDTV Antenna is absolutely a great bargain. 

3. The best VHF and UHF outdoor TV antenna

For those who don’t know, VHF stands for “Very high frequency” and UHF means “Ultra high frequency”. VHF and UHF will help you access low-numbered channels and high-numbered cable channels, respectively. Not so many antennas can offer you both signals. So, why don’t you choose Winegard HD8200U Platinum VHF/UHF HDTV Antenna? If you just want to purchase an antenna once, this is the one you want.

4. The best long-range TV antenna

pingbingding PBD WA-2608 Digital Amplified Outdoor HD TV Antenna is the best long-range antenna that won the trust of many people. The above antennas have pretty impressive ranges, but this one even reaches beyond that. It is designed to receive digital signals up to 150 miles far away from your place. 

5. The best easy-to-install outdoor tv antenna

If you want to save time and money on the installation process, then you should buy Antennas Direct ClearStream 2V TV Antenna. Because of its unique design, this product is extremely easy to install.

Buying guide

In order to get the best TV antenna that can fulfill all your needs, you should notice some following criteria:

1. Satellite or terrestrial

The first decision to be made is whether the antenna is to be used for terrestrial or satellite (DBS) broadcasts.

Satellite antennas typically require the use of a parabolic reflector or dish antenna. These need to be accurately aligned on the antenna and receive signals from the satellite, often at frequencies typically between 10.95 and 12.75GHz.

Terrestrial antennas typically operate on frequencies in the UHF portion of the radio spectrum, although there are still some operating in the VHF portion of the spectrum in some countries.

2. Frequency coverage

When buying a TV antenna, the frequency coverage is a key point to consider. In countries where there is VHF TV then a VHF antenna will be required. However, most TV is broadcast on UHF. Even when UHF is used, there are many brands, so be aware that the right TV antenna for your area will be needed.


Outdoor antennas can also be mounted onto the sides of one’s house, decks, or on a tripod from the ground if roof access is not available.

1. What type of cable do I need for a TV antenna?

You need a high-quality coaxial cable (“coax” for short) for the job. Coax has a center wire that carries the signal and is surrounded by a plastic insulator. Then there’s an outer braid that shields the center cable from interference, and an outer sheath to protect the cable from the elements.

2. Do I need a signal amplifier or a rotator?

If you’re unable to receive distant TV stations due to low signal levels, you should consider a signal amplifier. It’s always best to collect as much signal as possible at the antenna, so don’t skimp on a small one and try to make up for it with an amplifier.

3. I lost the remote for our antenna. How can I get a replacement?

In that case, you need to contact the provider to get a new one.

4. How much can an outdoor TV antenna cost?

TV outdoor antennas come in a variety of prices. You can buy a really good one in the range of $30-$50.

Final thoughts

It’s clear that you can save yourself a great deal of money if you install an outdoor TV antenna to pull in all the free signals that broadcasters provide each day. Here are our conclusion on the best outdoor TV antennas:

 Hope that our reviews can help you find out the best outdoor TV antennas!

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