The 20 Best Treadmills of October 2020

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Are you looking for the best treadmills of 2020 for a better shape? You've come to the right place. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know regarding best treadmills for home use.

Types of Treadmills

Nowadays, treadmills are categorized into three main types:

1. Manual Treadmills

Typically, a manual unit has two parts: the belt and the rollers on which users run. As there is no motor integrated into this product, you’ll have to exercise on your own, set your own pace, and build your own motivation. 

Moreover, as this type of machine belongs to the lower price range, their lifespan isn’t usually long-lasting. In fact, they get broken easily.

However, if you’re searching the best treadmills for home use (manually, of course), feel free to check the Assault Fitness AirRunner out. They help users simulate outdoor exercising perfectly while offering a wide range of presets. 

2. Motorized Treadmills

As its name suggests, this machine type lets runners adjust their own running tempo. More than that, many of them also allow users to set their incline’s degrees for the optimal result.

For the best motorized treadmill, you can examine the ANCHEER treadmill. It provides users with automatic incline sets as well as minimum sound produced. You can also get a lot of benefits from the advanced heart rate sensor integrated into the piece.

3. Foldable Treadmills

If what you are hunting for is the best treadmill for home use, then you must know how crucial space is. That’s also the reason why foldable products have become such a hit lately. It is what it says: a treadmill that is foldable.

However, unlike what you might imagine, their decks can only be adjusted for maximum space saved. They cannot be entirely flat. The explanation behind this is the manufacturers’ wish to remain the sturdy frame while offering the best users’ experience. 

In case you’re looking for one, theSunny Health & Fitness Asuna SpaceFlex might be worth considering. It is a foldable unit with a motorized engine and automatic incline. What could be more versatile? 

4. Commercial Treadmills

We usually find two kinds of commercial treadmills in the market: the semi-commercial and commercial ones. They offer a robust yet padded exercising surface with powerful engines, adjustable incline degrees, and an interactive screen including a heart rate trainer. 

The only thing distinguishing these two kinds of machines is their designed hours one can use per day. While a commercial treadmill can serve for about 12 hours each, a semi-commercial one, however, is only able to run for 5 hours.

Therefore, if a treadmill for small gyms is all you need, semi-commercial units are ideal. Otherwise, if big training centers are what you aim for, make sure to go with the full commercial ones.

The best commercial and semi-commercial treadmills you could refer to are the 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill and the Nautilus Treadmill T618, respectively. Check them out for more information.

Buying Guide

Now, you must wonder how we could select down the best treadmills. There are several critical points to keep in mind, and they are:

1. The belt

The first aspect we should take a look at is the belt of the treadmill. Different belt dimensions can affect your feeling when using the machine.

Usually, we can expect a standard width of 20 inches on a regular treadmill. In other words, machines with larger belts are extra-large ones. A belt with more extended width is ideal for plus-sized users or ones that feel constrained during their workouts. 

Length plays an important role, too. For optimal outcomes, pick up ones with a longer belt if you often go for running. It helps to make sure that you have enough exercising space to work on.

The thickness of the belt also refers to the noise volume the machine produces and the frequency of maintenance required. Please bear in mind that if the units you're examining have thin belts, you'll have to replace them regularly.

2. The motor

Another critical requirement any home runner should look for is the motor. Well, it runs the treadmill, so no one probably wants shortcuts here.

In most cases, the primary mission of the motor is to move the belt forward. Therefore, if users tend to run at a high pace or have a more rounded figure, they should consider a higher-powered motor. 

Although this factor is crucial, people tend to overlook it. Remember that a motor that always runs near its limitations will wear off quicker than one with abundant power to use.

But what matters when it comes to motors? The horsepower does. Instead of the plain index, experienced ones will only consider the continuous horsepower (CHP). This index represents the total power a machine can produce continuously on one exercising session. 

However, be reminded that horsepower reflects significantly on the price. Yet, it is something you shouldn't cut down the corners. Generally, a CHP rate should range from 2.25 to 4.25. 

For typical users with 200 lbs or below, their perfect rate should be 2.0 CHP minimum for walking sessions; 2.5 CHP minimum for jogging sprees; 3.0 CHP minimum for running courses; and 4.0 CHP above for marathon training or multiple daily users.

For those who weigh over 200 lbs, please add an extra half of the above CHP.

3. The cushion

Next is the cushion. As we all know, when we exercise on a treadmill, there will be a force counteracting back to us. Some might misunderstand that this force is equal to our weight, but it's much more substantial. 

The counter forces we face have already got magnified by gravity forces. This is the reason why running always produces more impact than jogging and walking. 

That's why we need treadmills with sufficient shock absorption. They also help to cut down the volume of the machine. The shock absorption usually contains:

  • The belt lies flatly on top.

