The 16 Best Pc Gaming Headsets of October 2020

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The best PC gaming headsets can bring you the best gaming experience. From simply sitting in front of the game screen to manipulate the game, with realistic sound, you will be completely immersed in the game world. A great gaming headset not only helps you enjoy everything the game maker has to offer, it also helps you discuss strategy with your teammates, or even trash talk with the enemy.

In this article, we are pleased to bring you the best PC gaming headsets of the year 2020. From both wired and wireless headphones, as long as the best rated product will appear shortly.

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You may be wondering, if you already have good computer speakers, why consider a headset? But a gaming headset will help you play games all night without having to worry the whole family waking up because of the sound of gunfire explosions, swords and shields colliding. And computer speakers can't do that, unless you turn the volume down as low as possible. But if so, what is the game experience anymore.

Therefore, a headset for gaming is a perfectly reasonable need. And how to find the best PC gaming headsets will be the question now. Then, based on where to choose the best gaming headset?

  • Wide soundstage: If you choose headphones you need to choose headphones with a wide soundstage so that you can clearly distinguish all sounds such as footsteps or gunshots.

  • Image sound: A headset in addition to a wide soundstage, that headset also needs to have good sound so that you can determine which direction the sound is from. Like the sound of footsteps coming from the right or the left, from the ceiling or the tunnel to give you a definite advantage in important matches.

  • Detail: If the headset describes the sound in the smallest detail, then that headset is also worth your attention. The more detailed the sound, the better, as this creates great gaming comfort.

  • Soundproofing: Gamers always need maximum quietness and concentration for gaming, so headphone manufacturers nowadays make absolute sound insulation on their headphones.

  • Weight: Wearing headphones for many hours, you should pay attention to choosing headphones with the right weight to create comfort when playing games.

  • Material: As an important part of the comfort when you use it, if you are too hard or too soft you will find it uncomfortable. In addition, the material also affects the sound emitted from the headset.

  • Micro: A gaming headset not only does high quality sound, but also needs a good microphone for you to fight the best game. With the era of Esport games taking the throne, team spirit is very important, gamers need to communicate so as not to affect the playing process. So Micro is quite important in linking teammates when playing the game.

  • Choose the right game: Each game type has a different sound and the sound will have a different role in each game type. For example, for MOBA games, the sound when entering the combat is very chaotic, so just one headset with the bass-mid-treble band has the balance. As for FPS games like CSGO, PUBG, you need headphones with high treble frequencies to increase the sharpness of the sound and you can easily detect the enemy. 

So based on the above criteria, we bring to you the best PC gaming headsets in 2020 today:

1. HyperX Cloud Alpha S - Perfect upgrade, extremely good quality

HyperX Cloud Alpha S is a great gaming headset recently released from Kingston, the next version that adds 7.1 surround sound of another legendary Cloud Alpha.

True to the quality of a high-end headset, the HyperX Cloud Alpha S accessory kit is also very good and complete, including a large carrying pouch, 2 cloth earpads to replace if you do not like leather earpads. , microphone and most importantly 7.1 sound card, there are also some introduction papers, manuals.

The appearance of the HyperX Cloud Alpha S is really simple and it is a signature of the HyperX Cloud line of headphones. The outer metal frame is light but solid, the leather-wrapped head cushion is smooth, the stitches fit beautifully.

For those who are difficult, HyperX Cloud Alpha S will have a small disadvantage that on the headset, there are two wires to the driver that look quite redundant. It's covered with sturdy umbrellas so there's no need to worry about it, but if it can be hidden inside it would be perfect.

HyperX Cloud Alpha S has a lightweight, flexible joints and wide stretching amplitude, making it extremely comfortable to wear. Of course, the ear cushions and the smooth head cushions also play an important role in user satisfaction.

In terms of sound quality, HyperX Cloud Alpha S inherits the big ear buds with the excellent driver of this product line ever. The sound range of the headset is extremely wide with extremely clear separated sound ranges, creating high accuracy when using. Even bringing these headphones out to listen to music must say is great.

On this product, HyperX has added HyperX virtual 7.1 with improved controls to reproduce the ultimate surround sound, providing the perfect spatial experience for gamers. Especially in the virtual world of shooters like CS: GO or PUBG, Apex Legends, the orientation must be said is super accurate, bringing great advantages to users.

