The 27 Best Shower Heads of September 2020

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A good shower is no doubt, the best way to unwind and relax. Therefore, choosing the best shower heads is extremely important. 

You can find dozens of options available with a variety of materials, prices, and features. This ultimate review and buying guide will help you pick the best one out there, so remember to read till the end.


Before making the purchase, you should consider different types of shower heads. Here is a brief explanation of it. After you learn all the differences and pros and cons of each type, you will be able to determine which is the best shower head for you. 

Hand-held shower heads: hand-held shower heads are the most common type, which is a versatile option for either a new bathroom or a bathroom makeover. This type usually comes in packages including a detachable hose and holder to mount the showerhead. 

You can hold the flexible hose in your hand and control the water direction, which is great when you are recovering from an injury or bathing your kids. Couradric Handheld Shower Head is one of the best products if you are looking for a hand-held shower head with high pressure.

Rainfall shower heads: Compared with other types, they have a much bigger shower head, from 5 inches and up. With large coverage, it releases lots of water at a time, like rainfall. If you are into strong pressure, rainfall shower heads are not for you. 

With 12 inches full-body coverage, rainfall shower head from MESUN brings you an impressive bathing experience. 

Dual shower head: This is what happens when you have a hand-held shower head paired with a rainfall one. The dual type is a good idea for those seeking a cost-effective bathroom upgrade. With a perfect combination of luxurious rain shower head and 6-Setting hand-held shower, AquaDance 7" Premium High Pressure 3-Way Rainfall Combo is an ideal choice for the best dual shower head. 

Specialty: Manufacturers are getting very creative these days with interesting features integrated into your shower head. Some models offer LED lighting to make your shower time much more fun and enjoyable. Some even include a wireless-speaker which allows you to sync your smartphone with your shower head to play music! To enjoy this function, go for KOHLER K-9245-BN 2.5 gpm single-function wireless speaker.

Buying Guide

You are having trouble finding the best shower head that goes well with your bathroom and meets your needs? Here is the buying guide, which can be useful for your search. 

Make sure you look through these criteria. 

1. Pressure level and Coverage

Coverage refers to the width of the water spray. The larger coverage means you have wider spray. 

Keep in mind that coverage bears an inverse relationship to spray pressure. The larger the shower head's diameter, the weaker the water pressure.

2. Ease of installation

This depends on your bathroom design and whether you install the shower head yourself or you have the help of a professional. 

For example, you just replace an old wall-mounted shower head with a new one. It is a quick job that anyone can do. 

However, your new shower head is a ceiling-mounted rainfall model. You might need the help of a professional. 

3. Number of setting

The multi-setting models allow you to adjust the flow pattern to many settings, from wide or narrow streams to massage and more. It can provide you with a spa-like experience but also have a high price tag. 

The single-setting shower head is simple with one fixed setting. This model costs much less than the one with various settings.


1. What is the shower head's best flow rate?

The answer varies from person to person due to your own taste and budget. 

In case you are into a powerful spray, make sure you take a shower head with 2.5GPM or above.

If you are looking for something more gentle, feeling of rain on the skin, go with 1.8GPM products. 

2. How do I clean my shower head?

Don't use harsh chemicals to clean the shower head because doing so can damage the finish and void the warranty. 

White vinegar is recommended instead.

  • Pour white vinegar into a plastic bag.

  • Place this bag over your shower head. Make sure it is immersed entirely in the vinegar. 

  • Use a piece of string to hold the bag. 

  • Leave it for several hours. 

  • Run the shower on hot water to remove any remaining minerals.

  • Use a soft brush to clean the nozzles and face. 

3. How much does it cost to install a shower head?

The average cost starts from $50 to more than $100 per head. The total cost, including labor and materials cost, is about $80 to $200. 

The actual amount you have to pay depends on your location, the finish options, etc.

Final Thoughts

Now after this review, you are armed with essential information on the different types and buying guides. We hope you are ready to decide which one is the best shower head for you. 

To assist you further in making this decision, here are some of  the most favorite products. 

Kohler K-22269-G-CP Forte 1.75GPM is repeatedly voted as the best shower head by many customers. 

In case, a hand-held shower head is your choice, invest in Delta Faucet H2Okinetic In2ition 2-in-1. You will be satisfied with a huge return on this investment.

If you're looking for an innovative and stylish product, try DreamSpa All Chrome 3-way LED Shower Head Combo. It offers a long-lasting LED light that changes color according to water temperature.

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