The 10 Best Shower Doors of October 2020

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Shower doors are designed to prevent water from spraying outside your shower enclosure. An attractive alternative to shower curtains, clear glass screens are also very hygienic. 

This makes them a great option whether you're looking to close off your shower or just to smarten up your bathroom space. Take a look at our guide on everything you need to know about finding the best shower doors for your bathroom!


Selecting a shower door is a matter of personal taste as well as fitting. There are 4 popular styles when it comes to shower doors: Bi-fold, Sliding Shower door, Hinged shower door, and Pivot shower door.

1. Bi-fold Shower doors

Nothing screams class and elegance more than folding shower doors, which can make the dullest of bathrooms come to life. Bi-folding shower doors have a join in the middle which allows the door to fold in on itself when opened which is a practical way to save space. They are available in plenty of different sizes so you can easily find one that suits the exact measurements you need.

One of the great products that you should not miss is DreamLine Aqua Fold Frameless Bi-Fold Shower Door. This is a great choice for smaller bathrooms as this door gives a wide entry, while using minimal space, and it is made of quality certified clear tempered glass. 

Another great candidate is Basco Infinity Bifold Semi-frameless Shower Door with quarter-inch thick glass gives a sturdy weight and enables smooth door operation and easy installation

2. Sliding Shower doors

This kind of shower doors consists of two or more panels that slide on top and/or bottom-mounted tracks, which is very practical and is great for saving space for tub enclosures and narrow bathrooms with closely-spaced fixtures.

The suitable product for you is DreamLine Fully Frameless Sliding Shower Door with modernistic design and striking stainless steel hardware creating a perfect combination of exceptional quality and cutting-edge style. 

In case you are looking for more privacy, this Basco Classic Sliding Shower Door makes a great choice. There are a few glass types available to choose and with its excellent minimalism design, this shower door will certainly give your bathroom a stylish, elegant appearance.

3. Hinged Shower doors

The hinged bathroom doors work exactly like the regular doors around the house and it has been one of the more conventional shower doors for a long time. These doors should be installed in more spacious bathrooms or at least where the doors will have enough room to open comfortably.

In this category, you should choose Miseno Wide Hinged Frameless Shower Door which delivers an impressive look to any bathroom and gives the feeling of more space as you utilize the shower. 

Next, we have Aston Nautis GS Completely Frameless Hinged Shower Door with outstanding material such as premium frosted, tempered safety glass and stainless steel will definitely make you feel luxurious.

4. Pivot Shower doors

Pivot doors are like hinged doors but open by letting part of the door into the shower enclosure which makes them particularly practical in small bathrooms! It can be mounted with single or double hinges to swing either inward or outward, like a traditional room door. 

If this sounds like what you want, look no further than KOHLER K-707510-L-ABZ Revel Pivot Shower Door with versatile opening direction, the self-closing mechanism offers superior feel and avoid water leakage. 

Another amazing option is DreamLine Elegance Frameless Pivot Shower Door with various colors and modern frameless design to enhance any bathroom with an open, alluring look.

Buying Guide

Given that there are numerous shower doors available, so what are the most important factors one should keep in mind? You are about to find out about all of it with this following criteria list.

1. Choosing your shower door type

  • Bi-folder shower door type would be suitable when you don’t have a big, spacious bathroom. With its smart design, you can create an aesthetically pleasing bathroom that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

  • Sliding shower doors make its mark with innovative design, saving you space and still give a modern, chic look for your bathroom. There are various glass types to choose from according to your privacy preferences.

  • Pivot/ Hinged shower doors types have been a good choice for the majority of bathrooms. If you have some space, this would be the only missing investment to complete a fleek and sophisticated look for your bathroom. 

2. Your budget

A Bi-folder would be suitable if you are on a little budget. Otherwise, the stylish sliding shower door or a pivot/ hinged shower doors will not make you regret your purchase.

3. Screen material

Currently, there are two types of material for a shower door: Glass and Acrylic. 

  • Glass is the most traditionally used material, but it must be a type of safety glass conforming to specific standards. This means that it has been designed and treated for household use, if broken, will shatter into small, square-shaped pieces. You must also be aware of the weight of glass; the thicker it is, the heavier it will be so it's important to choose the right wall plugs if the ones supplied to you are not appropriate for the material.

Acrylic screens provide the most cost-effective option but, in all honesty, are not as long-lasting. While this material is more prone to lime scale build-up, it is still a good alternative.


1. Is it easy to install?

Shower doors are not overly difficult items to fit yourself as long as you are familiar with this kind of installation. Although, it is recommended to contact a professional technician to install it for you as this should prevent any damage from occurring.

2. How often should I clean my shower door?

Daily cleaning and routine care for a shower door don’t require a lot of upkeep. To keep them clean all you need is some white vinegar and a clean cloth. This will quickly remove any stains or water marks the glass may have picked up. 

Use a second, dry cloth to gently dab away any excess vinegar once rubbed in as this will avoid any unsightly streaking appearing. A shower squeegee is also a great, inexpensive tool that will leave a stunning, crystal clear finish 

3. When should you change or buy a new shower door?

As they are designed to be sturdy, it will be a long time before you need a new shower door. Frameless shower doors are less likely to develop problems because less metal is used. Shower doors can last 20 to 30 years or more when properly maintained.

4. How do I measure?

With a few easy to find tools such as a tape measure, a pencil, a marking tape, and a measuring sheet, measuring will be easy and doesn’t take long. 

Before you begin, make sure your shower walls are in their final state, whether they’re finished with tile or a tub surround to get an accurate measurement. First, we’ll need to measure opening width using your tape measure, measure lengthwise across the bottom, center, and top of your shower for an inline opening. Next, for height measurement, measure from the top of the threshold or tub deck all the way to the top of your tile or fiberglass walls.

Final Thoughts

Having the best shower door will bring you unlimited relaxation and enjoy life to the fullest. Hopefully after this guide, you can get a product that is best suited for your home. These three products listed below are certainly worth having a look: Basco Infinity Bifold Shower Door, DreamLine Fully Frameless Sliding Shower Door, and  Aston Nautis GS Completely Frameless Hinged Shower Door.

Are there any best shower doors that you fall in love with? Feel free to share with us, and we will discuss more!

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