In addition to the 7.1 surround sound feature that makes a big difference, the HyperX Cloud Alpha S also has a plastic slide to adjust the bass quite funny on the back of the headset. In fact, this is just an open hole to make sound easier, it does not bring much effect to the sound quality, but when widened, it will feel much less tired.

Currently, HyperX Cloud Alpha S is priced at $126.99 - this is the best PC gaming headset with extremely good quality and one of the highest quality on the market today.

2. SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDAC - Super product headset with the beauty of technology for true gamers

Steelseries has launched a line of gaming headsets with the ambition to defeat all competitors in the same segment as Logitech G933, Razer tiamat, or Logitech G Series ... with the Steelseries Arctis Pro + GameDAC headset model to bring The best experience for every gamer when used for gaming as well as for daily music and entertainment. An excellent choice for all of your needs.

Due to being in the high-end segment, Steelseries Arctis Pro + GameDAC Headset is gifted by Steelseries with a lot of accessories including USB charger cord, Air filter for microphone, user manual and 1 switch jack allowing you to use it for both mobile devices.

Basically, the SteelSeries Arctis Pro has 2 versions, one with headphones only and more advanced with a high-end 24-bit standard audio decoder (DAC).

In terms of overall design, Arctis Pro still retains completely the characteristics of the frame and metal frame of the whole line, which is perfect and highly appreciated before. Of course, this headset model also has its own improvements, most noticeable is the larger size, large and smooth earcup with cushion at Oval - creating a feeling of very comfortable use.

Another interesting point in the design of SteelSeries Arctis Pro is the 16.8 million color RGB border LED system with many beautiful effects. It can even be synchronized with other devices thanks to the SteelSeries software engine. Make sure gamers who love sparkling colors will have to love to own them.

SteelSeries Arctis Pro owns the latest generation drivers with an extremely wide frequency response from 10Hz to 40,000Hz, providing the ability to reproduce the sound field. This helps the product emulate well all sounds in games, music or movies. Even outside of the human hearing threshold, it can be shown accurately and honestly, so there's nothing to criticize.

In actual experience, the SteelSeries Arctis Pro delivers a very bright and clear treble, which is a common strength of gaming headsets - to reproduce fast sounds in the virtual world in a separate and detailed way. In addition, the mid and bass are also quite good, enough to listen to music and watch movies at high-end needs.

As introduced before, the high-end and expensive version of the SteelSeries Arctis Pro will include a high-end 24-bit standard DAC to increase the quality of sound. It is known that this removable DAC can decode standard audio files 24bit - 96kHz (high-end Audiophile standard) for the best support for high-quality music listeners. However, to show its greatness, we also need to have qualified music files.

The DAC supports extremely convenient multi-connections, including: common USB for PC, Optical input for high-end entertainment devices like HDPlayer. An audio output support for all other headphones and an audio input when wanting to use the DAC with mobile devices.

Of course, the low version does not use the DAC to decode the sound, it still plugs well into the sound card of the computer, the attached cord also has a large and small volume adjustment function quite convenient.

Currently, SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDAC is quite expensive up to $249.99. This money brings the headset straight to the highest-end market share, almost only professional gamers or very loving beauty can spend. But it should be confirmed that there is no waste, worth every penny!

3. Razer BlackShark V2 - sets the new standard in eSport headsets

With three completely new blockbuster technologies, Razer BlackShark V2 officially entered the ranks of the best PC gaming headsets.

Equipped with the all-new Razer ™ TriForce Titanium 50mm Driver, the Razer Micro Cardioid HyperClear with USB Sound Card, advanced Passive Noise Canceling, and THX® Spatial Audio Game Profiles Sound Technology, the BlackShark V2 is New pinnacle of wired eSport headsets, cross-platform compatible, designed and tested by the world's top gamers.

In eSports, sound quality and communication are of paramount importance. Being able to hear the slightest signal and communicate clearly with your teammates will determine the final outcome in a tournament. Standing on top of a champion's glory or stopping at the bottom of the board depends in part on the gaming headset.

For the BlackShark V2 headphones, Razer has developed an all-new 50mm Driver, with built-in custom microphone tones and outstanding passive noise-canceling ear cups, to create a super product with 3 superior features: realistic sound, clear communication, minimal noise.

Razer BlackShark V2 headphones are equipped with the all-new, patented Driver TriForce 50mm, called the Razer TriForce Titanium. Specially designed with a titanium-coated diaphragm, inside is an advanced TriForce technology that separates the audio frequencies and allows adjustments to separate high, mid, and low range tones, delivering sound. Clear highs, full mids, and powerful bass.

