The 17 Best Snow Shovels of October 2020

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Are you looking for a way to clear up tons of snow and ice on your driveways or walkways? Then the best snow shovels definitely will not let you down. If you want to gain overall information before purchasing one, our article is something you cannot ignore.


If you are a first-timer to snow shoveling, you may feel overwhelmed over numerous products on the market. However, there are four main popular types of snow shovels, which are straight shovels, offset shovels, snow pushers, and emergency shovels.

1. Straight snow shovels

These are standard snow shovels that are widely used in snowy regions. Basically, they are designed with a straight handle and a deep scoop, which makes them perfect for both snow lifting and pushing. The average front width may vary from 18 to 30 inches, the product having a wider width may scoop up more snow, but they will be heavier to lift.

Thinking of a simple straight snow shovel, go check Bosse Tools Professional-Grade, Ergonomic Snow Shovel with Wear Strip and Adjustable Center Handle right away. It’s the integrated Handle-It Technology - a simple click of the 360 Grip that makes it more special than other products. It improves scooping power while simultaneously reducing your stresses and strains.

2. Offset snow shovels

Unlike straight snow shovels, offset snow shovels have a crooked handle, which reduces back strain for users when shoveling. That’s the reason why offset models are the best snow shovels for people with back pain, though it may require some time and techniques to learn how to use them.

If you are looking for one, STRONGEST ERGONOMIC BACK SAVER SNOW SCOOP SHOVEL from Everything Jingle Bell is a great option. Not limited to snow only, this shovel can quickly and easily remove mulch, dirt, leaves, sand, grain, feed, debris, and all loose materials with its large grain style scoop, turning it into a perfect multi-purpose household tool.

3. Snow pushers

If you are familiar with the typical snow shovels, you may find snow pushers quite strange with their shallow and wide scoop and U-shaped handle. Snow pushers are not designed for lifting snow but pushing snow. You may be amazed at how fast and efficiently they push light snow on the way.

And here is our suggestion for you: ORIENTOOLS Rolling Snow Pusher with 6" Wheels and Adjustable Handle. It is equipped with a comfy handgrip with a padded handle, so you can stand upright while shoveling without bending or straining. Moreover, all you need is to push the snow instead of shoveling snow, which is time-saving and will take the stress off your back

4. Emergency snow shovels

As the name suggests, emergency shovels are used for emergency cases as they are foldable and can fit perfectly in your car. These shovels cannot take up large amounts of snow, but they are extremely useful when your car is parked outdoors or in case of unexpected snowfalls.

What about getting a GILBIN Compact Auto Emergency Snow Shovel Perfect for Cars, Trucks, and SUVs? This product can turn into a full-size snow shovel thanks to its adjustable handle and it works best with fresh snow or snow that has not started to freeze.

Buying Guide

To be honest, choosing the best snow shovels is not a simple job afterward, especially those who have not had experience in buying one before. If so, you can look through our suggestions below before making your final choice.

1. Types of snow shovels

As I mentioned above, there are pretty many types of snow shovels. Each of them has each advantage and unique features. Depending on your preferences, we believe you can choose the one that suits you the most.

2. The blaze

Another thing you should be alert about is selecting the right snow shovel’s blaze based on the shape and the materials. As for shape, you can choose either flat snow shovels, which are better at cutting into deep layers of snow, or round snow shovels, which are commonly used to push snow in order to make paths.

You also need to pick up the materials of the blaze, whether metal blazes or plastic blazes. Metal blazes are stronger and capable of carrying more snow, but they are quite heavy. Meanwhile, plastic blazes are lighter and easier to control.

3. The handle

Besides the blaze, another factor contributing to the best snow shovels is the ideal handle. There are some handle materials you can find on the market today that are plastic, wooden, metal, or fiberglass. In terms of handle design, ergonomically bent handle, double handle, fold-over handle, wheel-connected handle are on your list. 

4. Your budgets

Last but not least, budgets are always one of the most significant factors before deciding to buy something new. Some people living in heavily snowy countries have to pay the earth for high-quality snow shovels with extra features, extended clearing width, etc. to ensure the best performance. However, if you find it quite unnecessary, you would rather choose one at a more affordable price but stills can meet your basic demands.

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1. Should I shovel snow before ice?

Definitely. If snow compacts into nasty layers of ice, you will have to spend more time, more effort, and energy to get rid of them. Therefore, you should clear up the snow on the ground before freezing rain comes.

2. Should I keep shoveling when it is going to snow?

We only recommend you to shovel when it is snowing nicely and calmly. The sooner you start to shovel, the smaller amount of snow you have to remove later.

3. Is snow shoveling bad for my health?

Unlike normal exercise, the majority of people begin to shovel without warming up, which will increase blood pressure and heart rate. Therefore, in order to reduce the risk, you should spend some minutes doing warm-ups and take a rest casually for 15 minutes.

4. Is snow shoveling considered as doing exercises?

If you have ever shoveled snow, you will see it is as hard as working out. That is the reason why you should not do it excessively and shovel in shifts to protect your health. Don’t forget to look for some tips on the Internet as well.

5. What materials is a snow shovel made from?

You may find snow shovels on the market made from plastics, aluminum, fiberglass, steel, or wood. No matter what material they are made from, most snow shovels are durable and can scoop up lots of snow effectively.

Final Thoughts

A packed snow driveway is no longer a matter with the help of the best snow shovels. Do you still have no idea which snow shovel is the most suitable for you? Check out again on our recommendations.

Bosse Tools Professional-Grade, Ergonomic Snow Shovel with Wear Strip and Adjustable Center Handle is a great tool for standard home usage, while those suffering from back problems may be more suitable with STRONGEST ERGONOMIC BACK SAVER SNOW SCOOP SHOVEL. Both of them are efficient at removing both light, fluffy and heavy, dense snow. In addition, owning a GILBIN Compact Auto Emergency Snow Shovel Perfect for Cars, Trucks, and SUVs for unexpected situations might also be necessary.

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