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One of our desires is to create the best free online tool to download videos from Facebook to other devices such as phones, computers, or tablets... We developed this tool to help you download free videos from Facebook quickly without installing any software or browser addon. 

To download Facebook videos for free, simply enter the URL in the text box provided. After that, you use the button labeled "Download" to download the video in an available format.

This website is created to save you maximum effort and time in downloading Facebook videos. As you see, it is completely free and does not require any registration or software when you use our website. 

Be happy to use and enjoy with this tool!

How to download videos from Facebook with this tool?

Here are some simple steps to help you use our tool

1. Firstly, you copy the URL of Facebook video

2. Secondly, Paste in the box provided

3. Thirdly, Click on the " Download "button

4. Next, choose HD, SD resolution of the video

5. Right-click on the button (Download in HD quality or Download in SD quality) and select Save Link As ...

6. Finally, Download to your computer

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

We provide a few FAQs to make it easier for you to use the free Facebook Video Downloader tool.

1. Can I download Live Facebook videos?

Yes. Of course, you can download Facebook Live videos. However, note that it can only be done after they finished streaming.

2. What devices are compatible?

This tool helps you to download Facebook videos in whatever device and operating system you are using, Facebook video links from PC, Mac, Iphone, Android…

3. Is this downloader for Facebook free?

Our website is completely free for you to use. This Facebook video downloader tool is also freely available to users.

4. Is the number of videos I want to download limited?

No. The number of videos downloaded from Facebook is unlimited. You can download it in a variable amount via our tool.

5. Does our tool store or keep a copy of the video?

We do not keep any videos. As you see, those videos are hosted on Facebook's servers. Besides, we don't track the download history of your videos.

6. Where are videos saved after being downloaded?

After you download, the video is saved automatically by the OS and browser you use. For both Windows and Mac, all videos are saved in the "Downloads" folder.

To view the download history, you can press CTRL + J in the browser.

  • For Google Chrome, the files are found here

  • For Firefox, the files are found here.

  • For Safari, the files are found here.

7. What is the format of the downloaded Facebook video?

This free Facebook video downloader extracts HD or SD quality video links depending on available quality of Facebook videos. Any of these videos can be downloaded, however, in some cases the video quality is rather poor. At this time, the video has only one format with SD quality.

8. How long does it take for me to download videos with this tool?

In fact, the time it takes to download Facebook videos depends upon many factors such as the length of Facebook video, the number of users, and internet connection. For a 5-minute video, for example, you might need less than a minute to download. 

9. Why does Facebook video start playing by clicking the download button?

Because of browser security protocols, when you download Facebook videos, it starts playing the video. The browser redirects to the resource location where the Facebook video is opened. However, you can tap on the option to download the Facebook videos once it starts playing.

10. Why is there an error in downloading a video on Facebook?

In this case, you can only use private video downloaders because some videos cannot be accessed without signing in.

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