The 38 Best Running Shoes For Women of September 2020

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In this trying time, people realize more than ever the importance of having a balanced lifestyle and good health. Running is proven to be one of the best ways to keep yourself both physically and mentally healthy. It encourages blood circulation, reduces excess fat, detoxes your body, and creates a positive effect on your mental health.

Whether you are a busy business woman or a stay at home mom, a good pair of running shoes can become your best companion in your journey of self love.

Here are the best running shoes for women in the market and how to get yourself a pair.


You all know the flashy fashion sneakers that serve no other purpose than being fashion accessories. You also know there are shoes designed specifically for sport. But what most of us do not know is that there is a vast difference between walking, training, and running shoes. The function, structure, and design of each type of shoe are meant to serve a specific purpose.

Training shoes are made with flexible yet durable materials, and are equipped with flat soles that support multi-directional, especially side to side movements. 

Walking shoes are light, comfortable, easy to wear, eye-catching, and made without many special features.

Running shoes are equipped with built-in heels to support heel-to-toe movement, built-up heels, strategic cushioning that are perfect for runners.

Here are some features of good running shoes:

1. Cushioning

Running puts a pressure that is three times the weight of the runner on one foot in each step. Runner’s feet are also vulnerable to friction which is the cause of blisters, and tears.

That is why most running shoes have to be equipped with added cushioning at the heel and forefoot. This protects the feet from cuts and joints dislocation.

Check out YooPrettyz Women Running Shoes Mesh Sports Shoes Casual Walking Athletic Sneakers for added padding to protect your feet.

2. Built-up heel

Running shoes need to stabilize its wearer's step to protect the body from falling as well as excess pressure. A built-up heel is made with pressure-absorption materials that lessen the impact when your foot hits the ground. This will protect your ankles and knees from damage.

ASICS Women's GT-1000 7 (D) Running Shoes has a nice heel drop for an easier run.

3. Heel Flare

Heel flare is a great feature that creates stability in the runners’ footsteps, especially those who land on their mid or forefoot.

NIKE Women's Free 5.0 Running Shoes (6.5) has nice, flare heels meant for those who opt for stability.

4. Flexibility

While most shoes do need flexibility for easier movement and prevent damage, running shoes’ flexibility need much more strategic placement. The most flexible area of the shoe can be at the arch of the foot or forefoot. This placement is based on the way each runner strikes. Therefore, you need to keep an eye out for the design that is compatible with your running style.

Sergio Rossi Women's Sr Running Sneaker has great flexibility and is something you should look out for.

5. Ventilated material

No one stands still when wearing running shoes. The runners are constantly moving which creates lots of sweat. To keep your feet from overheating as well as the uneasy feeling of sweat, most running shoes are made with ventilated materials. 

Mizuno Women's Training Running Shoes have ventilated fabric sections throughout the top and sides of the shoes to keep you cool.

Buying Guide

1. Know the purpose of your shoes

Running shoes are made specifically for running. Training shoes are made for competitive sports. Walking shoes are easy to walk in.

Each type of shoe is created differently to support a certain need. Using the wrong shoes not only costs you your performance but it can also become the cause of your foot injury.

2. The higher the heel drop the better

A higher heel drop absorbs excess pressure much better. This will help your feet from getting injured.

3. Ventilation is a must

As you move about in your shoes during a running session, a bad pair of shoes will hold back that sweat you generate and create serious health problems in the long run. You can avoid all that by finding a pair that is made from good ventilated materials.

4. Lighter is better

Women’s shoes are already lighter than men’s but it is still great to find a pair that does not hold back your feet. This will allow you to run much faster and more freely.

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1. Can I wear my running shoes to the gym?

We would suggest buying a separate pair of training shoes for that purpose. Training shoes are made for sideway movements which are crucial in most gym lessons.

2. How should I store my running shoes?

Running shoes need to be stored in well ventilated areas. If you do not use your shoes too often, stuff a bit of paper inside the shoe to keep its form. 

3. Is it possible to wash running shoes?

You obviously can. But do keep in mind that you should not put too hard pressure on the shoes, use too stiff bristle brush, too hot water or too strong detergents.

4. Can I wear men's running shoes?

It is understandable that you would want a design on men’s running shoes that is just unavailable on women’s shoes. However, we do not recommend doing this as men’s shoes tend to fit quite oddly in women’s feet.

Women’s shoes are designed to have a smaller heel section and a tighter toe section that hugs the feet tightly. It is also much lighter than men’s kicks. Wearing the right pair of running shoes ensures the best performance so we would recommend you to not opt for anything less.

Final Thoughts

As a modern day woman, keeping a healthy lifestyle is crucial to get through the tough times ahead. A good pair of running shoes is there too keep you on the journey of becoming a better self.

Our pick for the best running shoes for women to take home is the ASICS Women's Gel-Excite 6 Running Shoes and the adidas Women's Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe .

We hope that with the help of this article, you can pick out the most efficient pair of running sneakers.

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