The 10 Best Toaster Ovens of September 2020


Instead of going out to grab some food, more and more people now enjoy cooking good food right at their cozy home. That’s the reason why many kitchen appliances were born to support, including toaster ovens, which is a great combination between a toaster and a traditional oven. Still wondering? Don’t worry, this article will help you opt for the best toaster ovens for your small kitchen.

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There is a wide range of toaster ovens that you can find in the marketplace. However, a convection toaster oven, a rotisserie toaster oven, and an infrared toaster oven are among the most popular ones.

1. A convection toaster oven

A convection toaster oven looks like a regular one, except the built-in convection fan. It blows the hot air inside the oven to help food cook faster, and simultaneously save your energy and electricity. For convection toaster ovens, Wolf Gourmet Elite Digital Countertop Convection Toaster Oven with 7 cooking modes perfectly serves as a powerful assistant in your kitchen.

2. A rotisserie toaster oven

A rotisserie toaster oven comes with different sizes as well as shapes and is specifically designed to cook more special ingredients such as the whole chicken. Nowadays, many manufacturers have combined both a convection oven and a rotisserie oven to optimize their multifunctional products and bring the most amazing flavor for users. Somark Multifunctional Convection Rotisserie Dual-Chamber Oven With a Super Fast Pizza Drawer is a great example.

3. An infrared toaster oven

An infrared toaster oven heats food directly by infrared waves without heating the hot air like other traditional toaster ovens. In this way, the ingredients will be cooked fast and efficiently as you don’t need to preheat your toaster oven in advance. You can even prepare delicious meals with frozen ingredients without defrosting them.

Among all infrared toaster ovens, why don’t you consider Big Shark Compact Toaster Oven with Double Infrared Heating. It offers you several special features, such as 12 modes of all-around baking, independent temperature control, and low-temperature fermentation.

Buying Guide

1. Choosing the type of toaster ovens

Each toaster oven comes with different advantages and disadvantages. For example, an infrared toaster oven is time-saving and environment-friendly; nevertheless, it is super hot while cooking, so it could be dangerous for you, your children, and your pets. Therefore, you should carefully think about the type and your purpose of cooking to find out the best toaster ovens for you.

2. Considering your budget

A multifunctional toaster oven with different modes of cooking can definitely bring you a more convenient baking experience. But, let’s think if you’re gonna use all these functions or only some of those. If not, purchasing a standard toaster oven with basic cooking modes can save you a lot of money.

3. Checking your kitchen space

A toaster oven is a small-scale kitchen appliance, whose capacity normally ranges from 8L to 10L. If you have a limited kitchen space, you should consider mini models such as Balmuda Steam Oven Toaster. Fortunately, there are various toaster ovens with different sizes and designs in the market for you to freely opt for.


1. Can I bake a pizza with a toaster oven?

Yes. You can bake a pizza with any type of toaster oven, either convection or infrared one. However, remember to check your pizza dough size to make sure it fits with your baking tray.

2. Is it easy to clean a toaster oven?

Yes. From my personal experience, I use a wet cloth to wipe down any crumb and grease after every use. Thus, monthly thorough cleaning also becomes more comfortable and easier.

3. What is the difference between an air fryer and a toaster oven?

Both an air fryer and a convection toaster oven have similar technology. They use the fan to stimulate the hot air so that the food will be cooked rapidly and evenly. Therefore, an air fryer can be a perfect alternative if you are looking for a convection toaster oven.

4. How much does a toaster oven cost?

It depends on which model and brand of toaster oven you opt for. Some mini toaster ovens cost around 50$ but some with a larger capacity and more functions can cost you 1000$ and even more.

Final Thoughts

No one can deny the necessity and convenience of a toaster oven in your lovely kitchen. You can prepare from appetizers, main dishes to desserts with only a toaster oven. With the help of Wolf Gourmet Elite Digital Countertop Convection Toaster Oven or Big Shark Compact Toaster Oven with Double Infrared Heating, cooking is easier than ever before.
If you are still looking for the best toaster ovens for your kitchen, don’t forget to have a look at all the above-mentioned products. I hope that you could find one after reading this article.

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