The 18 Best Wireless Gaming Headsets of October 2020

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Using a headset while gaming is paramount. The game will be nothing good without sound. The character's different voices can be shown to show their very own unique characteristics. Temporarily sad and happy emotions expressed through voice ups, or slow, slow nostalgic voices. And other sounds, from rustling leaves, light footsteps on the grass, or sounds of bullets, screams of battle. All of them bring up sublimation moments, immerse themselves in characters, into situations.

However, have you ever felt a pile of wires coming from the keyboard, mouse, and headset together to create a mess that causes problems for the users themselves. Especially the headphones, because as long as you forget to remove them when moving out of position, you will not only fall, but sometimes drag other things as well. Imagine a world in the future where all those wires disappeared and replaced by the comfort that wireless products offer us.

In this article, we are pleased to present you the best wireless gaming headsets today!

Buying Guide

Gaming headsets aren't just meant to be worn for a better experience, it's the radar for you to recognize every breath of the battlefield, it also brings the sound from the other side of the screen for you to have. you can immerse yourself in it and immerse yourself in the game. Actually, in my opinion, any headset can play games, better headphones do not make you play better, but only when you have a good enough headset, your experience can become great.

So how to choose the best wireless gaming headset?

  • Design

Of course, whoever chooses for themselves a product also wants it to look quite a bit. It may not be perfectly beautiful, it can be lost, but at least it shouldn't look like a cheap piece of product from stock.

Fortunately, manufacturers are always trying to make their product lines as cool and beautiful as possible. Just expect it to suit your taste or not.

And when using a headset, everyone wants it to be durable over time and not uncomfortable when worn, used for a long time. That's when we have to look more closely at materials as well as design details. The advice here is that you should choose a headset model with a solidly designed headband, preferably metal. Plastic is okay, but the design must be sturdy, or not too rigid to be able to dissipate energy in a collision.

  • Comfort and soundproofing

When playing games, of course you'll want to fully focus on the game. Listen for small noises like footsteps and reloads to react as quickly as possible. Or just simply want to fully enjoy the epic melodies in the cutscenes. Therefore sound insulation is also very important. A little noise, a little distraction will determine the success or failure of the game, or make you have to go a long way to save points if the game is offline.

Usually, a headset mainly uses a leather-wrapped foam pad as a tool to suppress the external sound source. A headset with large ear cups and thick foam padding, in many cases, has successfully completed its task.

Good sound insulation is inversely proportional to long wearing comfort. That's the common downside of most current gaming headsets that use leather earpads.

  • Microphone

The recording microphone is also a factor to pay attention to if you have a need for voice chat - contact your teammates when playing MOBA, FPS games. The microphones on the headset models such as the Razer Kraken, Siberia 200 are of good quality, capable of filtering noise, and reducing noise technology. Sounds that are less than a default level are not recorded or transmitted. This ensures the most effective communication between gamers.


So based on the above criteria, we can introduce to you the best wireless gaming headsets in 2020 today:

1. HyperX Cloud Revolver S Gaming - The ultimate headset for FPS gamers:

After receiving positive feedback from gamers in the Revolver headset version, HyperX - Kingston's famous gaming accessories brand continues to introduce to the market the upgraded version is the HyperX Cloud Revolver S headset. With slight changes in the design and sound of 7.1 channel emulation, this time HyperX Cloud Revolver S becomes more versatile for the users' needs of gaming, listening to music or enjoying movies.

HyperX Cloud Revolver S retains the familiar design of the Revolver line, the top is a sturdy metal frame that fixes the headset, below which is a leather-covered top pad that can stretch according to the size of the Users, this cushion is sewn quite meticulously and beautifully, the face upwards is engraved with the HyperX logo to increase the coolness of the headset.

HyperX Cloud Revolver S feels very comfortable to hear because the signature ear cushions that have made HyperX's trademark, the oval-shaped ear cups are quite large and hug the ears, without feeling of need or squash when used. At the same time, the sound insulation is quite good, providing a really pleasant listening experience. Revolver S's microphone is removable, plugged into the headset with the standard 3.5mm jack. With such a detachable mic, users can use the HyperX Cloud Revolver S as a headset for mobile, quite flexibly for different needs.

The microphone included with the Revolver S bends and creates an impression of the design lines, the angular edges and is very consistent with the headset when in use. The recording quality is barely affected by background noise, quite sharp even when moved away from the mouth and clearly separated from in-game noise.


Continuing its strength as a gaming headset, HyperX Cloud Revolver S has done a great job in delivering quality sound across games. In Rise of the Tomb Raider, when the 7.1 Dolby sound simulator is activated, the sound of wind blows and rustling leaves is clearer, and the sound of footsteps and weapons is easily recognizable from a distance.