Driver TriForce is equipped with THX Spatial Audio technology - a solution that delivers accurate and lifelike sound, compatible with 5.1 and 7.1 sound sources. THX's advanced algorithms and modeling technology enable a 360-degree surround sound experience for each side of the BlackShark V2 headset, helping gamers locate enemies, detect nearby threats and dodge avoid bullets, giving absolute advantage to gamers and professional esports athletes.

Clear communication between fierce battles is key to victory in esports, so with the BlackShark V2 headset, Razer developed the HyperClear Cardioid Microphone with USB Sound Card, fine-tuned with voice focus, eliminating background and side noise, making speech clearer. The microphone has a detachable design for convenient noise reduction for clearer voice support.

During the tournament, which could take place at home, over LAN or on the main stage of the world finals game, the noise outside caused unwanted distraction. Acoustic signals from other players and in-game environments can be overwhelmed by outside noises entering the headphones.

The innovative passive noise canceling feature of BlackShark V2 headphones via oval earcup, wrapped in luxurious leather cushions. This design not only creates a fit for the player, but also extremely effective noise reduction.

Using breathable ultra-soft active foam helps to minimize heat and sweat build-up, creating comfort even during long and intense gaming sessions. The soft headband, finished in an ultra-light stainless steel frame, ensures flexibility and an extremely durable design that brings a weight of just 262g to the headset.

From the very early days of the BlackShark V2 headset's creation, the Razer team worked with many eSports athletes to test and gather feedback to perfect the headphones' design and functionality.

Razer BlackShark V2 is one of many products designed with feedback from professional esports athletes. By listening to players and applying feedback to new products, Razer has established itself as a market leader in the professionalism and quality of eSport gaming peripherals.

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1. I play a wide variety of games, from FPS to AAA, MOBA and RPG, so how should I choose a gaming headset?

Each genre of game, game series will have a different sound system and playing style, so you will need to choose a headset for the sound quality suitable for the game, game series or game genre. that you want to aim for.

If you play FPS games that require good orientation such as CS: GO or PUBG, you will need an ear boat with a very light bass range, higher ranges like mid and treble are clearer and more readable. details the better. With a headset with good mid and treble bands, you will be able to clearly identify the direction of the sound, the different sounds will be separated, detailed and clear. You will be able to discern the sound of the gun and where it is fired, the sound of the opponent's footsteps moving on the grass or on the ground.

And when you are someone who likes to play AAA games or the game genre is not too dependent on the sound system such as MOBA (LOL Dota 2 ...) and RPG (Blade and Soul, Final Fantasy, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt ...) then you should choose a headset that has a good balance between the sound bands. With a balanced headset, you will be able to experience the game to its fullest. You will not only be able to clearly hear the sound of the character's moves, but also hear the background music and other sound details in the game.

If you play games with the presence of many motorized vehicles such as World of Tank, WarThunder, Armored Warfare, ACE Combat series ... then you will need a headset with strong bass. With a headset with good bass, explosive sounds, engines, and gunshots will sound much better. You will be able to immerse yourself in the virtual world and enjoy the fiery battlefields.

2. Does the surrounding environment affect choosing a gaming headset?

Of course, in which environment you play games will directly affect the sound insulation, microphone and the customizability of the headset you aim for.

If you often play games in a noisy environment like a cafe or internet room, then you will need a headset with sound insulation as strong as possible to be able to focus on the game in the best way. Voice chat in a noisy environment will also need a microphone with good noise resistance to limit the noise that affects the people you are interacting with.

If you play games in a quiet environment like in a private room, then you won't need a headset with great sound insulation, now you have more options for wearing comfort. You can choose the ear cushions that are mesh wrap instead of leather to prioritize the airiness, the pressure of the ear cups does not need to be too tight, you will only need enough pressure to hold the ear. hearing is stable on the head only.

If you often carry your headphones around and use them on a variety of devices, then you will need a highly customizable headset that is cross-platform compatible. At the same time, the headset should also have a harmonious and sophisticated design, avoiding the headset making you weird and making you less charming in the eyes of others. I have seen a guy wearing a toxic green Kraken Pro V2 going everywhere in a shopping mall and attracted a lot of unfriendly eyes. The problem here is not that the guy's headphones are not pretty, but because it stands out and doesn't suit his outfit.

