The 17 Best Shoes For Nurses of September 2020

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In the mists of this global disaster, our healthcare workers have been the driving force in the fight between the life and death of millions of people. They have been working restlessly for the past months, doing their best to take care of their patients. The workloads they are taking on is incredible and most of the time, our heroes have to stay on their feet for hours on end. 

Without the proper footwear, standing, alone, is a tedious task, not to mention having to constantly run from place to place. That is why we are dedicating this article to our heroes, helping them choose the best shoes for nurses, a reliable companion for them in the fight against Covid-19.


Healthcare workers, especially nurses are constantly on their feet, moving from patient to patient. One of their shifts should last roughly 8 hours. However, with the situation we are facing right now, most nurses have to cover multiple shifts a day, barely stopping to eat or sleep.

This means, their footwear must be able to subdue long wearing time, minimize friction, and be made to support constant moving. Most healthcare workers use tennis sneakers, slip-on sneakers, and clogs to help them get through their days.

Regardless of the kind of shoes a nurse wears, here are some features that all nurses shoes need to possess:

1. Have flat sole

Flat sole reduces the pressure on the ball of nurses’ feet, which can cause severe pain within just a few hours. It also helps keep their steps more balanced, stabilizes your movement, and reduces the risk of tripping, which can become deadly around delicate machineries within the hospital.

Birkenstock Boston Sheepskin, Clog for Women with their flat soles and muted color are a great choice for all female nurses.

2. Made from flexible material

Running around all day causes a lot of friction. This leads to skin damage, blisters, and bruises. To avoid this, nurses just need to pick out shoes that are made from flexible material. The flexibility of the shoes will morph itself around their feet without much resistance, which all together, reduce the danger of foot damage.

Babolat Jet All Court Womens Tennis Sneakers/Shoes are made with soft yet durable material. They would be perfect for nurses who have to run around a lot.

3. Form-fitting

A loosely fitted pair of shoes can seriously affect the wearer performance. It slows a nurse pace, creates instability in their steps, and can cause tripping. No healthcare worker should work with such hazards. Therefore, a form-fitting pair of shoes with a bit more room on the toe box would be perfect for nurses to do their job properly.

Nike Pro Men's Short-Sleeve Training Top is highly recommended for male nurses because of its form-fitting nature.

4. Equipped with a slip-resistant sole

Slip-resistant sole will act as the protector against whatever mess nurses have to face that day. From wet floors to vomits to blood spill, one will never know what would come their way but it is best to be well prepared for the worst. That is why shoes equipped with slip-resistant soles are crucial. It keeps nurses on their feet when people are in need. And that is more important than what people might give credit to.

Nike Men's Low-Top Sneakers provide slip-resistant soles that are great for male nurses.

Buying Guide

1. Everyday-wear shoes are the best

Running, walking, or just standing, nurses always need their shoes on during the long shifts. That is why choosing shoes made specifically to stay on people’s feet for a long time is crucial.

2. Always opt for comfortability

Having to stand for hours on end, a comfortable pair of shoes will make a nurse’s day much more bearable. It also helps reduce pain and make sure nurses can perform the best up until the last minutes of their shift.

3. Durability is key

As much as the material for nurse shoes has to be flexible, it also has to be very durable to be able to carry nurses through the tasks of their job. A good pair of shoes should last longer and should be able to withstand a certain amount of pressure. 

4. All nurse shoes need to be lightweight

Lighter shoes mean lighter steps, which means a faster pace, which results in more lives safed. Though that sounds too far-fetched, but it can not be more true when it comes to health workers and the importance of their job, and perhap the means that carries them through it.

5. They still need to be workplace appropriate

A hospital is still a professional working environment just like any other company. Even though it can be frantic at times, the people working in such an environment should also dress the part. It is true that comfortability is very important in nurses’ footwear, however, one should always keep in mind that professionalism is also a virtue that must be kept.


1. What kind of shoes should nurses choose?

Some nurses swear by tennis sneakers for their flexibility, some prefer clogs for their durability, and some only wear slip-on sneakers as they are claimed to be the most convenient.

Whatever the choices are, it depends on the preference of each person.

2. What color should nurses’ shoes be in?

It really depends on the hospital policy for the staff's outfit. However, due to the fact that nurses have to work in such a special environment, it is best to choose darker colored shoes as they are much easier to keep clean. Other than that, neutral colors can work quite well as they are also very appropriate for a professional environment.

3. How often do you have to wash nurse shoes?

Just as often as every other shoe does, or when they happen to get dirty. It is advisable to wash nurse shoes every two weeks or less.

4. Are there any other options than shoes?

It is highly unlikely that any other footwear can provide what nurses need for their job. Up until now, shoes are the best option any healthcare worker can choose if they care to perform the best in their job.

Final Thoughts

Picking the right pair of shoes can be hard, especially for healthcare workers, giving the harsh condition of their work during this trying time. After much consideration, we have come to the conclusion that the Skechers Women's Flex Appeal 2.0 Sneaker and the Nike Pro Men's Short-Sleeve Training Top are the best shoes for nurses in all sexes.

We hope that, by finding the most suitable shoes, the noble and hard work that all nurses are doing in such time can be executed a bit more efficiently.

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