Sound 7.1 makes it easy for listeners to judge the opponent's position based on footsteps and gunshots, and footsteps can be heard from a distance, helping users to unexpectedly welcome the enemy in Overwatch. And there's even a bit of horror with the roar from the Resident Evil 7 game inside the horror castle.

The sound quality is quite good, most of the action scenes in the movie, weapon sounds, movements, car sounds and character conversations are clearly reproduced, the distance is clear, especially. In action scenes using Slow Motion, the low, stretching bass makes the listener feel as though they were sitting at the real cinema.

In addition to being able to perfectly respond to gaming and watching movies, HyperX Cloud Revolver S is also an impressive gaming headset for music. Revolver S produces detailed sound, good instrument separation, clear and firm bass.

High and mid tones are clear, no glare in high notes, long listening without ear fatigue. HyperX Cloud Revolver S doesn't seem fussy about any genre, from tough and thorny EDMs to soothing ballads, all thanks to the ability to reproduce details from parallel 50mm omni-directional drivers. with the ear.

After what this headset has shown about the sound capabilities in the game, it is not too surprising that the Revolver S is currently one of the headphones used by professional international players. With the price tag currently being sold at $ 149.99 USD, Cloud Revolver S is really a good value for money for FPS gamers looking for a high-end gaming headset.

2. Logitech G PRO X Wireless Lightspeed - Great choice for gamers


The Logitech G Pro X Lightspeed is an update to last year's G Pro X, keeping the essence of these headphones while eliminating wired connections, switching to Bluetooth connectivity for the convenience of use. The sound is not affected much.

When placing the Logitech G Pro X Lightspeed and its wired predecessor side by side, it is difficult to discern the difference, as they are almost identical at first glance. Unlike most other gaming headsets on the market, the G Pro X Lightspeed features a refined design that delivers class, allowing it to fit seamlessly even in office or school environments.

Its metal frame firmly holds the durability well, and the imitation leather padding on the headband and ear cups is supple and extremely comfortable to wear. The only thing to differentiate it from the gaming headset is the embossed G logo on the outer metal face on each earcup, as well as the subtle Logitech branding on the top of the headband.

And of course, what makes it called Lightspeed is the new 2.4GHz Bluetooth dongle that comes with it. Plug this device into a PC, laptop or even a PS4 or Xbox One and you're ready to go with G Pro X Lightspeed. It's really as simple as that and even more so due to the fact that one doesn't need to worry about cables when setting it up. In terms of battery life, it can last between 18 and 22 hours, depending on your usage frequency and volume level.

Reality experience with the Logitech G Pro X Lightspeed is absolutely amazing. Like the original version, one can expect the same crisp, bright sound emanating from the G Pro X Lightspeed's 50mm drivers.

The separation between the bass, mids, and highs is actually quite deep, especially for the previous two sounds and actually results in the impact of lower frequency in-game sounds, such as explosions and gunshots in FPS titles like Borderlands 3, Apex Legends and Overwatch.

In short, the Logitech G Pro X Wireless at $ 199.99 is a great choice for gamers of all genres.

3. Razer Nari Ultimate - a wireless headset that will shake your ears


Razer recently launched a wireless headset for gamers called the Nari Ultimate. The special feature of this headset is that it is equipped with "HyperSense" haptic feedback technology that makes the headphones vibrate every time there are loud sounds such as explosions, strong bass, ... to help bring the experience. a more realistic experience for gamers.

This "HyperSense" technology was jointly developed by Razer with Lofelt. This company is known for its very special product - the Basslet bracelet. The device connects to the phone and when you listen to music, the device vibrates at different intensities depending on the melody of the song.

In addition to haptic vibration technology, the Nari Ultimate is also equipped with the THX Spatial Audio feature recently introduced on the company's Kraken Tournament Edition headset. This feature helps to bring surround effects to the headset, helping the player to recognize the sound, the more accurate position when participating in the game.

Lightweight aluminum frame design, the headband is self-adjusting to the head and the Ear Cup can be rotated, even helping the wearer to reduce the pressure from the glasses to the eyes. The ear cushions are also well-insulated and also include a gel-cooled cushion.

The Razer Nari Ultimate is really a beautiful gaming headset, there's nothing to criticize. With the selling price of $ 199.99 USD, you can be proud of owning one of the best wireless gaming headsets in the world.

4. Corsair HS70 Wireless SE - like a 6th sense for FPS gamers

No backlighting, no edges, no coolness and no motifs commonly found on gaming headsets, indeed without knowing the full name of this headset, many people will surely think that this. Not a gaming headset.

