The 15 Best Wireless Earbuds of October 2020

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You need to listen to music to keep awake during your night shift or your ride and you are looking for an alternative to headphones which are usually big and difficult to keep on ears while doing activities. We suggest that you should buy a pair of the best wireless earbuds after reading all of the information below.


As you know, in order to please customers, manufacturers not only provide the earbud that can deliver high-quality sound but also insert some amazing features. When learning about the best wireless earbuds, we have 2 main types of earbuds on the market: dual earbuds and single earbud.

1. Dual earbuds 

This is reasonable to have a pair of earbuds to fully enjoy the art of music or to receive all the information from the caller without any external noise instead of having a single one.

In this category, we have to subtypes: Airpods for Apple devices and other earbuds that fit all smartphones having Bluetooth.

  • Apple AirPods are the best choice for you if you are a big fan of Apple. They provide you 5 hours of listening time for each charge and with the charging case, you can listen up to 24 hours. Moreover, you can connect these earbuds with your device by a simple touch or by your voice and you can share your music with any apple phone nearby.

  • On the other hand, if you are not using Apple devices, you could find Axloie Wireless Earbuds useful in many circumstances. Imagine with these ear hooks of the earbuds, you can do lots of exercises ( running, cycling, jogging, trekking,...) without worrying about them falling out of your ears. Furthermore, due to the manufacturer's information they are waterproof, it means that you can use them under small rain, how cool they are.

2. Single earbud.

If you find putting 2 earbuds in your ears inconvenient when you want to get to the phone quickly, there is a solution for you. It’s just Bluetooth Earpiece Mpow EM16 V5.0. You can pair this earbud with any electric devices having 5.0 Bluetooth. It also provides you a really long playing time ( up to 8 hours) with a single charge ( 2 hours).

Buying guide

1. What features should we look for when buying earbuds?

Whenever you want to purchase a pair of earbuds you have to check this information:

  • The brand of your phone: this is important because you can not use apple Airpods for any other kind of phone. so keep in mind “ checking the brand name of your phone”.

  • Bluetooth feature: Make sure your phone has Bluetooth feature otherwise you will end up with a useless pair of earbuds

  • The playing time: It is extremely worth checking. You should read this information and the charging case carefully and give them a small test to see if they work well.

  • The ear tips: They are essential to wear a pair of earbuds comfortably. So make sure to test them when buying the earbuds.

2. How to keep the earbuds clean all the time?

Simply, they do not need any special cleaning, you can just use a piece of cloth usually attached in the box to clean them and remember to get rid of your ear wax regularly.

3. Will the battery die after being used?

Yes, it does go bad after several thousand times. But do not worry about that problem, they will work well until the time you want to buy a new one.


1. How to put them into the ears correctly?

This is one of the most common questions among customers. So to have a great experience, you should follow the instructions written on the box thoroughly and remember to put the right and the left buds into the correct ears, so they will not fall out during use.

2. Are they all waterproof?

It depends on the brand you choose. For example, with Axloie Wireless Earbuds you can work under some rainy situations well. But in the case of Apple AirPods and Bluetooth Earpiece Mpow EM16 V5.0 you should not wear them under heavy rain, I will affect the performance and also you devices

3. Do they cancel all the external noises?

Yes, this is one of the most worthy features that the lastest earbuds have. So please check this feature when you unbox them. The three products we recommend all have this.

Final thoughts

Finally, if you want to have a good quality pair of earbuds to listen to music on your phone, please look for these products: Jabra Elite Active 75t True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, Bluetooth Earpiece Mpow EM16 V5.0 or Apple AirPods.

We hope that the above information has given you some basic things about earbuds and how to choose them on the internet. Our team is pleased by giving you the best support, do not forget to contact us if you have any problem with the best wireless earbuds.

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