The 16 Best Smart Locks of September 2020

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If you are looking for comprehensive protection for your house, smart locks definitely are on the top of the list of your must-have items. Unfortunately, there are plenty of products out there, which make several people hesitant and confused. If you are also in the same situation, our article about the best smart locks will provide you some useful information.


You can easily find many types of smart locks on the market which offer unique features. However, in fact, there are only four basic types of smart locks: keypad smart locks, wireless smart locks, biometric fingerprint smart locks, and RFID smart locks.

1. Keypad smart locks

Keypad is a type of smart look that requires a code or a PIN to unlock the door. The password is easy to set up and change at any time, which will be very convenient for the house owner. While most keypads today are touch screens, a few of them still have physical buttons. 

If you are looking for a keypad smart lock, why don’t you consider Google Nest x Yale Lock - Tamper-Proof Smart Lock for Keyless Entry - Keypad Deadbolt Lock for Front Door with LED keypad? It not only provides a secure smart lock to your door but also informs you when someone locks, unlocks, or tries to tamper with your door lock with the Nest app. Therefore, you can feel secure even when you are far away from home.

2. Wireless smart locks

With wireless smart locks, you can use your phone to check your door status, lock, and unlock your front door from a distance. The factor determining the range of your secure lock is its connectivity, whether Bluetooth or Wi-fi.

The Bluetooth one will automatically lock and unlock the door anytime when you leave or arrive at a set distance. Compared to Bluetooth smart lock, Wifi smart lock takes effect within a more extended scale, and therefore it consumes more energy.

One of the best smart locks we want to recommend for you is August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. It does not require any additional bridge to connect to Wi-Fi, so you get full voice and remote access functionality without the fuss. With this small but qualified product, you can no longer fumble for your keys again. 

3. Biometric fingerprint smart locks

This secure lock uses unique features of a person such as fingerprints to unlock the door in place of a conventional key through some special scanner. Normally, a biometric door lock usually adds a PIN or fail-safe key as additional safety.

This is a product you should not ignore Samsung SHS-H705-FMK Biometric Digital Door Lock, Fingerprint with Small Mortise. Not only does it have a trendy design suitable for any type of door, but it also guarantees this security through rigorously tested construction, random security code feature, intrusion alarm, etc. 

4. RFID smart lock

RFID smart lock is widely used in hotels, dorms, apartments, hospitals, etc. to limit or allow several people to each room or specific area. Keycards will have data encoded on RFID chips which need special equipment to read.

So, how about choosing Prodigy SmartLock MaxSecure Interconnect Commercial Grade Lock? With double lock security, safety is no longer your worry because it will maximize security to your house. Moreover, advanced technology with durable and reliable mechanical features like fingerprint resistant and anti-pry will definitely not let you down.

Buying Guide

We realize that it is not an easy job for many people to find the best smart locks, especially those who do not have much experience with smart things. Below are some of our buying guides you should consider before making your final choice.

1. Choose the most suitable type 

As I mentioned above, there are many types of smart locks and each type provides you with each different feature. A product with multiple special features may offer you several ways to unlock your house, but some may not be necessary for your family. In general, we advise you to opt for a model with a combination of two or three ways to secure your house.

2. Consider your budgets

Budget is one of the most significant factors when you plan to buy something new. A lock with extra functions, of course, costs a higher price. So, if you are not abundant in budgets or you just simply need the most basic lock functions, you can choose some more affordable products.

3. Consider about extra features

Although all smart locks aim at providing maximum security to your house, you can also think about the extra features they offer. Some features you may like are home automation, smartphone compatibility or remote control, etc.

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1. How can I make my front door more secure?

A smart lock is an effective way to protect your house comprehensively. With today's modern technology, you can control door status anytime and anywhere through simple manipulation.

2. Is it worth buying a smart lock?

A smart lock is not a cheap item overall, but we all agree that they are absolutely useful in all cases. Not mentioning its trendy appearance, it certainly provides better security than any keyhole lock.

3.  How does a smart lock run?

It normally runs on battery power. For some modern smart locks, anytime the battery power is going low, it will inform users actively through apps for multiple weeks. If you replace a new one at that time, the smart lock will not stop working suddenly.

4. Am I able to install a smart lock by myself?

Yes, many smart locks are designed to be easy to install that most people can do themselves. However, you can hire an assistant or installer if you find it too difficult to do it on your own.

Final Thoughts

Smart locks are getting more and more popular these days, becoming the surrogate of traditional keyhole door locks. With our best smart locks review, we believe you can find the suitable one for your house. 

Until now, if you are still confused about the best smart locks, please consider our suggestions. 

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