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Vacuum cleaners have appeared on the market for a while and they have become a great assistant for many housewives, saving tons of time cleaning their houses. However, not all vacuum cleaners are good, and not all vacuum cleaners are suitable for you. Thus, this article below will provide you with some useful information about this excellent gadget so that you can find the best vacuum cleaners for yourself.


As you may know, vacuum cleaners are divided into five main types. They are handheld cleaners, stick cleaners, upright cleaners, canister cleaners, and robot cleaners.

1. Handheld vacuum cleaners

Handheld vacuum cleaners come along with corded and cordless models, which makes them super lightweight and suitable for small or hard-to-reach areas such as corners and car interior. However, it takes you time to clean the whole floor with only a handheld vacuum cleaner.

Therefore, many manufacturers design it along with a stick vacuum cleaner to bring out the best cleaning experience for users. And DHINGM Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Lightweight Stick Handheld Vacuum with a powerful motor is indeed one of the best vacuum cleaners for your home and car.

2. Stick vacuum cleaners

As its name suggests, this model is designed with a long stick-like handle and a slender construction, making it perfect for narrow spaces. Like the previous model, this one is extremely portable and handy, while its cleaning capability may not be as strong as other full-size models.

If you are thinking of a stick vacuum cleaner, Tineco Pure ONE S12 Plus Cordless Stick Smart Vacuum Cleaner is our suggestion for you. This one is equipped with the iLoop Smart Sensor Technology, allowing it to sense hidden dirt and debris and automatically adjust the suction power.

3. Upright vacuum cleaners

Among all the vacuum types, upright cleaners are probably the most traditional and popular type. It is well-known for the powerful cleaning power and different functions and accessories so that it can work well with any material, either on carpets or on bare floors. To have a deep-cleaning with an upright model, why don’t you opt for the Automatic X7 Premium Upright Vacuum Cleaner from Sebo?

4. Canister Vacuum Cleaner

You can say that a canister cleaner is the combination of both upright and stick cleaners. This is because it is powerful like an upright model but it is designed with a tank and a long sucker hose similar to a stick one. Thanks for this design, this cleaner is well-suited for cleaning anything, especially stairs.

Still don’t know which canister vacuum cleaner to buy? Then Miele Complete C3 Brilliant Canister HEPA Vacuum Cleaner is a great option for you. It is not only great for deep cleaning and restoring crushed carpet nap on all types of carpets but also perfect for picking up large amounts of pet hair. 

5. Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Robot cleaners are becoming more and more popular these days as it requires absolutely no efforts from you. With the advanced technology, a robot cleaner can map your house, go freely, and suck up all dirt and mess on the way. However, the cost of a robot vacuum may not be affordable for every household.

For a robot model, we recommend you with Robot Roomba 770 automatic vacuum cleaner. With this one, doing house chores isn’t a nightmare anymore.

Read more: Best Robot Vacuums.

Buying Guide

The best vacuum cleaner is indeed your real lifesaver as it can save you lots of time sweeping and cleaning the whole space. However, before deciding to buy one, there are some things you should keep in mind.

1. Bagged or Bagless models

A bagless cleaner can be an environmentally friendly option as you don’t need to purchase a plastic bag for every cleaning, which you can also save on that cost. However, you are required to clean or replace filters frequently to ensure the best cleaning mode.

2. Noise level

The stronger the motor is, the more noise it creates. Noise can be a real problem, which irritates your family members all the time. Therefore, testing out the cleaner in advance or asking the seller for the noise information can definitely protect your hearing.

3. Your budget

Well, money is always the biggest factor for you to consider. Fortunately, vacuum cleaners come in various types and models that you can surely choose one in your budget range. A robot cleaner or a canister cleaner tends to be pricey, while a handheld cleaner would be ideal for those with low or middle income.


1. Should I try a vacuum cleaner before buying it?

Yes, absolutely. We recommend you to try it out, even when you buy it online. In that way, you can check all the features and options, consider the cleaning capability and even the noise level.

2. Which vacuum cleaner is best for cleaning carpets?

If you opt for a vacuum cleaner specifically for carpets or rugs, you should consider models with a motorized brush rather than a standard sucker. These machines are great at protecting the finish look of your carpets.

3. Which type is the best vacuum cleaner?

Well, it is hard to determine which type of vacuum cleaner is the best. Each has its own pros and cons. Therefore, you should carefully check the features and functions to find the most suitable one for your home.

4. Should I wait for sales to buy a vacuum cleaner?

Absolutely. Not limited to vacuum cleaners, but you may get a real bargain with some discount on sales, such as black Friday. In addition, you can subscribe to manufacturer email so that you can receive any coupon or promotion for the next sale.

Final Thoughts

No one can deny the necessity and convenience of a vacuum cleaner in every household. Now you can purchase many of the best vacuum cleaners diverse in different types, shapes, and brands.

If you are still confused about these, we have some recommendations for you. Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Blue or Miele Complete C3 Brilliant Canister HEPA Vacuum Cleaner works best on almost every material, including bare floor or carpets. If you raise a pet, a robot like Robot Roomba 770 automatic vacuum cleaner is ideal to clean pet hair automatically.

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