The 6 Best Phillips Espresso Machines of October 2020

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Espresso, for long, has been a favorite drink of many. You can easily find this beverage at any coffee shop and can even make it at home. One of the most well-known brands out there that can help you with homemade coffee is Phillips. But do you know what the best Phillips espresso machines are? Find out the answer in our article of the best Phillips espresso machines reviews today.


No matter what you are looking for in a cup of homemade coffee, you can always find yourself a perfect model at Philips that meets all your standards.

Typically, there are three main coffee makers' lines one could spot: Senseo coffee makers, Saeco manual espresso machines, and Saeco automatic espresso makers.

1. Senseo coffee machines

The invention of Senseo was initially in Europe, where locals tend to be picky and finicky when it comes to coffee! If what you're looking for is a single-serve coffee machine for home use, then you must have one of these. It can provide fantastic coffee quality that can satisfy the taste of Europeans.

Senseo coffee makers made by Philips (for example, the Senseo 7810\65 Coffee Maker) are best. One machine can make a 4oz single cup or two of them simultaneously. Moreover, you can also combine two cups into an 8oz single mug if you like stronger and much coffee.

Similar to most single-serve machines, Senseo is user-friendly with only one button required to operate. It's up to users whether they want a single or a double cup. You can also adjust the machine's intensity for different cup sizes.

2. Saeco manual espresso machines

If homemade espresso is your favorite, Saeco automatic espresso machines are some of the best options out there. Philips Saeco manual espresso makers (like the ) utilize unique technologies to produce superior espresso drinks.

All Saeco coffee machines come with five grinding settings for optimal results of superb flavors. The company's ceramic grinder also notably distinguishes itself from other popular brands' steel grinders, which usually offers a burnt taste.

Furthermore, these machines (like the Saeco RI9373/47 Aroma Espresso Machine) possess a unique brewing chamber with various brewing pressures and dose adjustments. 

Moreover, the Philips Saeco line also offers dual chamber technology that helps with the final coffee taste and the aftercare and cleaning up process, which could be pretty complicated to other machines' users. 

3. Saeco automatic espresso machines

An automatic espresso machine is pretty much the same as the previous one, except that they do most of the work for you. 

With manual units, you have to adjust and refill ingredients by your hands every time you use them. 

However, automatic ones (including the Philips 3200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine and the Philips 2200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine) require you to push a button to pump out superior results. 

You only need to refill the hopper with coffee beans and the tank with water after a few days. And the fresh, delicious espresso customized to your desires will come out in less than a minute. Whether what you want is a single cup, a double mug, Americano,... this machine can work its magic in just one push.

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Buying Guide

There are many things a home-barista needs to consider when it comes to picking up an espresso machine. Here are some simple guidelines to ease the process for you. 

1. Single boiler or double boiler? 

A one-boiler coffee machine doesn't allow users to make espresso and steam milk simultaneously. First, you have to brew your espresso, wait until the boiler reaches an acceptable temperature, and afterward steam milk (or vice-versa). 

On the other hand, one with two boilers helps you save more steps, time, and effort by achieving both simultaneously.

2. Budget

An espresso machine costs a fortune. Therefore, you have to be clear about the budget before deciding anything. Ask yourself whether you want to bump into a pricey top-of-the-line product or start low. 

Coffee makers' prices can range from below $100 upto $500, $2000, and even more. Not to mention that you also have to spend quite a lot on ingredients and other accessories like beans, milk, extra frother, extra grinder, and so on. 

3. Time

It's also easier to specify your budget if you think about how much time and effort you can spend with your coffee maker. If what you are hunting for is a casual single or double shot, one machine with too many features might not be "the one." 

But if you devote yourself to be an excellent home barista, you might need a unit that can brew many types of coffee (of course, at a higher price).

4. Maintenance

Your espresso machine does require aftercare. You have to clean it regularly for better hygiene and better coffee quality. Yet, cleaning up doesn't mean "ease" for some products as they come in a complex total. 

Make sure to go for one with removable drip trays, built-in grinders, and an easy-to-clean portafilter. They are the crucial parts that need to be cleaned.

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1. Which is the best Philips espresso machine?

Philips is the one brand with all top-of-the-line espresso machines. But among all, the Philips 2200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine takes the highest rank.  

It comes with a 12-step grinder setting that promises finely ground coffee powder contributing to the best taste with no burn. The hotness of your shot will also be well-maintained thanks to its 100% ceramic grinder.

2. Are automatic espresso machines worthy?

Of course. Automatic espresso makers are here to minimize any problem you might face regarding brewing delicious and authentic espresso shots. Well, you know what I mean. Brewing coffee can be pretty messy. Most Philips coffee makers also offer an automatic "shut-off/on" feature, which helps to save your bills.  

3. Which one is the better long-term investment: DeLonghi or Philips?

Both DeLonghi or Philips are well-known brands with extremely caring customer service. But Philips wins the game regarding durability. DeLonghi only performs smoothly in the first few months. 

It's only a matter of time when it starts to become problematic. Although DeLonghi comes with a 2-year warranty, it only operates excellently for about a year. Yet Philips products' performance can be consistently great up to 5 years.

4. How can I deal with my dirty brew group?

To prevent a clogged brew group, it's a must that we clean it weekly. If you're struggling with how to rinse this essential part, stick to the steps below:

  • Turn the machine off completely until it doesn't make any more noise.

  • Open the service door, push the "PUSH" button, and hold the brew group. Then pull it out.

  • Clean it carefully using lukewarm water.

  • Air-dry it, then put it back.

Final Thoughts

Have you found the best Philips espresso machines? If not yet, let us summarize everything you need to know. 

If you're looking for a simple-to-use espresso maker that offers authentic European flavor, the Senseo 7810\65 Coffee Maker will surely not let you down. 

However, if you're tackling a more complex machine that gives you an excellent espresso shot with little work only, going for the Saeco RI9373/47 Aroma Espresso Machine is, no doubt, a match. 

Last but not least, if a machine that requires nearly no work at all yet offers perfectly frothed milk, and a fantastic taste of espresso is what you're hunting for, remember to take a look at the  Philips 3200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine and the Philips 2200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

We hope our best Philips espresso machines reviews today help you. Enjoy your coffee.

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