The 25 Best Volleyball Shoes of October 2020

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Volleyball is one of the most famous sports on the planet with over 800 million people who play a game at least once a week. In some countries, volleyball is even taught very early on for middle school kids or highschoolers.

If you are new to the sport, our article is here to help you find the best volleyball shoes to start off your passion in this wonderful game with ease.


There are many different factors that can affect the design of volleyball shoes. But the most well-known reasons are the type of ground the game is held in and the position that you play in the team.

1. Types of ground

Volleyball is often played on the beach or indoor. The difference on the type of ground the game is held in creates a vast difference in the type of footwear used by players.

1.1 Beach volleyball

Beach volleyball is played on the sand. With this texture, shoes are just not ideal. They can not grip on this type of ground, even making it harder for players to walk or run properly. The gaps between the players’ feet and the shoes can be invaded by sand, adding the intense friction caused by running, the players’ feet can easily be damaged.

The best option for people who play beach volleyball is sand socks. These are socks made entirely from waterproofed material that protect the feet from hot or cold sand, dirt, mud, the heat of the sun, blisters, and rashes.

Sand Socks for Beach Soccer, Sand Volleyball and Snorkeling. This is a great pair of sand socks to improve your outdoor games.

1.2 Indoor volleyball

Similar to indoor soccer and basketball, indoor volleyball is played on hardwood floors. This court, along with the nature of volleyball that requires players to run around, and jumping up and down constantly, would create an intense amount of pressure on the joints. 

This calls for shoes that are specially designed to support the feet in this extreme condition.

This is a good pair to play on hardwood floor: Mizuno Wave Tornado X, Volleyball Shoes

2. The position of the player 

The various positions of a volleyball team can be roughly divided into two categories: attackers and defenders. The position of the player will determine their playing style, which requires different types of shoes to accommodate for those special needs.

2.1 Attackers

Attackers expect their shoes to support high jumping and fast moving. The shoes need to have extra cushioning to distribute the large amount of shock that attacks the feet and knees in every jump, optimal traction to prevent slipping. They also need to be lightweight and fit the player perfectly for the most effective movements on the court.

Many attackers choose this pair because it delivers exactly what a player needs: Kempa Unisex Adults’ Attack One Contender Handball Shoes, Blue (Bleu Nuit/Blanc 04)

2.2 Defenders

Defenders need a firm grip on the ground, and fast-changing movements. Their shoes require  shock absorption cushions, high-grip outsoles, lower heels for stability and sudden movements support.

This is a pair that many defenders swear by: adidas Women's Crazyflight Bounce 3 Volleyball Shoe.

Buying Guide

As beach volleyball only requires sand socks, or sometimes, athletes can even go bearfoot, we will only cover the buying guide for volleyball shoes on hardwood floors. 

1. Wider base

To better support sudden changes in running direction, especially side to side movements, volleyball shoes are designed to have a wider base than most sports shoes.

2. A decent amount of traction

To keep the players stable throughout the game with lots of running and jumping, the outsoles need to be made from good quality rubber with indentations that help the shoes’ grip on the hardwood floor. 

3. Extra padding

Volleyball requires lots of jumping in both attackers and defenders. That is why all volleyball shoes have to feature extra padding in the front to provide shock absorption in jumping and landing.

4. Breathable upper

To keep the feet cooler in such an intense activity, volleyball shoes’ uppers tend to be made from breathable material like mesh or lightweight fabrics.

5. Non-marking insole

In order to protect both the feet and the hardwood floor that the game is held on, most volleyball shoes’ insoles are made from non-marking rubber.

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1. Why are there no beach volleyball shoes?

One word: sand. It will get into your shoes and destroy your feet while it is at it.

Just stick to sand socks and you will have all the protection you need for a game of beach volleyball.

2. Can volleyball shoes be used as gym shoes?

Most sport shoes can be used in the gym. But you would want to save your volleyball shoes for playing so that it lasts a bit longer and get yourself a more reasonably priced pair of gym shoes to use in training.

3. What are the most important features of volleyball shoes?

Extra grip on the outsole and extra bounce for jumping, and shock absorption are the features that all good volleyball shoes should possess.

4. Where can I shop for volleyball shoes?

Many shoe stores offer various options for volleyball shoes. However, online retailers like Amazon have more choices regarding types, materials, price points, and shipping options.

Final Thoughts

Volleyball is a well-known game, so it is not hard to look for shoes that support this sport. However, with this article, we expect you to understand this game on a much deeper level. And with that knowledge on the position that you play, and the court that you play on, we hope that you can pick out the best volleyball shoes that best suit you.

As for us, here are our choices for the best shoes for hardwood courts - the Mizuno Wave Tornado X, Volleyball Shoes, and on sand beds - the Sand Socks for Beach Soccer, Sand Volleyball and Snorkeling.

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