3. I often see users give priority to the gaming headset earcups, why?

The earcups are the part that you press your ear against on a gaming headset. The nature and perfection of this part will play a secondary role in creating the feeling of wearing that headset.

  • Material upholstery

Depending on your needs, you will choose the appropriate ear cushions. Currently, there are 2 main upholstery materials: mesh fabric and artificial leather. Mesh fabric will give you a cool feeling, limiting the sticky feeling when sweating a lot, however, this material has quite poor sound insulation. Artificial leather on the other hand, this material will often feel softer, but will be quite uncomfortable when you sweat, so it is only suitable for use in cool environments.

  • Softness

If you think the quieter the better, then you are wrong. The smoothness and softness of the ear cushions depend on the padding inside. The ideal quietness is that when you put the headphones on, the ear cushions should be soft enough to distribute all the hugging force around your earcups, while also stiff enough to keep your ears from getting caught in the side driver. in the ear canal.

  • Thickness 

The thicker the earcups, the quieter you will wear them on, but at the same time, it is very quick to get stuck, hot and ringing in the ears. The reasonable thickness is enough for you to feel comfortable but still does not cause discomfort when worn for a long time.

  • Width

Depending on the size of the ear, you should choose a headset with ear cushions with the right size.

4. So besides the ear cushions, what else should I care about?

Yes, you should pay attention to the head cushion and the ear cup:

Some headphone models have a padded part and the frame is included. Others now split into 2 separate parts. When choosing a headset, in the head cushion, you do not need to think as much as the ear cushions, just wear it to try it.

  • Pressure: Normally, the pressure of a headset will be proportional to the softness of the earcups. The harder the ear cushion, the tighter the pressure will be and vice versa (true in most cases). The hard ear cushions and tight pressure will make the wearing feel more secure, but at the same time will not feel as comfortable as the headphones with soft ear cushions and light pressure.

  • Design: The headsets with the head cushion separate from the frame will often give the sense of weight distribution of the headset more evenly. The headphones that combine 2 parts into 1 are usually lighter and more compact.

  • Material of the headphone frame: The material of the headset frame will be made from plastic or metal. Metal has a much greater physical strength than plastic, but will also be significantly heavier.

And you should also pay attention to the ear canal joints. The joint part of the ear canal is responsible for making the earcups more flexible, helping the ear cushions close and distributing the force more evenly over the area around the earcup. Some models have a rotating earbud with a very wide angle, which can be up to more than 100 degrees, making it easier for users to use it more flexibly.

5. What is a software and emulator 7.1 system? Is it worth paying attention?

In terms of software, the headsets of major brands such as Logitech, Razer, Corsair, Steelseries will all be equipped with quite detailed audio tuning software attached, giving you a lot of space to doodle and experience. And usually, basic users will not use all the features on these software.

Regarding the 7.1 emulator, you do not need to put too much emphasis on whether a headset has a 7.1 emulator or not because anyway, the headset still has only 2 drivers, not the real 7.1. The 7.1 emulator system will give you the feeling of a larger, more overwhelming sound space.

If you want to experience the effect of simulated 7.1, you do not need to buy a headset that supports 7.1. Now there is 7.1 emulator software to help you experience this effect on conventional stereo 2.0 headphones.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the article, we have brought to you the 3 best PC gaming headsets in the world today:

1. HyperX Cloud Alpha S - Extremely good quality, the best overall and the most popular choice.

2. SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDAC - Super product headset with the beauty of technology for true gamers.

3. Razer BlackShark V2 - Specialized for eSport gamers.

Most importantly, depending on your gaming needs and financial ability to choose the right gaming headset. We can summarize it as:

  • You are a person who often plays games and voice chat in internet rooms, you will need a headset with light weight, cool wearing feeling when worn for a long time and the mic must filter noise relatively well. Then the HyperX Cloud Stinger headsets will be right for you.

  • You often carry headphones around, using many devices on different platforms, you will need a headset with delicate and harmonious design, cross-platform compatibility. We recommend Steelseries gaming headsets.

  • You often use headphones in the air-conditioned room and like to listen to strong music like Rock and EDM, you should choose a headset with strong bass, good sound insulation, like the Razer Kraken Pro V2 for example.

  • You're not just playing games or listening to music, and you need a headset that may need a good balance between the tones. Then Corsair's HS products would be the best choice.

Hope the above knowledge will be helpful and help you choose the best PC gaming Headsets for your gaming journey.

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