  • The wood or synthetic deck which is underneath the belt. 

  • The frame has shock-absorbing properties, which embrace the deck and help it weave. At the same time, the shock-absorbing feature also conforms to the deck and assists your body.

Well, that’s not everything you should consider. For best choices, take a look at these few more notes:

If road running is what you aim for, turning off the cushion feature would benefit a lot. It gives you the actual feeling of running on the ground. But not all products offer this. You might consider the NordicTrack and ProForm if this is what you want.

Moreover, some manufacturers also feature ‘variable cushioning’ providing robustness at the push-off zone and cloud-like feeling at the top. However, this feature is only available on more advanced products.

In the market nowadays, Sole company offers the best cushions in the price segment. Sole’s products can minimize the potential joint injury by maximum 40% compared to real-life outdoor runnings. Most units with similar price can only reduce the received impact by 30%.

But if budget isn’t a problem for you, Landice treadmills can give you cushions that feel five times better than grass. In other words, running on clouds is now made possible. The best Landice’s treadmill, however, can even boost the cushion to seven times better than grass. 

4. The incline

The incline is also a crucial factor to scrutinize when purchasing a treadmill. It's like an extra topping on your ice cream. Indeed. It acts as a fun challenge to your daily workouts.

You might notice that the incline is in the same package with the tilt. The mission of this part is to cut down the counteracting forces on users' joints. 

However, what makes inclines critical is the benefits of more burnt calories and toned muscles. Exercising on a tilted surface always costs more energy than working out on the flat ground, right?

Now, you might ask yourself, "What do I need to know about inclines?" Here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

Do I need manual or automatic incline adjustments? Well, in our opinion, automatic ones are better. No one wants to pause their exercise to bend down and adjust the inclines. 

If it's automatic, it means you can change the inclines by pressing the button. This incline is also called power incline and needs to be programmed before working out.

Usual treadmills offer inclines in the range of 10% to 20%. The same as the cushion, the higher the price is, the better the slopes are. This means affordable units can only tilt 10%, while more expensive ones will incline a maximum of 20%. 

Most trainers agree that a 15%-incline treadmill is satisfactory enough. However, for serious trainers, treadmills with a 5% incline can be the ideal ones. 

If you even want to go higher, some hybrid treadmills can go up to 40%. We call them "hybrid" because they are the combination of a treadmill and a stepper. But remember that if you can't or don't want to run, cross this one out.

Some treadmills even feature downhill inclines. Yet, this one is far more challenging and can leave behind severe injuries if being misused. 

5. The heart rate

In dreams of weight loss and a beautifully toned body, many don't remember that treadmills act as a cardio session. 

Like any cardio training machine, treadmills also possess heart rate controllers, and utilizing its data can optimize your sessions. It helps make sure you are exercising not too low and protects you from injuries from over-exercising.

The heart rate zones are something you must know to get the best out of your monitor. Each zone below represents the user's maximum hypothetical heart rate. Your job is to choose the one that fits.

  • Zone 1 ranges from 60% to 70% and is mainly used for warm-ups and cool-downs. If you are new to the field, you could also start with this zone.

  • Zone 2 ranges from 71% to 80% and is the most popular set in a treadmill. In this zone, users can still exercise while chatting with others without being short of breath. It also boosts your oxygen usage efficiency.

  • Zone 3 ranges from 81% to 93%, which is pretty intense. You can only hold short conversations (with short sentences). Being chatty is not the right choice.

  • Zone 4 ranges from 94%. Exhaustion is expected during this kind of session. And believe us, you could only utter a few words during the exercising period.


1. What is a treadmill?

As mentioned above, treadmills act as stationary cardio trainers that provide sessions of continuous walks, jogs, and runs. They typically possess adjustable speed and inclines' levels to match your body status and offer the best workout plans. 

2. What is the method of calculating your heart rate zones?

Well, you must understand the importance of heart rate zones. But how to calculate which zones we should use precisely? 

Well, the well-known method is, to begin with, 220, then minus your age. For instance, if you are 20 years old, your hypothetical heart rate is 200 beats each minute. Then, feel free to do the percentages and compare the result to the table above.

3. How to monitor your heart rate?

Use heart rate monitors. They are usually displayed on touch sensors or managed wirelessly. However, when it comes to accuracy, wireless ones are in favor. These days, all treadmills (even those in different price ranges) possess touch sensors.


Having the best treadmills can give you a fit figure and better health. If you are hunting for some of the best treadmills for home use, make sure to take a look at the Assault Fitness AirRunner and Sunny Health & Fitness Asuna SpaceFlex

For professional gyms, the 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill would be a good choice. However, if small businesses are all you want, then be sure not to miss the Nautilus Treadmill T618.

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