With the full name is Corsair HS70 SE Wireless Gaming Headset, contrary to its name, this ear owns a pretty simple and a bit modern appearance. With the two earphones are designed oval, a metal mesh layer on the outer surface with hexagonal motifs. The black Corsair logo turns silver when viewed at an angle, the headband is padded with a cream-colored leather layer, so the overall appearance of the HS70 SE is not much outstanding but still has a bit of luxury of high products level.

In fact, during the experience, the comfort that the HS70 SE brings is very good, not too uncomfortable. With the soft ear pad, the skin covers the outside and the size enough to cover the ear, making it easy to press against the ears. Even though wearing glasses, when wearing the HS70 SE to play games, listen to music and work is completely not uncomfortable.

"16 hours battery life, addicted to games can not use up in a day" Introduced with the ability to listen for up to 16 hours on a single charge, it can be found to be too good for any user needs, besides when no sound is played for about 5 minutes, the HS70 The SE will initiate the auto-off process if it then continues without any bars being played, the headphones will turn off completely.

Gaming is the part where the Corsair HS70 SE headset shines, the two games that we choose to experience are Battlefield 3 (BF3) and Far Cry 5 (FC5), the reason for choosing these two games is because they are both shooting games. First-person gun (FPS) and play in a large environment with a variety of sounds, high interactivity of sounds (gunshots, bombings, explosions, footsteps, environmental noises …).

BF3 is a pretty old game but the sound of the game at the time of its release is very impressive and can still be called epic. In the game we often use 2 classes of soldiers, Sniper and Assault, these are 2 layers that require sound elements. 

As an Assault attacker playing the role of invading strong points, the angle of view is greatly limited in narrow maps, now the ears become the third eye to help sense special sounds to identify. position the direction of the shot, the direction your teammates are moving and each step of the enemy. 

With 7.1 sound support on the HS70 SE, you can hear gunshots and locate, from far or near, and you can hear footsteps when in tight street environments, thereby predicting the direction of movement to have bursts of bullets when needed. The usual BF3 battlefield was very fiery, and when on the HS70 SE it will become even more fiery when you can feel the pressure of the battle through the crashing of aircraft, the roars of the car engine. increase or even startled when an RPG shot grazes your ears to tear the wind and make a chilling noise. The ability to reproduce the sound is really impressive.

Next is the FC5, the game itself has a bit of a startle and the sound is a bit creepy, but when on the ear this headset comes with the game, the startle and creepy sound has been multiplied by 10. times. Game FC5 is optimized a lot by Corsair for the headphone lineup, and HS70 SE too, the sounds are reproduced more vividly and if when we experience the BF3 we feel impressed, when experiencing the FC5, it feels a lot more amazing.

Compared to less than $150USD, you get a very impressive gaming experience, music quality is good and a design is simple yet classy. Connect wirelessly with low latency for a comfortable, hassle-free experience, and Corsair does a great job of providing shared iCue software for its devices.

With 7.1 sound reproduction technology, the FPS gaming experience with Corsair HS70 SE Wireless Gaming Headset will be extremely impressive and taken to a much higher level. You will definitely be satisfied with the money you spend.

At A Glance:


1. How are gaming headsets different from dedicated music headphones?

  • In terms of design

For gaming headsets, the customers that manufacturers target mostly are gamers. Because of that, the headset models for gamers always have a pretty cool appearance. In addition, some headsets are also equipped with RGB to satisfy the user's eyes.

On the contrary, headphones for those who want to enjoy music prefer a simple but equally sophisticated design. Sometimes looking at, if you are a genuine gamer, you will not have much sympathy with this type of headset.

  • Soundproofing

It can be said that this is the most recognizable difference if you experience both of these headphones. On low-cost gaming, sound insulation is almost sacrificed in exchange for looks and sound quality. On the contrary, the minimalism allows many brands to equip more quality buffers, even low-cost models have smart sound filtering technology. If you are looking for a headset to focus on, here are the headphones for you.

  • Sound quality

The key to choosing a suitable headset model is the sound quality. Here, we need to distinguish clearly that we are only considering the general sound quality, not comparing high-end products.

When playing a game, to authenticate explosions, bullets, specific voices of each NPC, ... Gaming headsets will favor the bass. In some lines, the headset is equipped with a little vibration that allows the user to feel like being directly on the battlefield.

If you want to enjoy the feeling of sounding any sound due to the nature of the work as producers, music related works, ... then a dedicated music headset is for you. The sound range will be longer, allowing the user to feel the sound range much more clearly. Some cases can also be used even when doing heavy exercise, breathing does not "dilute" the clear sound when listening to music.

