The 15 Best Soda Makers of October 2020

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You are a big fan of sparkling water and consider getting a soda machine. Here is the list of the best soda makers to buy. A home soda maker allows you to easily carbonate your regular tap water or even fruit juice into a bubbly treat.


Different brands and models come with various features that you can use to categorize the soda maker. There are three main types of products based on these criteria.

1. SodaStream soda maker

This is a high-end type of soda maker which uses special cartridges. It can provide four different levels of carbonation and more than 50 flavors of sparkling water. Therefore, there’s no surprise this type of soda maker is available at a high price. However, if you really love to make your favorite fizzy water at home, Soda Stream is one of the best soda makers to choose from.

SodaStream Fizzi One Touch Sparkling Water Maker is one of the most favorite products of this type.

2. Primo flavor station soda maker

This soda maker uses only a CO2 cartridge, which creates a strong soda with a little CO2 at low pressure. This helps save the cost of cartridges. Due to that reason, Primo flavor station soda maker is a popular name in the market. You can choose Flavorstation Primo Home Beverage Maker FSS Freedom.

3. iSi Steel Soda Water Siphon

This has a high-quality steel construction with a standard CO2 cartridge that is easy to find. It’s simple and inexpensive! iSi Steel Soda Water Siphon is a great option for you.

Buying Guide

When choosing the best soda makers to bring home, we recommend you evaluate some of these features. 

1. Capacity

To decide the capacity you need, look for the capacity of both the carbonator and the bottle.

The first one determines the amount of soda while the second one is the amount of soda you can get in one go. 

Products with large capacity are suitable for families because they can help you save time. But you should go for models with a capacity of about 1 liter. 

2. Level of carbonation

Each person has their own favorite level of carbonation. Some people prefer strong soda while others like something light. 

Different soda makers produce different levels of carbonation. Some models offer multiple levels in one machine. 

The best soda maker is the one that can suit your taste.

3. Ease of use

Most soda makers are convenient and user-friendly, as you just need to push a button to start the process of making sparkling water. 

But if you want to customize your beverage, you must buy soda makers that have this function.

And normally they will require you to do some further steps. 

4. Type of input liquid

The majority of soda makers are compatible with water only. 

In case you want a variety of beverages, some models allow you to carbonate juice, wine, energy drinks. 

So consider your needs before buying to make sure you get your best soda maker.


1. How do I clean a soda maker?

The very first thing, check guidelines and advice from manufacturers. Not all soda makers are dishwasher safe, which means it cannot be washed in a dishwasher.

It is recommended to clean wash the bottle after every time you finish. To do so, fill your bottle with tap water (about a quarter) then shake it up and down. Repeat this action three times, then rinse the bottle. If you do not use the machine regularly, you should store them in a closed cabinet to avoid dust.

2. Can I re-carbonate drinks that have gone flat?

Well in theory, yes you can but we don't recommend this. If you try to re-carbonate something other than water, it's hard for the soda maker to control the fizziness level. In the worst case, the liquid might spray all over your place. 

3. Can I use a soda maker to carbonate juice?

It depends! The original soda makers were created for only flat water. 

However, some new models are manufactured to carbonate to carbonate juice and alcohol besides water.

Also, keep in mind that not all types of beverages are going to be great with bubbles.

Final Thoughts

The best soda makers can serve refreshing carbonated drinks and don't cost much upfront. So, this is a practical option to invest in.

All in all, there are three best soda makers you should buy which are SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker, SodaStream Fizzi One Touch Sparkling Water Maker, Drinkmate Beverage Carbonation Maker.

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