The 15 Best Toilet Paper Holders of September 2020

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Are you usually impressed with toilet paper holders at your favorite restaurants? Do you want your bathroom to have an impressive and fancy look? If your answer is yes, then this article about the best toilet paper holders may be helpful to you.


Basically, there are various types of toilet paper holders, depending on different capacities, features, and shapes. However, regarding mount types, toilet paper holders are divided into four main types: suctioned holders, freestanding holders, tank-mounted holders, and wall-mounted holders.

1. Suctioned toilet paper holders

This type of toilet paper holder is extremely easy to install; all you need is a holder with a suction pad and it will automatically stick to any surface, either door or wall. Besides, you can also take off the holder and suction to another place for better cleaning. Here is our suggestion for you: tesa SMOOZ Toilet Paper Holder - No Drill Chrome Plated Metal Toilet Role Holder Without Lid - Includes Removable Glue Solution.

2. Freestanding toilet paper holders

If you are owning a large bathroom without any wall nearby to install a toilet paper holder, it may be a perfect option for you. However, it may take up some floor space, which is a real problem for a small bathroom. If you are looking for the best toilet paper holder, go consider DWBA Free Standing Toilet Paper Roll Holder, Rust Resistant Stainless Chrome made in Germany.

3. Tank-mounted toilet paper holders

This is a solution for limited toilet space; it is placed fixedly with a hook that slips into the water tank behind. In this way, toilet paper is always within your reach. Thinking of one, why don’t you choose Splash Home Tank Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder Storage for Bathroom?

4. Wall-mounted toilet paper holders

This is probably the most popular toilet paper holder type that you can see in any household, restaurant, or hotel. They are available in numerous sizes, shapes, and colors and can be easily installed on your wall. For better decoration, we advise you to consider such aesthetic products like Giese 31770 Two Glass Container for Bathroom Toilet Roll Paper Holder Wall Mounted Chrome.

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Buying Guide

Yes, you may find toilet paper holders available everywhere, no matter on online or offline platforms. And here are some things you should keep in mind to opt for the best toilet paper holder for your bathroom.

1. Capacity

In general, people usually keep one toilet paper roll accessible in order to save their bathroom space. This means that you are required to change your paper roll quite often. Therefore, if you want to have a few more backup rolls so as not to worry about running out of toilet paper at any time, a big holder with a capacity of two or more rolls is a great choice.

2. Features

A toilet paper holder is a simple item, but you can turn it into interesting. Some manufacturers design toilet paper holders with special features such as spin-a-song holders, scented holders, etc. In case you run for a business, a special toilet paper holder can even leave an unforgettable impression on your consumers.


1. What are toilet paper holders made from?

They are made from any kind of material. You can easily find one from plastic, ceramic, metal, concrete, wood, or even bamboo. As long as it fits in your bathroom design, I believe the material doesn’t matter.

2. Can I make my own toilet paper holders?

Absolutely, a DIY toilet paper holder is highly appreciated. You can look for some DIY ideas on social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, etc. Not only can it express the personality of the house owner but also be a unique symbol. 

3. Is an enclosed toilet paper holder better than an open toilet paper holder?

An enclosed holder can indeed protect your toilet holder from water and bacteria. But it is more difficult for you to clean or replace your paper rolls. Every product has its own advantages, and it is difficult to conclude which one is better.

4. Should I buy a locked toilet paper holder for my bathroom?

It depends on your purposes. If you opt for a toilet paper for your own house or apartment, there is no need to purchase a locked version. From my experience, a locked or anti-thief toilet paper holder might be more suitable for commercial places like restaurants, movie theaters, etc.

Final Thoughts

More than a simple item, a toilet paper holder also works well as a decoration for your bathroom. Therefore, to help you find out the best toilet paper holders, we have some recommendations for you. Splash Home Tank Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder Storage for Bathroom and Giese 31770 Two Glass Container for Bathroom Toilet Roll Paper Holder Wall Mounted Chrome are perfect for small space, while a freestanding product like DWBA Free Standing Toilet Paper Roll Holder, Rust Resistant Stainless Chrome is suitable for a contemporary extra large bathroom.

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