2. What is the most important thing about a gaming headset?

The answer is sound quality. This is paramount when choosing headphones. It may make some of you accept a look that is not right for you, wearing a little uncomfortable long, the microphone is a bit bad but in return, it will produce a sound quality that suits you as well as needs. bridge used.

Often the user will have to decide on his or her own usage needs first. That is listening to music or playing games. There is hardly any headset that perfectly meets both needs, which are usually just or acceptable.

Professional music headphones focus on the ability to reproduce the sound quality of music, while gaming headsets focus on a completely different direction: The most perfect simulation of sound sources with the most accurate surround sound effects.

Therefore, sometimes audio connoisseurs (cum gamer) will find the sound quality of gaming headsets when listening to music is ... bad! However, there are also no shortage of cases where gaming headsets deliver great sound quality when listening to music. A typical example is the HyperX Cloud Revolver S headset model.

3. There are many different types of games such as MOBA, RPG, FPS, ..., how should a gaming headset be chosen?

For every gamer, buying a gaming headset to serve the gaming needs is the right thing. However, you need to specify what game you play, what needs are? FPS, MOBA or any other genre all need a suitable headset.

With games like MOBA or RPG ... the sound when entering each combat phase is very chaotic, not biased in any frequency band, so you can completely choose headphones with bass-mid frequency range- treble has balance. A decent average music headset can do too well in this need.

With FPS games, especially games that need to hear the foot step clearly like CSGO, PUBG needs a high-frequency headset model to increase the sharpness of the sound, easily detect the location and sounds. even the smallest strange bar. This is the advantage of the gaming headset line, and a complete difference is brought. Here we can mention some representative headset models such as the HyperX of Kingston, the GSP series of Senheiser or the G series from the Logitech brand.

4. Is microphone important?

It will be extremely important if you are playing online games that require constant interaction with teammates like Dota 2, LOL, CS: GO, ... The era of playing games while chatting is indeed over a long time ago. The era of esports games is taking place, where team spirit, working together are crowned, gamers need to communicate continuously without affecting the playing process. That is why the use of the microphone is considered very important.

A good microphone will come with some functions such as noise filtering and noise reduction. Although the included microphones are indeed not comparable to those sold separately, you can still choose from a range of products that have quite a good detachable mic today. Moreover, it doesn't have to be a really high-end product up to a few hundred dollars, products in the segment of more than $150 have pretty good Mic from brands like Razer, Steelseries, Senheiser ,. ... If possible, choose a flexible, flexible microphone to adjust the distance best suited to the mouth.

5. What is the difference between headphones noise cancelling and noise isolating?

One of the most important reasons that many people care about when choosing a gaming headset is sound insulation. This feature helps users to avoid annoying people around them, as well as avoid noise in public places. For this purpose, headphone makers have followed two trends: active noise cancelling and passive noise isolating.

In essence, passive noise isolating is a very familiar concept. Most headphones are more or less capable of isolating outside noise. The more sealed driver covers, the more soundproofing the headphones are. Besides, materials such as sponge, leather ... in the ear cushions also support sound insulation.

Passive soundproof headphones can cause a feeling of squash when used, and also have a little or no impact on sound quality. Closed headphones usually have firmer bass (if designed to resonate well), but the soundstage space is rarely spacious.

Active noise cancelling should be called a technology, not simply design. Manufacturers will often integrate an additional microphone to monitor background noise, come with a signal analysis and processing circuit, then play the sound with the opposite wavelength to the noise, with the aim of eliminating sound that is not coming from headphones.

This technology has the advantage of being able to cancel noise with all headphone designs, including headphones with an open design with poor sound insulation. However, the main disadvantage is that the power from the 3.5mm audio jack cannot supply enough noise to the noise cancellation circuit. That is the reason forcing manufacturers to integrate more rechargeable batteries, so it will increase the weight of the headset significantly.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, gaming is not only the visual experience but also the sound is one of the important factors determining the quality of the game. If gamers still wonder which is the best wireless gaming headset, hopefully this article has helped you somewhat.

And because there are a lot of good wireless gaming headsets like SteelSeries Arctis Pro, or ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless, Beyerdynamic DT 880 Premium Edition, etc… With prices ranging from low to high, you will obviously have a lot of choices while ensuring the best sound quality when gaming. The rest is just depending on your needs to determine the right sound quality. And also because you are a gamer, you will know your forte is the MOBA, FPS or RPG genre, from which we believe that you will choose to buy the best wireless gaming headset.

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