The 16 Best Paper Shredders of September 2020

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Paper shredders are no longer strange to many people, especially those who often have to deal with paper works. They are an essential tool for ensuring the confidentiality of secret documents. In this article, Productupdate will learn with you about the best paper shredders available on the market.


Basically, the more sensitive the information you need to destroy is, the smaller debrises should go out of the machine. Therefore, based on the size and shape of the final output, the paper shredder can be classified into 3 common types in line with different security levels. They are Strip-cut, Cross-cut, and Micro-cut paper shredders.

1. The best Strip-cut paper shredders

While offering the lowest protection (security levels 1 & 2), strip-cut paper shredders are very user-friendly and generally an economical option. This type of machine will cut a typical A4 sheet into ~34 long strips (1/4″ wide).

However, you should be really aware of the fact that if somebody wants to recover your documents, they can just buy a device called strip-scanner. To avoid any unwanted situations may happen, you’d better mix and crinkle the chads before throwing them into the waste-bin.

Here are our top picks for that type: 

2. The best Cross-Cut paper shredders

Assuring security levels 3, 4, and 5 is Cross-cut paper shredders. You may not know that sometimes they are referred to as confetti-cut because of the particles’ diamond-like shape. These machines contain two blades rotating in opposite directions to cut paper into small pieces.

Cross-cut paper shredders often come with the mid-range price. They are a good choice for both home and office uses. 

If you are wondering which one to buy, then our suggestions below may help you:

3. The best Micro-Cut paper shredders

Last but not least, Micro-cut paper shredders offer the highest level of security (level 6 &7). The operation is the same as for Cross-Cut types, but the result is far more different, which means that a paper will be shredded into 2000-3000 pieces. The high confidentiality of course corresponds with the high price. You can find some of the best micro-cut shredders as follows.

Buying guide

So, what is the tip for buying a good paper shredder?

Before deciding to buy one, you should consider the following factors.

1. The capacity of the waste-bin

Most shredders will come with removable wastebaskets. Depending on the place where you put the machine, the size of the bin can probably matter.  

2. Run-time

The run-time is also known as the ‘duty-cycle’ which tells you how many minutes you can operate the shredder before the motor needs to cool down. Most shredders for home use can only shred for a couple of minutes, while office shredders can shred for 30 minutes straight and heavy-duty shredders can even shred continuously with no need of cooling down the motor

3. Noise level

On average, paper shredders produce around 65 Db while shredding, which sounds just like a washing machine. A noisy paper shredder (around 75 dB) may not be a good choice for places such as the office because it can annoy surrounding people. So, it is advised to look for a paper shredder that shreds quietly.

Read more:


1. What things can a paper shredder cut?

Besides papers, many shredders can also rip CDs/DVDs, Staple pins, credit cards, and other materials. 

2. Are paper shredders safe to use?

The answer is Yes. Despite having extremely sharp blades inside, modern paper shredders boast a range of safety features, including guards to protect fingers, tucked away switches so you can't accidentally turn them on, and automatic switch-off to avoid overheating.

3. What extra features should I look out for in a paper shredder?

Here are some additional features you can look for:

4. How to clean a paper shredder?

Remove the blades, then use a blower to get rid of any left paper shred.

Final thoughts

Paper shredders are a must-have item for ensuring the safety of your secret documents. At that time, do you have one you like? If not, here are the two best choices:

We really hope that our review can help you find out the best paper shredders which can fulfill all your needs.

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