The 58 Best Running Shoes For Men of September 2020

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In the mists of a pandemic, staying healthy is more important now than ever. Running is known to be one of the best ways to keep people’s health in check, both physically and mentally.

To any gentlemen out there who are in the search for a good pair of running yet do not know where to start, we have got you covered. This article will evaluate the best features of a running shoe to find out which is the best running shoes for men in the market.


Apart from fashion sneakers, most shoes, especially sport shoes are considered all the same thing. However, there is a vast difference between walking, training, and running shoes. The function, structure, and design of each type of shoe are meant to support a specific purpose.

Training shoes are built for multi-directional movement.  Its flat sole and flexible material are especially good for side to side movement. It is used in competitive sport or at the gym because of its flat sole and flexible material.

Walking shoes’ designs are more focused on comfortability rather than high performance. It needs to be light, easy to wear, and to some extent, fashionable.

What sets running shoes apart from other types of sport shoes are their built-in heel-to-toe movement, built-up heel, and other features that cater to runners’ needs.

Here are some features of the best running shoes for men: 

1. Cushioning

Runners create a pressure on their feet that is three times the weight of their body in each step. Therefore, almost every running has to be equipped with added cushioning at the heel and forefoot to withstand the added pressure. A little bit of padding at the right places can go a long way in protecting your feet from blisters, cuts, or joints dislocation.

Nike Men's Race Running Shoe is a great option if you are looking for running shoes with added protection.

2. Built-up heel

Running shoe designers take into account the need for stability for the runners. Buy creating a built-up heel mechanism. The heel can absorb excess pressure on the feet to support a more balanced performance as well as maintaining its wearers’ health.

Mizuno Men's Wave Rider 23 Running Shoes has a nice built-up heel to support your feet during running sessions.

3. Heel Flare

When in need, especially for trail runners, a flared heel is a great additional feature to stabilize the steep that the runners make. This heel shape is great for those who land on their mid or forefoot.

Nike Vaporfly Flyknit Unisex is equipped with flare heels to stablize your steps.

4. Flexibility

While most shoes do need flexibility for easier movement and prevent damage, running shoes’ flexibility need much more strategic placement. The most flexible area of the shoe can be at the arch of the foot or forefoot. This placement is based on the way each runner strikes. Therefore, you need to keep an eye out for the design that is compatible with your running style.

Hoka One 1099723 Cavu 2 Running Shoes have soles made with flexible material to maximize your running experience.

5. Ventilated material

Running shoes are often used when the wearer is in a constantly moving state. This ultimately creates lots of friction and sweat. Shoes made from ventilated material will immensely improve the runner’s performance.

Adidas Men's Competition Running Shoes has the toe section made with fabric that is soft, absorbent, and vitiable.

Buying Guide

1. Know the purpose of your shoes

Running shoes should not be mistaken for training shoes as they are built to support two completely different kinds of movement. The wrong shoes could seriously damage your performance and at worst, become the cause of your foot injury.

2. The higher the heel drop the better

The heel drop is the key to shock absorption. This is the best way you can equip your footwears to prevent injury.

3. Ventilation is a must

A well ventilated pair of shoes help your feet from sweating too much and in some cases can even prevent fungus development.

4. Lighter is better

Lighter shoes do not hold back your feet which lets you be able to run much faster.

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1. Where can I find the best running shoes that fit?

We would suggest a direct trip to an official outlet if you have oddly shaped feet or uncommonly sized feet. However, most online outlets nowadays such as Amazon can offer a wider range of sizes and you can always contact the seller for help if needed.

2. How should I store my running shoes?

Like all footwears, running shoes need to be stored in well-ventilated areas. The shoes should not be stuffed together with other items as this could lead to deformation.

3. Is it possible to wash running shoes?

You can wash running shoes. But always remember to follow the shoe’s instructions on how to do it and with which medium.

4. Are the sizes for men running shoes different from women running shoes?

Women’s sizes range is typically placed lower on the size chart compared to men sizes. But the main difference between the two types does not end there. Women’s shoes tend to have a smaller heel section, a tighter toe section, and are lighter than men’s shoes.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a good pair of running shoes is obviously important as it is your companion in your journey of becoming a better self. Our pick for the best running shoes for men to take home are the Brooks Mens Ghost 12 Running Shoe and the Mizuno Men's Wave Rider 23 Running Shoes

With the best running shoes for men reviews, we hope that you are well equipped to start a better, healthier life ahead! Are there any best running shoes for men that you fall in love with? Feel free to share with us, and we will discuss more!

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