The 20 Best Sewing Machines of October 2020

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These days, sewing is valuable expertise, which is reasonable for everybody of all ages and genders. And the best thing is that we don't need talents to figure out how to sew. All we need is patience and the best sewing machines.


Can you believe that there are 21 types of sewing machines? However, only 4 of them are familiar with typical users! And here they are!

1. Domestic sewing machine

Domestic machines or so-called mechanical ones are the most essential of all things considered and could be lever-operated or hand-worked. They were intended to be utilized before the electrical force was available. 

The mechanical machine works using a handle and a wheel to drive the needle and get things stitched, or it might be a machine with a lever. The lever machine is manual and worked by using a lever plate simply on the floor. The lever will move, and an elastic belt drives the needles and sews everything. 

You likely perceive a few of these vintage machines without being noticed. They were regularly placed fixed to their tables. They are usually metal-made and last forever. However, domestic appliances like this only offer straight stitches.

We want to suggest two outstanding domestic sewing machines: the SINGER 4423 Sewing Machine and the Brother CS7000i Sewing and Quilting Machine. They are two most famous products from two big names in the field, with an extensive range of features and top-notch performances.

2. Electronic sewing machine

Electronic machines have many more choices, and the benefit of being electronic gives them a kick start. There are numerous brands of electronic devices to browse, providing various types and lengths of stitches. 

Electronic sewing machines will usually offer straight or criss cross stitches and easily decorate your fashion piece. 

Some products like the Brother XM2701 can even do the buttonhole. You can easily get accessed to all the functions by a handle instead of a mechanized electrical board.

3. Mini sewing machine

These small compact machines are one type of the former one. They are usually not durable enough if huge amounts of sewing are your goal. Despite its versatility and simplicity, it only fits small ventures and fixing clothes. The vast majority of these machines are not sufficient enough for heavier tasks.

A reliable mini sewing machine you could examine is the Varmax Mini Sewing Machine. It comes with an extension table and offers double threads and two control settings for speed.  

4. Computerized sewing machine

Mechanized and completely robotized machines have a lot more features and highlights. These machines frequently come with an LCD screen, programmed needle stringing, and weaving feature. They also possess various pressure controls and join lengths. 

Mechanized kinds of sewing machines are capable of buttonholes and have underlying stitching highlights. Despite their price, they are tough and enduring. Famous brands typically offer exercises and warranty on these advanced machines.

One computerized yet compact product users could go for is the SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960. Feel free to carry this around while still maintaining its superb quality.

Buying Guide

1. Quality Vs. Features

While choosing your first sewing machine, we'd truly encourage you to select a high-quality unit rather than one with, for instance, 100 presets. Although having lots of features sounds fascinating, an amateur can only use a few of them. Select the best quality one that fits your financial plan.

2. Sewing space

Probably one of the greatest factors to consider is the workspace of the product. This area also alluded to the throat size, which relates to the machine's length and the space between the machine body and sewing needle.

In case you're not sewing blankets, covers, or doing any large, cumbersome task, this factor might not be as necessary. However, if quilting or working with thick fabric is usual, it is the deal-breaking feature.

3. Stitches

It has no certain rules when it comes to sewing machines and the number of stitches; however, you still need to ensure your sewing machine possesses at least two kinds of stitches below: a straight one and a crisscross one. 

For straight ones, examine the flexibility of them. They should range from 0 to 5mm. The 0mm one permits you to secure your lines, while the 5mm one is ideal for holding the piece in place and assembling. 

For criss cross stitches, check to know whether their length and width could be adjusted or not.

4. Automatic needle threader

Threading a needle manually is not a serious deal ONLY IF you have great vision. Yet, not all programmed needle threaders are the same. A few companies offer superior performance than others.

Based on your age and your visual ability, you can easily decide whether to buy one with this feature or not. A friendly reminder is that if the users are elderly or kids, this is a necessity.


1. What is a buttonhole stitch?

Buttonhole stitch is another fundamental element to consider. Remember that a few machines will rush do buttonholes in a single step or by actually pressing one or two buttons while others may have a three or four-step method. 

In case that you'll be dealing with plenty of buttons or utilizing this feature for different uses, you'll unquestionably need to consider a machine that makes buttonholing simple. 

2. What is a stretch/knit stitch?

In case stretchy things and weaving are what you usually work with, ensure your machine accompanies additional stretch/knit stitches. Of course, you can always use the crisscross one with weaving; having these extra ones gives out such superior work.

3. What is a blind-hem stitch?

As its name implies, this kind of stitch is designed to help you sew the hems. It works wonderfully, and if you have a chance to try it, you'd probably understand how convenient this feature is.

Final Thoughts

Being on the hunt for the best sewing machines could be tricky if you don't know how to. However, with our post today, we hope that we've cleared the mist for you.

If you're on for a more traditional sewing method, try the SINGER 4423 Sewing Machine and the Brother CS7000i Sewing and Quilting Machine. Yet, if convenience is your dealbreaker, the Brother XM2701 and the SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960 are better choices. 

Last but not least, if portability is such a big deal to you, don't miss the  Varmax Mini Sewing Machine.

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