The 22 Best Shower Curtains of September 2020

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Do you frequently wet your bathroom floor when bathing no matter how careful you try to be that takes you tons of time cleaning after? If your answer is yes, then all you need is indeed the best shower curtains. And to help you understand better about this accessory and select the most suitable one for your bathroom, don’t skip this informative article below.


In general, there are two main types of shower curtains. They are hookless curtains and extra-wide curtains.

1. Hookless shower curtains

Hookless shower curtains are popular among modern households with contemporary bathroom design. Instead of using traditional curtain rings and hooks, this type of shower curtains uses a ceiling-track shower rod and built-in grommets so that it can slip easily and freely through the rod.

And our suggestion for you is Hookless Waffle Fabric Shower Curtain. It is made from polyester that can be washed freely in the washing machine. In particular, it features a special “waffle” design and a translucent window, allowing light into the enclosure to create a cozy feeling and more space for users. 

2. Extra-wide shower curtains

Basically, extra-wide shower curtains are designed in rectangle, U, or L shape, which offers you extra privacy and coverage around your bathtub. And they are usually hung over your tub from the ceiling. With these shower curtains, you never have to worry about wet bath mats or floor again.

If you are thinking of one, why don’t you choose Riyidecor Green Leaves Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain or Madison Park Spa Waffle Shower Curtain? Both of them are made of luxury textured polyester fabrics to bring the highest waterproof quality bathroom curtains.

Buying Guide

Choosing the best shower curtain for your bathroom might seem easy to some people, but not easy for everyone. Before deciding to buy one, you are advised to carefully check these things.

1. Consider the size and length of shower curtains

Standard shower curtains are made in the size of 72x72 inches and they are supposed to extend halfway to the floor and cover your bathtub. However, we understand that not every bathroom space is the same. 

Some manufacturers offer you shower curtains with different sizes, including extra wide (108x72 inches), extra tall (72x84 or 72x96 inches), and stall (54x78 inches). Therefore, you should examine and consider specifications carefully to make sure that the shower curtain perfectly fits in your space.

2. Consider the materials

Shower curtains are made of various materials, but vinyl, cotton, and microfiber are among the most popular options. Vinyl curtains are low-cost and easy to maintain, though they might not bring as comfortable and elegant looks as cloth curtains. Moreover, with vinyl curtains, mold or mildew is never of your worry.

In contrast, fabric curtains are made in different styles and colors that can come along well with many personalized bathrooms. However, they tend to be soaked with water and moisture every time you bath. It is why they are commonly used in guest’s bathrooms that are not used regularly.

3. Consider your bathroom design

More than just a normal bathtub cover, a shower curtain can be the highlight of your bathroom. If you want a subtle and simple look, a solid color in a neutral tone is a perfect fit. In contrast, if you want to remake your bathroom with a special focal point, opt for a shower curtain with a patterned design.

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1. How can I maintain my shower curtains?

Most shower curtains on the market nowadays can be easily washed in a washing machine with cold water. However, with some made from fabric or cloth, they may require to be washed more frequently than the others, while vinyl or polyester options are waterproof, which require less care from you.

2. Is it compulsory to purchase a shower curtain?

Actually, it is not compulsory, but we recommend you to purchase one if you use a bathtub or shower stall in your bathroom. The best shower curtain can not only provide you with additional coverage and privacy but also make your bathroom more aesthetic. It also contributes to keeping your floor clean and dry by limiting splashes of water.

3. Can I make a DIY shower curtain to save money?

We believe you can. However, making a DIY shower curtain might not be easy. Thus, we recommend you to look for some instructional videos in advance for reference.

4. Do I need to go to the store to check a product’s specifications before buying it?

It will be best if you can go to the store and check the actual specifications. However, many manufacturers also provide this information on online shopping platforms. Or else, you can directly contact the sellers and ask for this information.

Final Thoughts

If you still think of a shower curtain as a basic bathroom accessory, then you should change your thoughts. The best shower curtains do more than that; they can even add up the modern and elegant look for your bathroom as an interesting decoration.

If you are still confused, go check Hookless Waffle Fabric Shower Curtain, which is made from fabric for a standard bathroom space. For additional coverage, opt for Madison Park Spa Waffle Shower Curtain with an extra-wide design for a better comfortable feeling.

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